• F3Pro正面800
  • F3 正CE面 SQ 副本
  • F3 3 1000 800
  • F3 2 1000
  • F3Pro正面800
  • F3 正CE面 SQ 副本
  • F3 3 1000 800
  • F3 2 1000

Electronic Digital Locks F3 PRO

  • 3D Face Recognition (Optional)
  • AI Smart Door Viewer (Optional)
  • Suspicious Condition Alert (Optional)
  • Matte Black

Main Features of the Product

  • Various Access: Be-Tech F3 Pro has Fingerprint, Pin-code,RFID Card,Face recognition, Mobile Ekey, Manual key. F3: Fingerprint, Pin-code, RFID Card, Manual key.

  • 3D Face Recognition (Optional): When getting home and approaching the door, the smart lockautomatically senses and recognizes your face to unlock in seconds without touching the door lock. This is gonna free your arms to carry important belongings that can't put somewhere outdoor which might be forgotten or left outside after you get in. No worries even if you are wearing any heavy make up , it still recognize you as ever.

  • AI Smart Door Viewer (Optional): This lock would observe any situation at any time , besides, it could also be a dual-way intercom for you to talk to people outdoor. With infrared supplementary lighting feature, it support night vision and capture faces within 3 meters in darkness and the image on back screen can still be clear.

  • Suspicious Condition Alert (Optional): If there is suspicious people wandering or unusual situation outdoor , it will automatically snapshot and record video clips then push to your smart phone timely.

  • Hostage Alert: When family member is being threatening to unlock the door, just enter the preset Warning Fingerprint, the lock will open and send warning to the owner’s smart phone immediately. This helps owner to know the danger condition and owner could take further action at the soonest.

  • Data Encryption: We have double encryption of video to make sure the privacy of user and prevent information from leaking out.

  • Scramble Code: For prevent anyone peeking your correct code, you can enter any number before and after the correct code.

  • High Capacity Battery: F3 Pro applies 7000mAh lithium battery, F3 applies 5000mAh lithium battery. They both have overcharge and over-discharge protection, which ensure the battery a long life performance.

  • IPS Screen (Optional): The smart lock is equipped a 4 inches full color screen which provide a better vision for users.

Technical Data

Fren(Front Body) 75.8(W)x419(H)x62.5(D)mm
Back(Back Body) 76. 5(W)x420(H)x73(D)mm
Door Thickness Applicable Range 40~ 120mm
Material Aluminum Alloy + Plastics
Lock case  Stainless lron
Battery F3 Pro : 7000mAh lion Battery
F3  5000mAh li-ion Battery
Temperature  Workable -20°C~70°C
Humidity  Workable 20%~93%2RH
Battery Endurance  5 ~ 6months
Battery Endurance  5 ~ 6months

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