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  • R7 sq 600 3 副本
  • R7 sq 600 2
  • R7 sq 600 3
  • R7 sq 600 3 副本

Fingerprint & Touchpad Digital Door Lock - R780FTL


  • Digital Cylindrical Latch Lock
  • Fingerprint & Touchpad &Mobile Key
  • 60mm/70mm Backset Cylindrical Latch
  • Stainless Steel

Main Features of the Product

  • Various access

  • Be-Tech R780FTL has Four access solutions, Bluetooth key, Fingerprint, PIN code and Mechanical key for your convenience.

  • Mobile APP

  • Allow users to configure and unlock the lock via moblie phone.

  • One-touch fingerprint verification

  • One-touch Fingerprint verification technology has been applied to conveniently read a fingerprint in one shot.

  • Operation status notification

  • Whenever any operation is made, the LED indicator Informs you what is happening through different colors and signs.

  • Automatic locking

  • Door lock will be locked automatically after opening door a few seconds. (Manual operation is also available).

  • Missing key invalidation

  • Once you lose your key, it has no validation as long a you re-register rest of your keys. For convenience and in case of emergency. Anti-panic exit system For convenience and in case of emergency, it allows you to open the door by simply turning its handle from inside.

  • Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint, RF Card or PIN code)

  • Alarm will be on and last for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the lock with incorrect Fingerprint, PIN code for 5 times.

  • Low battery warning signal

  • A continuous “beep” sound during door access will alert you to replace batteries.

  • Invisible keypad

  • Keypad number can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm.

Technical Data

Front(Front Body) 162(W)x 60(H)X 70(D)(with handle)mm
Back( Back Body) 150.5(W)x 60(H) x 70(D)(with handle)mm
Door Thickness Applicable Range 40-120mm
Material Stainless Steel
Bluetooth 1 Master BLE key (Able to share sub Master BLE key)
Fingerprint Up to 10 Fingerprints(1 master Fingerprint & 9 user Fingerprints)
User Codes Up to 10 row0000000000000(0 master group & 9 user groups)
Battery 3X1.5V AAA alkaline batteries(Operating voltage:3.3~4.5V)

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