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Superior Smart Door Lock Factory in China

As a leading electronic smart lock factory in China, Be-Tech uses the exclusive patent AN2 anti-theft technology to improve the anti-theft performance of smart home locks. We use high-quality stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminium alloy to produce smart lock bodies, adopting a full range of designs to satisfy the diverse smart lock market. We manufacture large volumes of electronic door locks with speed and efficiency in ISO 9001:2015 factory and gone through many precise testing to ensure our smart door locks are the best in the market.

Wholesale China Smart Door Lock in BE-TECH

BE-TECH is a worldwide digital electronic door locks factory that has been in operation for over 30 years. We provide wholesale smart door locks that are made from high-quality stainless steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy. They are made to adopt a full range of designs that meet the security needs of our customers. As a leading manufacturer of electronic smart door locks in China with rich experience and refined production capabilities, BE-TECH manufactures unique electronic door locks according to customers’ requirements in our 30,000 square meters smart door lock factory and ensure quality production.

Smart locks manufacturer BE-TECH is the best when compared to other smart door lock manufacturers. We specialize in the production of smart door lock that are easy to operate and offer tight security. Some of them are Wifi, fingerprint, PIN code, keypad, RFID, mechanical key, push & pull lock, and hotel lock wholesaleBe-Tech is also a professional wifi lock supplier and key card lock manufacturer

Features of BE-TECH Electronic Smart Door Lock

BE-TECH, a reliable electronic door locks factory produces premium electronic smart door locks like electronic deadbolt lock that have outstanding features and great design. Quick to produce and cost-effective, Be-Tech electronic lock offers a reliable solution that your market will surely appreciate.

Full Customized Digital Door Lock Factory - Betech

BE-TECH smart door lock manufacturer provides door lock solutions to every kind of profession, be it business owners, project contractors, wholesalers, etc. Our smart lock factory is filled with several customized door lock options.

Smart Door Lock Design

As one smart door lock manufacturers, we custom smart door locks to have trendy looks. They are customized in different shapes and colors, including champagne gold, champagne silver, and coffee gold.

Digital Door Lock Unlock Options

Your wholesale smart door lock order can be configured to have different types of unlocking systems. Some of them are fingerprint, touchpad, bluetooth and RFID.

Electronic Door Lock Logo

BE-TECH offers several custom services, including customizing brand names on electronic door locks. Our production team has hardware and software intelligence that make them able to customize diverse designs.

Wide Applications of Our China Digital Door Lock

BE-TECH is a China reputable smart door lock factory that provides top-notch China electronic door locks for the provision of security solutions in a wide range of industries. Projects about residential, hotel, office and other commercial building safety could contatc us, Be-Tech manufactures electronic door locks that exceed international standards for you. Below are some of its applications.

Smart Home

Smart Home

With our digital door locks, home owners are rest assured that homes are safe from unwanted visitors. The smart home locks ensure that property in the house remains in one piece.

Hospitality Industry 1

Hospitality Industry

Comfort and relaxation are paramount needs in the hotel where no unauthorized person will be able to walk into your privacy. Our smart hotel card door lock grants you the authority.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Smart door locks for apartment buildings developed by Be-Tech has a front and rear dual circuit encrypted communication design, which can effectively avoid electromagnetic interference.

Dormitory Solution 1

Dormitory Solution

BE-TECH is one of the professional smart door lock manufacturers that produces electronic door locks that are customized for dormitories.
Lock are configured to accommodate multiple users.

One-Stop Manufacturing Solution for Your
Electronic Digital Door Lock

BE-TECH is a one-stop solution manufactory of digital door locks in China that has been in existence since 1992, and over the years, we’ve mastered all the skills needed in manufacturing flawless digital door locks that serve as protection against unwanted guests.

As a digital door lock supplier, we offer unique designs and concepts that provide top-class keyless solutions. Our R&D specialists make use of their vast product development knowledge and experience to manufacture original and secure electronic digital door locks.

Sampling and Testing

To ensure that the electronic door locks hit the mark that you want, samples are sent to you before production, and any correction needed is implemented immediately. After the corrections are made, your electronic door locks will be manufactured on a small scale and forwarded back to you for field testing.

