• H箱 正面 亮灯 600
  • H箱 右侧 600
  • H箱 左侧开 600
  • H箱 正面 亮灯 600
  • H箱 右侧 600
  • H箱 左侧开 600

Electronic Hotel Safe - HARMONY


Be-Tech Harmony series in-room safe is the economical choice for hotels to easy secure guest’s belongings.

Harmony is advanced and economical choice for in-room security, with the industry’s leading audit trial technology that make you easy manage all safes and check comprehensive reports from time to time.

Be-Tech Harmony is available in many sizes and models in order to satisfy different room style and need.

Main Features of the Product

  • Industry-leading audit trail system.

  • ADA compliant telephone-style keypad

  • 4~9 digit guest code.

  • LED display for clear visible numbers.

  • Illuminated blue keypad.

  • Powered with 4 AA batteries.

  • Internal carpet.

  • Spring loaded door.

  • Easy mechanical key override in case safe fails.

  • Laptop compatible up to 17” (for model Harmony 5HL).

  • Serviced by HSU handheld service unit.

  • Fashionable and harmonious design.

  • Revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism.

  • Door-body integrated design for minimum crack between door and body.

  • Integrative solid steel bolt hinges for maximum security and durability.

BeTechs Harmony Inroom Safe Guarantees Security to Hotel Guests

Technical Data

Handheld Service Unit (HSU):Be-Tech HSU helps you setup and service your Be-Tech Harmony series safe in seconds. With the HSU you can even print a detailed 300-event log from the safe memory and synchronize the setting from one safe to others.


Be-Tech HSU also is an electronic key to securely override Be-Tech Harmony series safes, this allows for easy day-to-day safe operations.Additional Harmony safe models:Harmony is also available in the following models 1HL,3HL, 5HL,


Outlets:Optional internal power outlet mounted on the inside door available on Harmony 3HL,and  5HL for guest’s convenient of use (Universal, )



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