• G箱 正面 亮灯
  • G箱 左侧开 600
  • G箱 左侧 不亮灯 600 1
  • G箱 正面 亮灯
  • G箱 左侧开 600
  • G箱 左侧 不亮灯 600 1

Electronic Hotel Safe - GUARD


Be-Tech Guard series in-room safe is the ideal for combining smart and Chinese fashionable design which is the best choice for the most demanding hotels to secure guest’s belonging.

With the distinctive design and high-tech illuminated blue keypad combined with Be-Tech’s industry leading high-quality safe platform, Be-Tech Guard series in-room safe will brings impressive experience to your guest and taking the user-interface experience to a new level.

Main Features of the Product

  • Industry-leading audit trail system.

  • International fashionable design.

  • ADA compliant telephone-style keypad

  • LED display for clear visible numbers.

  • Illuminated blue keypad.

  • Inside light for guest convenience.

  • Powered with 4 AA batteries.

  • Internal carpet.

  • Spring loaded door.

  • Easy outside emergent power supply by 9V battery in case batteries fail.

  • Easy mechanical key override in case safe fail.

  • Easy mechanical key override in case safe fail.

  • Laptop compatible up to 17” (for model Guard 5GL).

  • Serviced by Smart Button Key.

  • Revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism.

  • Door-body integrated design for minimum crack between door and body.

  • Integrative solid steel bolt hingesfor maximum security and durability.

Be Tech keeps your guests safe and improves the hotel reputation

Technical Data

  • Smart Package: Be-Tech smart package helps you setup and service your Be-Tech Guard series safe in seconds. With the smart package you can even print a detailed 300-event log from the safe memory.
  • Smart Button Key: Be-Tech Smart Button Key is a compact and powerful electronic key to securely override Be-Tech Guard series safes. This allows easy day-to-day safe operations.
  • Outlets: Optional internal power outlet mounted on the inside door available on Guard 1GL, 3GL and 5GL for guest’s convenient of use (Universal).

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 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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