Quality Control

Well-equipped Science Lab

The professional science laboratory within Be-Tech is equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to conduct accurate and thorough tests.

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Be-Tech has built a smart lock inspection centre in a 30,000 square meter smart lock production base to conduct strict and high-standard inspections on smart locks.

The Be-Tech testing centre is a leading large-scale and advanced enterprise-owned smart lock testing laboratory in China. The testing equipment is leading in the industry, the testing content is comprehensive, and the testing requirements are higher than those of the Chinese smart lock industry.

Quality Smart Locks, Tested and Inspected by Experts

Meeting your standards in smart lock durability, corrosion resistance, appearance and function involves strict QC processes listed below. Be-Tech’s compliance with CE, RoHS, BHMA,  and UL standards ensures your electronic smart locks orders satisfy your target market’s demands.

In addition, every smart lock we generate exceeds China’s general smart lock testing standards and is equal to or higher than international standards.

Only the Best Bolt Quality

Lateral impact force of the lock latch: American Standard-Level 3

Corrosion resistance of the lock latch: 96 h

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Only the Highest Whole Lock Quality


Whole lock 200,000 Times / Lock case  800,000 Times

Switch 100 times a day, about 35000 times a year:

Whole lock can be used for 28 years / Lock case can be used for 114 years

Turn on and off 20 times a day, about 7000 times a year:

Whole lock can be used for 5.6 years / Lock case can be used for 22 years

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Professional Quality Inspectors

Be-Tech is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.  Our professional inspector team, with more than 10 years of experience, is familiar with various QC know-how.

In addition, professional quality inspectors have also formed our own standards, which surpass the official legal standards for incoming materials, parts, and complete machine inspections, which can help maintain the superior quality of our goods and rigorous quality system in production.

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Complete Inspection Report

For your smart locks, we provide detailed reports on various aspects of your products. These reports include the specifications and parameters of your smart locks as well as the how-to guides, ensuring the smart locks are within your expectations.

7 Principles of Be-Tech QC System


1. Customer Focus

Be-Tech’s quality team aims to establish quality standards that meet and exceed the expectations of the international market.

2. Leadership

Driven by our common goals, the quality control team is always engaged in routine product inspections throughout production.

3. Engagement of Staff

Committed to excellence, our quality control protocols encourage the team to apply strict standards in every inspection.

4. Process Approach

By creating clear and coherent parameters for our smart locks, our manufacturing team produces consistent and satisfactory output.

5. Improvement

Never settling down, Be-Tech constantly raises the bar in electronic smart locks manufacturing through deep research and market studies.

6. Evidence-based Decision Making

To generate the desired results, decisions are based on the proper analysis and evaluation of available data.

7. Relationship Management

Having stable, long-term relationships with our supplier base and network partners ensures sustainable production and quality output.


Be-Tech has won many  honors for its outstanding performance in quality control.

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Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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