Keypad Vs Biometric Gun Safes: What Are The Differences?

In an era where personal security is paramount, gun owners are increasingly turning to safes to ensure their firearms are securely stored yet readily accessible. Among the many alternatives available, keypad and biometric gun safes are popular choices. Each comes with its own set of features and benefits, but understanding the differences between the two can help gun owners make informed decisions about which type of safe best suits their needs.

What Are The Keypad Gun Safes?

Keypad gun safes, as the name implies, are secure receptacles meant to store weapons that may be accessed using a numeric keypad. These safes require users to input a pre-set combination of numbers to unlock and access their contents.

Besides, they are known for their straightforward operation and reliability. Users can program their unique access codes, providing a level of customization to suit their security needs. The numeric keypad usually provides tactile and aural feedback, ensuring precise code entry even in low-light settings.

Key Features Of Keypad Gun Safes

Keypad gun safes have been a cornerstone of weapon protection for decades, providing a dependable and configurable mode of entry. Here are the key features of them:

Code-Based Access: The core feature of keypad gun safes is their reliance on numerical codes for access. Owners may tailor these codes to their specific needs, providing a more customized degree of protection. The ability to change codes periodically adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Reliability and Durability: Keypad locks are renowned for their durability and reliability. Unlike other biometric systems, which might have technological problems, keypad safes are less likely to malfunction, assuring constant operation over time. This reliability makes them a trusted choice for safeguarding firearms in various environments.

Battery-Powered Operation: Most keypad gun safes operate using batteries to power the digital keypad. While this allows for continued access even during power outages, it also requires users to check and replace batteries regularly to avoid lockouts.

Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most appealing aspects of keypad gun safes is their affordability. Compared to biometric options, keypad safes are often less expensive, making them more accessible to a wider spectrum of customers.

Gun Safe With Quick Access

Gun Safe With Quick Access

What Are The Biometric Gun Safes?

Biometric gun safes utilize cutting-edge biometric technology to grant access to the stored firearms. These safes employ unique biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, to authenticate users and unlock the safe. This removes the need to remember complex codes or carry keys, expediting the access procedure at vital times.

Key Features Of Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes represent a modern and innovative approach to firearm security, leveraging advanced technology for user authentication. Here are the major features of biometric safes:

Fingerprint Recognition: At the heart of biometric gun safes is their use of fingerprint recognition technology. Instead of relying on numerical codes, these safes authenticate users based on their unique fingerprint patterns. This technology provides a high level of security because each individual’s fingerprints are unique and virtually hard to copy.

Enhanced Security Features: Biometric safes are valued for their improved security features, making them extremely difficult to access illegally. In addition to fingerprint recognition, many models incorporate advanced encryption algorithms and tamper-proof construction to thwart attempts at forced entry.

User Convenience: One of the standout benefits of biometric gun safes is their user convenience. Authorized users may have rapid access to their guns with the touch of a fingertip, eliminating the need to fumble with keys or remember complicated codes.  

Power Source Considerations: Unlike keypad safes, biometric models may require continuous power to operate their fingerprint scanners. While many safes have backup battery alternatives, users must maintain batteries properly to avoid lockouts.

Best Quick Access Gun Safe

Best Quick Access Gun Safe

Key Differences Between Them

The primary difference between keypad and biometric gun safes lies in their method of authentication. Keypad safes rely on manually entered numeric codes to provide a traditional yet effective method of access control. However, biometric safes may encounter difficulties when fingerprint identification fails owing to causes such as dirt, wetness, or injury.

While keypad safes are vulnerable to unauthorized entry if the code is hacked or forgotten, biometric safes reduce this risk by requiring bodily traits exclusive to the authorized user. However, biometric safes may face challenges in scenarios where fingerprint recognition fails due to factors like dirt, moisture, or injury.

Be-Tech ST1 Handgun Safe: A Good Choice For You

If you are looking for a gun safe with fingerprint and password access, the Be-Tech ST1 is a good choice for you.

ST1 Handgun Safe not only has a highly sensitive biometric fingerprint sensor but also can set a 4 to 6-digit simple password, allowing you to quickly unlock it all the time. In addition, it also has a scramble function, which in addition to not revealing the password, also gives you the opportunity to re-enter the password in a panic. When you enter an invalid password, an alert will sound.

On the other hand, the ST1 Handgun Safe supports NFC, providing customers with an advanced and practical experience. If the battery runs out, using our app (Cloud Locker) and the NFC function of the smartphone we can easily charge and open it by simply placing the smartphone on the pistol safe. Additionally, the Cloud Locker app helps us manage which smartphone users have access to the pistol safe.


In summary, Be-Tech ST1 gun safes contain the advantages of a keypad gun safe and a biometric gun safe. Choose Be-Tech ST1 gun safes to increase safety and cost-effectiveness now!

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