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Be-Tech delivers innovative smart locks with fresh and contemporary designs that adapt to current trends in the global market. Having partnered with trusted material suppliers, we continually improve our product safety and integrated management possibilities.

Due to our R&D and quality inspection advantages, we can obtain high-quality materials at a low cost, which can be transformed into competitive smart lock products and fast production cycles.

Check out our varied electronic smart locks from our expansive gallery dedicated to serving specific industries and matching different keyless access solutions.

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Wholesale A Wide Portfolio of China Smart Lock Systems in BE-TECH

BE-TECH is a smart lock manufacturer that specializes in providing wholesale smart locks with fresh and contemporary designs that offer optimum security. Smart lock manufacturer BE-TECH is a one-stop smart lock supplier that provides a full range of smart lock systems, including wholesale wifi locks, smart door locks, electronic door locks, hotel smart locks, swipe card locks, biometric door locks, and RFID cabinet locks.

BE-TECH digital lock company has been in existence for over 30 years, and our smart locks are made from the best materials for improved ergonomic designs that feature built-in systems to meet the needs of our customers in dealing with security concerns.

Our wholesale digital lock designs are unique as we independently research, develop, and update them according to users’ specifications and market trends. 

In the process of unique development, we’ve created numerous proud patents that have undergone strict quality inspections, thus guaranteeing their efficacy. This has earned us several certificates from institutions like CE, ISO, RoHS, BHMA, and UL.

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Experienced Electronic Smart Lock Company

Not every electronic smart lock manufacturer has nearly 30 years of experience. Luckily, we do!

 We started our journey as an electronic lock factory 29 years ago and have supported hundreds of hotels, real estate agencies, building materials hardware distributors, and door factories the keyless entry solutions. We have the confidence to guarantee you fast and high-quality products delivery since we own our factories, production lines, science labs, and testing laboratories. Standardized production, international standard quality inspection, high capacity…we welcome your large or small orders!

Features of BE-TECH Electronic Smart Locks

As a leading electronic lock supplier, BE-TECH provides the best electronic smart locks that have unmatched outstanding features.

Here are some of them.

SUS 304 Material

All the parts of the electronic smart locks are made from SUS 304 materials, which are extremely strong and durable, thus guaranteeing maximum security and safety.

High Quality Motor

Only the best materials, including top-quality motors are used. Locks are tested 200,000 times in our 30,000 square smart lock factory to guarantee optimal quality.

Encrypted Card

Unlocking cards are encrypted with tight security to prevent plagiarism and curb all forms of insecurity. Nobody will have access to the room without your authorization.

Anti-Tesla Coil Interference

The BE-TECH home door lock has a front and back dual-circuit encrypted communication system, which entirely eliminates Tesla coil interference while also preventing unauthorized entrance through the front panel.

Applicable to Various Environments

The smart locks are suitable for environments with -20 to 70 degrees Celsius, and they adapt to a wider environment efficiently.

Numerous Unlock Methods

BE-TECH electronic locks have various access options which can be changed at any time. Some of them are fingerprints, PIN codes, RF card keys, mechanical keys and mobile keys.

Custom Electronic Digital Lock in BE-TECH – Professional Factory, Manufacturer, Supplier in China

Whether you are a business owner, a project contractor, or a wholesaler, BE-TECH has all the smart lock options you need. They are available in all sizes and functions to meet your entire lock requirements.

Custom Smart Lock Design

Our electronic smart locks are designed to take any shape you want. And the surface color can be designed in either champagne gold, champagne silver, or coffee gold. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

Custom Smart Lock Unlock Options

Your wholesale smart lock order can be configured to have different types of unlocking systems. Amongst the available options are face scan, fingerprint, mobile key, Bluetooth, password, push & pull, and RFID.

Custom Smart Lock Logo

BE-TECH provides both software and hardware services that include designing and customizing customers’ business logos on their smart locks.

Wide Application of China Smart Lock

BE-TECH is one of the highly-rated smart lock suppliers that provide security solutions for several institutions and places.

Below are some of the applications of our smart lock.

Smart Home

Smart Home

We provide residential homes with smart electronic locks based on the needs of customers and safety. With these, your home will be secure and protected from unwanted guests.

