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Prominent Remote Control Digital Deadbolt Manufacturer in China

As a prominent smart lock manufacturer, BE-TECH specializes in the production and supply of keyless entry deadbolt locks that offer superior protection and better door experience.


Our remote control deadbolt lock eliminates the need to be overly conscious of where the key is kept. Also, with the right authentication passcode, access can be granted from a remote location.

With our large smart door lock production factory, testing center, and a team of professionals, we produce electronic deadbolt door locks that are of premium quality. Rigorous inspection and quality processes are conducted to guarantee the efficiency of our products. We also comply with the industry regulatory standards set by  CE, ISO, RoHS, BHMA, and UL.certifying the reliability of our keyless entry deadbolt locks.

Wholesale BE-TECH Electronic Keyless Deadbolt

With the sole aim of improving the safety and convenience of door locks, smart lock company, BE-TECH produces several electronic keyless deadbolts, catering to the needs of the entire market. We have a wide range of digital deadbolts with different construction and unlocking methods.
Wifi Lock

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Deadbolt

Smart Wi-Fi deadbolt supports the unlocking of the door from a remote location; visitors won’t be kept waiting outside. The Wi-Fi deadbolt door lock comes with the Connect Wi-Fi module, so no need for extra hubs, and it can work off the home Wi-Fi.

Biometric Deadbolt Lock

Biometric Deadbolt Lock

Unique access code that works with the credentials of only one person, enabling tight security. The biometric deadbolt door lock features an auto lock function that can be set to an appropriate time range (between 3-30 seconds).

Keypad Deadbolt Lock

Keypad Deadbolt Lock

Electronic keypad deadbolt features an ADA compliant telephone-style illuminated keypad, providing clarity and convenience. Supports the input of random digits before entering the correct access code for security reasons.

Features of BE-TECH Electronic Keyless Deadbolt Lock

As a leading keyless entry deadbolt lock manufacturer, BE-TECH produces locks with unique construction and outstanding durability that offer maximum security and convenience. Shortlisted below are a few of our digital deadbolt lock features.

Residential Electric Deadbolt Lock 1

Wide Applications of BE-TECH Electronic Deadbolt
Door Lock

The usage of remote control deadbolt lock cut across both private and public institutions. BE-TECH provides standard digital deadbolt locks that are easy to use and satisfy a wide range of applications.

Smart Home Application

Deadbolt Locks for Apartment Doors

For optimum protection of homes, families, and valuables, strict keyless deadbolt locks are used. Illegal entry will be eliminated while greater convenience will be provided for approved persons.

Keyless electronic Deadbolt

Commercial Electronic Deadbolt

For public settings like offices and supermarkets where maximum protection of documents, goods, and services are needed, commercial keyless deadbolts ensure that no invasion is made.

Custom BE-TECH Digital Deadbolt Lock

We are capable of customizing your keyless deadbolt lock according to your specifications. Discuss your ideas with us, while we bring them into reality. Whatever design, shape, color, unlock method, and print you want, we help you achieve them effortlessly.

Digital Deadbolt Design

While prioritizing the goal to manufacture digital deadbolt locks that offer premium comfort and security, they can be customized to any design, and color, such as black and champagne silver.

Keyless Deadbolt Unlock Way

There are various unlocking methods to choose from. Amongst the available options are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, biometric, and keypad.

Remote Control Deadbolt Logo

Asides from providing better comfort, and different unlocking ways, the keyless entry deadbolt locks can be customized with your brand’s logo you want.

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Electronic Deadbolt
Lock Business

BE-TECH is a one-stop location for all your electronic keyless deadbolt lock needs. We offer a comprehensive OEM/ODM service to help you create the digital deadbolt access solutions. Your ideas are translated into superior electronic deadbolt locks that cater to your market demands.

OEM/ODM Deadbolt Locks Development

Using our robust knowledge and experience, our specialists assess the feasibility of your keyless entry deadbolt lock requirements and create an efficient turnkey OEM and ODM design that specifically satisfies your business goals.

Sampling & Testing

To improve the potential of your electronic deadbolt locks, samples are sent to you for assessment and modification requests, which are implemented immediately. Afterwards, they are produced on a small scale for testing. BE-TECH provides you with all the technical assistance you need during this period.

Mass Production

Thanks to our large manufacturing factory, testing center, integrated production lines, and precise manufacturing tools, our experts are able to complete large scale orders within the required lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

We have a leading large-scale and advanced enterprise-owned testing laboratory, which is equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct precise and thorough quality management. Your digital deadbolt locks undergo strict testing requirements that are higher than the Chinese smart lock standard.

Production Delivery

To ensure that your keyless deadbolt lock orders are delivered to you fast, we employ the help of trusted logistics companies in the industry. We cater to multiple shipping methods (land, sea, and air), and assist in handling paperwork for international shipping.

Why 300+ Partners Choose Us as their Commercial Keyless Deadbolt Manufacturer

Since our inception in 1992, we’ve been supplying different institutions and brands with wholesale electronic door deadbolt locks. Over the past years, we’ve assisted over 300 partners in securing their buildings and properties while enjoying the best door experience.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

With the implementation of tough inspection and testing, our digital deadbolt lock quality control pass rate exceeds 99.8%. They are also in compliance with industry standards like CE, UL, KC, AS, MS, and ISO.

30+ Years Experience

For the past three decades, we’ve been studying and satisfying the market needs. Our years of knowledge and experience are proven in every production.

Professional R&D Team

At BE-TECH, our professional R&D team doesn't imitate the designs of other electronic keyless deadbolt locks manufacturers. We have our own patents, Deadbolt design and technological inventions.

Strict Quality Inspection

To ensure optimal quality, the commercial keyless deadbolts are put through 200,000 life tests, which is 2 times more than the Chinese life test standard. Following ISO 9001:2015, they are further tested by 20 kinds of professional equipment.

Great Customer Service

At BE-TECH, we offer both pre and after-sales services to our customers. We give quick responses to inquiries and provide unlimited professional solutions.

High Production Capability

With the availability of all the equipment and skilled manpower in our production base, we fulfill large scale electronic deadbolt orders are completed in a shorter time than expected.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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