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  • 2083 8956M 68A 灰色 600
  • 8956M 68A 侧面灰色 600
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BE-TECH Wireless Online Electronic Lock

Be-Tech Online system is a ideal solution for all type of properties like commercial, public and industry buildings. It is a efficient system solution for the market demand of access control, up-to-date security features or upgrading the operations at your property.

Main Features of the Product

  • Both guest and master cards can be canceled from one central location. The online system will notify each lock.

  • Easy and efficient to set cards if card keys are lost.

  • Power notification on the system avoid checking the battery status of lock or safe one by one.

  • All in one card provide easy to manage all the equipment in properties.

  • Offline issue card provide backup solution for the properties in case of network breakdown.

  • Audit trail function with up-to-date access events will be uploaded on system without perform readouts lock by lock.

  • Guest keycard can automatically be assigned a different room by the front desk,instead of re-encode the card in front desk.

  • Multi-rooms check-in card help to manage and access multi-rooms more efficient by staff.

  • In case of e.g. a fire, all doors at the properties can be unlocked from one central location.

  • Guest can extend their stay with a phone call to the front desk instead of re-encode the card in front desk.

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Technical Data

Flexible and easy setup.

Free wiring to door locks.

Audit trails and events over network.

Be able to alternate rooms and extend stays without visiting front desk.

Remote cancellation of staff cards/key cards.

Guest card is capable to access multi-rooms .

Automatically onlock/unlock by simple remote operation.

Each lock can support maximum 80 online keycards.

One LoRa gateway can connect maximum 48 locks .

Online Solution Online system is a solution which offers efficient management and operation for your existing properties as well as new projects. All lock devices communicate with the gateway through LoRa which is a wide area network that can cover the locks within 1.2km by 1 gateway. One gateway will load max 48 locks. Network Construction Electronic locks communicate with the server through LoRa network. Routers connect to the Area Ethernet for communication with the server. LoRa Gateways communicate between locks and Routers.

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  • 8956M 68A 正面灰色 600
  • 8956M 68A 侧面灰色 600
  • 2083 8956M 68A 灰色 600
  • 20210722162153 副本
  • 8956M 68A 正面灰色 600
  • 8956M 68A 侧面灰色 600
  • 2083 8956M 68A 灰色 600

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 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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