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  • K3U 3 2 600
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BE-TECH Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • Motorized deadbolt
  • Auto Locking
  • Fake Pin-code

Main Features of the Product

  • Various access

  • There are smart phone, PIN code and mechanical key for your choice.(Smart phone unlocking is base on adding WIFI module)

  • Auto Locking

  • Enable the auto lock function, it will lock automatically after 30 seconds by default. You also can set your auto lock time between 3 and 30 seconds if necessary.

  • Unique User Codes

  • Each member of your family can have their own 4-9 digits code that will be easy to remember, program up to 49 codes for family and friends

  • Scramble code

  • When your friends or other people go home with you, scramble code supports you enter random digits before or after the correct access code.

  • Mute Function

  • Turn on or turn off the beep sound is up to your decision.

  • USB Battery Back-Up

  • The lock can be energized with a power backup when you forget to replace the batteries

  • Lock/Unlock Button

  • Press Lock/Unlock button on the back body to lock/unlock the lock inside the room Optional

  • WIFI Module for IOT use

  • Comes with the Connect Wi-Fi module (TUYA) so there's no additional hubs needed and it works off your home Wi-Fi

  • Sharing and Convenient

  • You can share code with friends and guests valid for a few weeks, hours, or minutes, and revoke them whenever you need to. Never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.

  • Remote Unlocking

  • Unlock your door anywhere, never keep a visitor waiting outside the door anymore.

  • LOCKS Moniting

  • View your lock history,see a list of users, their assigned codes, and each entry time. Get real-time alerts when someone accesses your home.

Technical Data

Front(Front Body) Zinc alloy 130mm*77mm*28mm
Back(Back Body) ABS 162mm*69mm*47mm
Door Thickness 1-3/8″ to 2″ (35mm to 50mm)
Finish Matte Black, Satin Nickel
Pin-Codes 1 Master code and 49User codes
Latch Adjustable backset 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ to fit all standard door preparations
Battery 4 AA alkaline batteries

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