• ST1 Handgun Safe side
  • ST1 Handgun Safe
  • ST1 Handgun Safe views
  • ST1 Handgun Safe side
  • ST1 Handgun Safe
  • ST1 Handgun Safe views

ST1 Handgun Safe

St1 handgun safe helps you store the firearms properly and prevent young children getting approach by accident. It’s necessary that you keep firearms safely stored. Placing them in this st1 handgun/pistol safe is a responsible way to properly secure your small firearms at home. It offers various ways of easy and fast access to your firearms, documents and other valuables. No longer to bring the manual key all the time which would explore an easy experience of life.

Main Features of the Product

  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

  • Highly-sensitive biometric fingerprint sensor has achieved the fastest and most convenient way to access to firearms in emergency. Fingerprint identification and safe opening are carried out almost at the same time.

  • Key-code Unlock

  • The 4 to 6 digit easy password helps you unlock swiftly in common days. And the scrambled code feature, in addition to not revealing the password, gives you the opportunity to re-input the password in a panic. Entering the wrong code will cause alarm.

  • NFC Feature (Optional)

  • ST1 Handgun Safe support NFC which provides a advanced and useful experience for customer. If the batteries are drained, using our App( Cloud Locker ) and smart phone’s NFC feature, we can easily charge and open it by simply put the smart phone on handgun safe. Besides, Cloud Locker App is capable to help us manage which smart phone user can access the Handgun safe.

  • Safe for Handgun

  • Designed according to the handgun/pistol size, the case is compact and easy to put in a convenient place, such as table, countertop, care, etc.

  • Interior Light

  • ST1 Handgun/Pistol Safe offers interior LED for a clear view and automatically lights up while opening, and lasts up to 30 seconds. It would also turn off when the safe is closed.

  • Tough and Durable

  • We apply 12-gauge solid steel construction to increased durability and ultimate protection for long lasting lifespan.

  • Automatic Flip-Up Cover

  • Top cover would flip-up automatically when unlocked so that can cost less time to get the firearms.

  • Push-button battery case

  • Swipe sideways the battery cover, then press to eject the battery case for easily to replace old batteries.

  • Fixable safe

  • There are pre-drilled mounting holes at the bottom of the handgun safe for fixing it somewhere handy and secure.


  • Key code with raised buttons for blind operation.

  • Interior Foam

  • The interior is padded with soft foam to prevent scratches.

  • Back-Up Solution

  • Type-C emergency charging port and mechanical key are back-up solution in case of battery drained or other situation.

ST1 Handgun Safe side

Technical Data

External Dimension 285x260x83mm/11x10x3inch
Interior Dimension 269x179x76mm/10.6x7x3inch
Cover Size 281x240mm/11x9inch
Thickness Of Box Wall 2.5mm/0.1inch
Batteries AAx4
Fingerprints 21, including 1 administrator fingerprint
Passwords 21 sets, including 1 set of administrator passwords
Opening Method Top opening
Material steel
Weight: 6.11 KG

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