• K4U 正面 面板 副本
  • K4U 右正侧 面板 副本
  • 背面正面
  • K4U 正面 面板 副本
  • K4U 右正侧 面板 副本
  • 背面正面


RFID Specification:

  • Motorized Deadbolt

  • Auto Locking

  • Scramble Code

Main Features of the Product

  • Mute Mode: Turn on or turn off the beep sound is up to your decision.

  • Scramble Code: When your friends or other people go home with you,scramble code supports you enter random digits before or after the correct access code.

  • Auto Locking: It will lock automatically after 30 seconds by default. Also you can set your auto lock time between 5 and 30 seconds.

  • Lock/Unlock: Knob Simply turn the knob on the rear body to lock/unlock the door.

  • Simple Left/Right Switch: When it's powered up,we turn the knob to on-lock then it would automatically recognize left/right direction.

  • USB Power Back-up: The lock can be charged by power bank for emergency case if you forget to replace the batteries.

  • More Capacity: There are up to 100 groups of password capacity for more user.

  • Mechanical Key Override: For emergency,it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.

Technical Data

Parts Specifications Remarks
Front(Front Body) Zinc alloy (134mm*72mm*23mm) Temperature: Workable -20°C~70°C
Humidity: Workable 5%~95% +/2RH
Back(Back Body) ABS (169mm*68mm*44mm)
Door Thickness 1-3/8″ to 1-31/32″ (35mm to 50mm)
Finish All Black, ORB
Pin-Codes 1 Master code and 100 User codes
Latch Adjustable backset 1-31/32″ to 2-23/64″ to fit all standard door
Battery 4 AA alkaline batteries Last up to 12 months(10 times used a day)

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