Mass Production

Once the electronic door locks are approved after field testing in our smart door lock factory, we commence mass production. BE-TECH has an integrated production line and precision manufacturing tools that make the completion of our large-scale orders possible within the lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

BE-TECH has a 30,000 square meters smart door lock factory where 100% quality inspection and testing is carried out. The testing content and requirements in our factory are comprehensive and higher than other smart door lock manufacturers’.

Production Delivery

We partner with trusted logistics companies in the industry to make fast delivery to our customers all over the world. We use multiple shipping methods and take care of the paperwork for international delivery.Your wholesale digital door locks order could be delivered safely.

300+ Partners Choose Us as their Electronic
Door Locks Factory

Our expertise and mastery in the provision of electronic smart door locks is unmatched by other smart door lock manufacturers, which is why over 300 partners have chosen us as their smart door lock supplier. Here are a few of the reasons why they choose us as their electronic door lock factory.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

Our smart door locks quality control is extremely high, which is why numerous quality standard organizations have given us accolades of certificates. Some of them are CE 14846, EN 1634, UL, BHMA, KC, MS, and AS.

30+ Years Experience

BE-TECH is one of the early smart door lock manufacturers and over the three decades of operation. We input experience and professionalism into our productions and flawless security solutions.

Professional R&D Team

BE-TECH has a professional R&D team that carries out independent research and development of smart door lock for customers. And we have 90 patents and various Chinese and foreign certificates.

Strict Quality Inspection

Our electronic door locks undergo thorough 200,000 life tests, which is 2 times more than the Chinese test standard. They also pass over 20 kinds of testing equipment inspection.

Great Customer Service

At BE-TECH, we provide great customer service to all our partners. We provide quick replies to inquiries and help in the selection for their electronic door locks, as well as assistance during field testing and installation.

High Production Capability

As a digital door lock supplier, with a standard and organized production line, as well as precise manufacturing equipment, We are able to produce wholesale smart door locks and meet bulk orders.

How to Get Access to Smart Door Locks

Accessing a smart door lock is very easy, professional supplier of digital door locks Be-Tech will give you the whole procedure. All you have to do is to follow this step-by-step procedure.

Bluetooth / WIFI:

Download Be-Tech App from Google Play Store or App Store depending on the type of device you are using, either Android or ios; Link the App to the door lock by getting added to the beneficiaries who can access the door. Open the App on your phone and press the button to UNLOCK the door or LOCK the door.

Pin Code

A series of digit combinations is programmed into the lock system. Once the correct digits are pressed in the right sequence, the door will be unlocked.


The electronic door lock is opened when the fingerprint that's programmed with the lock system is placed on it and scanned.

Card Key

Small plastic card that is internally designed with chips. The digital door lock scans the card and disengages the lock when it's placed in close proximity.

Mechanical Key

Traditional key that's turned to unlock the door. The key is designed to fit into the lock mechanism, making unlocking possible.

Sourcing Guide of Electronic Door Lock

O1. What is an Electronic Door Lock

An electronic door lock is a locking device operated by means of electric current. Sometimes, electronic locks are stand-alone with an electronic control assembly fixed directly to the lock. Magnets, solenoids, and motors are usually used to actuate the locks by supplying or cutting off power.


An electronic lock can be programmed with an access control system, which provides several benefits, such as:

  • Key control, allowing keys to be added and removed without rekeying the locking system.
  • Remotely monitored and controlled for locking and unlocking purposes.

O2. Types of Electronic Door Locks by Unlock Options

As a verified leading manufacturer of electronic door locks in China, BE-TECH provides several types of electronic door locks. Depending on the unlocking methods, these are the electronic door locks available.

ELectronic fingerprint Bedroom Door door

Fingerprint Door Lock

Thanks to the uniqueness of each individual’s biometrics, fingerprint door locks are highly secure. Fingerprint door lock is arguably one of the most popular electronic door locks as it offers maximum convenience while providing tight security.

