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Be-Tech digital cabinet lock is a kind of digital locker lock replacing keys on lockers, cabinets and cupboards. Our locks allow multiple users to be accessed and can be programmed into codes and keys. Beautiful, functional, and extremely durable, our smart cabinet locks provide superior security and fire resistance and are perfect for hotels and campuses.

BE-TECH, as a prominent smart lock manufacturer in China, specializes in the production and supply of electronic drawer locking systems, including digital drawer locks. 

For unbreachable security, our digital cabinet locks are configured to be assessed only with smart authentications, which are usually PIN code, password, keycard, fingerprint, etc.

With our large smart lock inspection center in the production base and strict quality control processes, BE-TECH’s compliance with the industry regulatory standards including, CE, ISO, RoHS, BHMA, and UL, ensures your smart drawer cabinet lock satisfies your target market needs.

Digital Cabinet Locks You can Choose


C5 Locker Lock

Pin-code access solution with both public and private mode,authority management could meet a various application scenarios for projects. Anti-pry alarm …

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Card, password two unlocking methods make it highly cost-effective . Both public and private mode, authority management could meet a …

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Cyber Digit Slim 1

Electronic Cabinet Lock – Cyber Digit Slim

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C2800T 右 600

Electronic Cabinet Lock – Cyber II Touch

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Cyber Digit Cam 3


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cyber ii rfid

Electronic Cabinet Lock – CYBER II RFID

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Wholesale Smart Cabinet Lock in BE-TECH

With the goal of offering a better security system for cabinets, smart lock company – BE-TECH manufactures a variety of electronic cabinet locks, satisfying the demands of the whole market. We provide numerous keyless cabinet locks with different construction and authentication methods.

Keypad Cabinet Lock

An electronic keypad lock for cabinets can only be opened with the input of the right pass code either PIN code, password, or the combination of both.

RFID Cabinet Locks

RFID electronic cabinet lock is accessible with a Radio Frequency identification card, which must be in a close range to the lock. The lock reads the signal. If it’s the right one, it will be opened.

Keyless Cabinet Locks

Keyless cabinet lock operates with a single user code, use 4~9 digit to unlock the cabinet lock. With BE-TECH’s keyless cabinet locks, there is a guarantee of maximum security.

Features of BE-TECH Keyless Electronic Locks
for Cabinets

With the goal of offering a better security system for cabinets, smart lock company – BE-TECH manufactures a variety of electronic cabinet locks, satisfying the demands of the whole market. We provide numerous keyless cabinet locks with different construction and authentication methods. With its superior construction, impressive durability, and creative designs, our digital cabinet lock is sure to make your brand stand out in the market.

Wide Applications of Electronic Cabinet Lock

The usage of cabinet electronic locks cut across every institution. BE-TECH provides standard keyless locks that improve the operation of cabinets. Here are some of the numerous applications.

Smart Home Application

Smart Home

electronic cabinet lock

Hospitality Industry

Commercial Application

Commercial application

swimming pond storage Application

Swimming Pond

Electronic Cabinet

Office Application

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Smart Drawer
Cabinet Lock Business

BE-TECH is a one-stop location for solutions to all smart drawer cabinet lock needs. We have systematic procedures that make the designing, developing, and manufacturing of your smart drawer locks requirement possible. Your concept will be translated into suitable keyless entry solutions, hence upscaling your business.

OEM/ODM Cabinet Locks Development

Using our robust product knowledge and experience, the feasibility of your keyless locks for cabinets is carefully evaluated. An effective turnkey OEM and ODM electronic cabinet lock design that caters to your business goal will be achieved.

Sampling & Testing

To ascertain your satisfaction, samples are sent to you for assessment, with your modification requests implemented immediately. Afterwards, production will be made on a small scale for field testing. BE-TECH will provide you all the technical support you need for this.

Mass Production

Using our integrated production lines and precision manufacturing tools, completion of large scale orders becomes faster and easier. Within the required lead time, mass production of smart drawer cabinet locks are done.

Quality Management/Testing

BE-TECH has a large smart lock inspection center where strict and high-standard quality management is conducted to ensure the reliability of our cabinet electronic locks. For maximum quality, they are put through testing requirements that are higher than the standard of the Chinese smart lock industry.

Production Delivery

Partnering with trusted logistics companies in the industry, we are able to make fast delivery to all our clients all over the world. We cater to multiple shipping methods and assist in handling paperwork for international deliveries.

Why 300+ Partners Choose Us as Digital
Drawer Lock Manufacturer

Since 1992, we’ve been providing superior digital drawer locks to several businesses and institutions. Our capability to manufacture unique cabinet locks that meet the market needs is unrivaled as we’ve worked with more than 300 partners over the years.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

With the implementation of our thorough inspection processes, the pass rate of the electronic cabinet locks exceeds 99.8%, allowing excellent performance. Our products also comply with industry standards, including CE, ISO, UL, KC, MS, and AS.

30+ Years Experience

Over the past three decades, we’ve been manufacturing digital drawer locks with the continuous study of market needs and trends, as well as the industry requirements. Hence, we have full knowledge and experience needed.

OEM/ODM Lock Capability

At BE-TECH, we have our own professional R&D team, we don’t imitate other digital cabinet lock manufacturers’ designs. We make unique cabinet locks that are peculiar to your market demands.

Strict Quality Inspection

Undergoing rigorous quality inspections, the keyless cabinet locks are put through 30,000 life tests. And in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, they are further inspected by more than 20 kinds of professional testing equipment.

Great Customer Service

From the inquiry stage till forever, we are here to provide you with the solutions you need, including free and fast response to inquiries and professional assistance when placing an order, during sampling, testing, or installation.

High Production Capability

Thanks to our production factory, testing center, integrated production lines, precise manufacturing tools, and professional workers, we are able to fulfill large scale orders within a short lead time.

Displaying Our Successful Projects

We have implemented our solutions worldwide to cover a variety of concerns, such as safe, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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