Education Room

Education Room

The whole society is concerned about the safety of the educational environment. Locks for all teaching places like doors, buildings, or the entire campu can be activated by staff to guarantee the safety. Be-Tech provides every educational institutions with highly secure and reliable security systems.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Tenants and owners look out for homes that offer security and convenience. They need to feel safe and operate the access control system to meet their needs. At Be-Tech, we provide efficient door lock systems that fits existing real estate buildings and newly constructed ones.

Dormitory Solution

Dormitory Solution

With our smart locks, every space in the dormitory can be monitored and controlled in real time by dormitory managers. The management gets full supervision, ensuring that the residents and properties in the dormitory are safe.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

BE-TECH is a reliable hotel door lock system supplier that provides hotel owners and managers with smart ways to manage workers, and secure guests & assets. Seamless access to entrances, perimeter access doors, elevators, swimming pool, business areas, and more are are provided.

electronic cabinet lock

Other Applications

Our smart locks are useful for other applications like cabinets, safes, and gyms for securing personal properties. Some other environments where they are used include swimming pools, changing rooms, recreational centers, and halls.

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Electronic
Digital Lock Business

BE-TECH is a leading digital door lock factory that has been in existence since 1992, and over the years, we’ve been providing electronic digital lock businesses with all-round smart lock security solutions. Here are the procedures we take in establishing a one-stop solution for smart lock needs.
We provide unique concepts and implement additional features for suitable keyless entry solutions. Using our wide smart lock development knowledge, we determine how to effectively execute your design.

Sampling and Testing

Samples are manufactured and sent to you for assessment and correction. Your corrections are implemented immediately and forwarded back to you for field testing. Amidst all these, BE-TECH will provide you with all the technical support needed.

Mass Production

Once the sample and testing stages are passed, we begin mass production. BE-TECH has an organized production line and precision manufacturing tools that ease the completion of bulk orders within the required lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

BE-TECH has a 30,000 square meter smart lock production base where strict quality standard inspection and testing are carried out. The base is equipped with all the tools and machinery needed to conduct thorough quality inspections and tests.

Production Delivery

We have a strong partnership with numerous logistics companies in the world through whom we oversee multiple shipping methods and help in handling paperwork for worldwide shipping.

Why 300+ Partners Choose Us as their
Smart Lock Manufacturer

Our expertise and professionalism in the security industry is unmatched which is why over 300 clients have chosen us as their smart lock manufacturer. Below are some of the reasons why we are the most preferred amongst all the smart lock suppliers.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

BE-TECH product quality control is very high and in fact, more than 99.8%. We are in line with the various regulatory standards, and this has earned us certificates like CE 14846, EN 1634, UL Fire Protection, BHMA, KC, MS, and ISO.

30+ Years Experience

BE-TECH is one of the early pioneers of smart locks production. We’ve been in the smart lock industry for over 30 years, and over time, we amassed all the knowledge and experience needed to provide superior security solutions.

OEM/ODM Lock Capability

Our production team is the best in the world. They find the best design to suit your needs and implement them in producing unique smart locks that offer premium security solutions.

Professional R&D Team

We have a professional R&D team that ensures the best smart locks are provided. BE-TECH has gained 90 patents and certificates.

Strict Quality Inspection

Our products undergo 200,000 life tests, which is 2 times more than the Chinese quality life test standard. Also, we have more than 20 kinds of professional testing equipment with an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Great Customer Service

BE-TECH offers great customer service, including free and fast responses to inquiries and professional assistance during sampling, testing, and installation processes.

High Production Capability

We have integrated production lines and precise manufacturing equipment that boost our capability to produce high volume of smart locks and meet bulk orders within the lead time.

Be-Tech Brings One-Stop Smart Lock Solutions

The Be-Tech smart locks are made from top-quality materials and have built-in systems that meet the needs of integrated management, patented structures to deal with various security challenges, and ergonomic design to enhance users’ experiences.

We have developed a series of software and technologies that improve the property and personal safety and enhance the centralized management of different scenarios, especially properties, hotels, and schools.

Combining passion and industry knowledge, we support numerous industries and study your concerns to provide effective smart locks solutions. We aim to precisely match our smart lock lines to the latest market demands to help improve your operations.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market.

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