Electronic Deadbolt

The electronic deadbolt lock has a strong construction that ensures effective security against all forms of break-ins and burglary. Electronic deadbolt door locks are built with a special locking mechanism, making them highly resistant to physical attacks.

Electronic Deadbolt Lock K1U

RFID Card Door Lock

RFID card door lock is a distinct electronic lock; it uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that allows the card to unlock and lock the door through the transfer of signals. It functions by simply putting the card in close proximity to the door for access.

Electronic Keypad Door Lock

Keypad door locks demand that the right set of alphabets, numbers, and alphanumerics are punched into the system. They usually have light, allowing the user to see the buttons clearly.

Office Door Keypad Lock 1
wifi Lock 1

Mobile Home Door Lock

This is the best electronic door lock for remote purposes. Mobile controlled door locks are usually operated through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You could be at the next building and unlock the door for a friend or family member.

O3. Why Do You Need China Electronic Door Lock

Having used the traditional door locks over the years and seeing their flaws of insecurity and inconvenience, the electronic door lock has become a compulsory element.


Below are the several reasons why you should use an electronic door lock.

Intensified Security

Electronic door locks have a pick-proof design that ensures that intruders cannot pass through by picking or breaking the door, which helps in keeping them away.

Eliminating the Usage of Keys

Asides the fact that this locking system doesn’t bother you with carrying a bunch of keys around, you won’t be worried about your safety after losing any key. There is an assurance that no intruder will have access to your properties as keys are substituted with biometrics, codes, cards, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


These samrt door locks permit you to control your door with modernized means and also from remote locations. You can check if all the doors in your home are locked through your mobile phone without moving an inch.

Easy Access and Monitoring

For large businesses or commercial buildings where there is usually an influx of many people, electronic door locks allows only staff or designated personnel to be able to access to some places of the building.

O4. How to Find the Best Smart Door Locks

Below are the important factors to consider when finding the best smart door locks.

Range of Use

For close range purposes, smart locks with unlock options such as biometric, RFID card, keypad, and key card are most suitable.

But for long-range and remote purposes, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the best. While Bluetooth can function with a range of about 30 ft., Wi-Fi can operate within a longer range.

Lock Types

Smart door locks are available in two major configurations, which are deadbolt replacements and deadbolt retrofits. For the former, the whole deadbolt will have to be removed for the installation of another. But the latter attach to your existing deadbolt and automate its movement.

Low Battery Indicator

The best electronic door lock you can choose must have a low battery indicator that notifies you when the battery is running low on power. Most of the suitable electronic locks have an indicator light that appears.


The smart door lock will most often be outside, making it exposed to harsh weather. So it must be very strong and resistant to water, cold, heat, and other external factors.

Possibilities of Automation

You should as well consider the other devices you’ll integrate your smart door lock with. Considering this, you will enjoy some added benefits, which includes:

  • Activate your CCTV camera and alarm system when you leave the building.Automatically turn on the lights when the door is unlocked.
  • Automatically turn on the A/C when the door is unlocked.
  • Record every unlock action.

Tips in Finding an Electronic Door Locks Factory


The digital door lock manufacturer should adhere to notable quality standards, such as CE, UL, BHMA, RoHS, etc. For a smart door lock factory to be certified, the electronic door locks manufactured must have been tested and trusted to be of high standard with an optimal performance.

Easy to Install

After placing your electronic door lock order, the last thing you want is to incur additional cost on hiring a professional for the installation. The smart door lock supplier should provide a manual that will serve as a professional guide for a seamless installation.

Superfast Identification

The smart door lock should be very efficient so that it can verify authentications easily and fast.

O6. Leading Smart Door Lock Manufacturer

BE-TECH is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers capable of manufacturing several types of ODM and OEM smart door locks. Having the largest smart  lock production base and testing center that’s fully equipped with cutting-edge machinery, our highly-skilled professionals adhere strictly to customers’ requirements and produce high-functional electronic door locks. Also, we are certified and trusted by several reputable standard organizations like CE, UL, RoHS, and BHMA.

Displaying Our Successful Projects

We have implemented our solutions worldwide to cover a variety of concerns, such as safe, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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