Smart Lock Buying Guide: What to Look For and Where to Buy

Are you considering upgrading to a smart lock to enhance your home security and convenience? Choosing the right smart lock can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time transitioning from traditional keys. This comprehensive smart lock buying guide will assist you in navigating through the options to find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Continue reading to discover how to select the ideal smart lock that meets all your needs.

What Is A Smart Lock?

A smart lock is an innovative home device that enhances your door’s security and convenience through advanced technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike traditional locks that solely rely on physical keys, smart locks offer multiple methods of access, including:

  • Touchpad
  • Keypads
  • Mobile application (operate and unlock by adding WIFI module)
  • Key card
  • Traditional key
RFID Door Lock
RFID Door Lock

What To Look For When Buying A Lock?

When purchasing a lock, consider its security features such as strength, durability, and resistance to picking or drilling. You had better choose a professional smart lock supplier like Be-Tech.

How To Choose A Smart Lock?

When choosing a smart lock, think about compatibility with your existing hardware, networking options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), security features like encryption and tamper detection, ease of installation, and interaction with smart home devices. Additionally, read reviews to gauge reliability and user experience.

4 Popular Types Of Smart Locks

There are different types of smart locks widely used by people. Learning different types of smart locks is good for you to choose the right smart lock for your needs. Here are 4 popular types of smart locks:

Keypad Smart Locks

To gain entrance with a smart keypad lock, you must enter a key code using the numeric keypad. Keypad designs range from physical buttons to touchscreens, and they frequently come in a pair with a lock with a handle or a deadbolt with a lever and knob.

Keycard Smart Locks

Similar to hotel keys, you can simply unlock keycard smart locks by tapping a key card to let yourself in. When you approach your door, geofencing detects your proximity and immediately unlocks the door.

Biometric Smart Locks

The biometric smart lock is also called a fingerprint smart lock. You must use a fingerprint to unlock biometric smart locks. This sort of smart lock records and saves your fingerprint using pre-saved unique identifying values, allowing you to allow others to unlock the door using their fingerprints.

Wireless Keyless Locks

Locking and unlocking keyless and wireless smart locks requires a Bluetooth connection. These smart locks have an app that allows you to operate your lock through voice or programmed routines.

RFID Card Lock
RFID Card Lock

The Key Features Of Smart Lock

Before your smart locks procurement, it is important to consider their features of them. Here are some common features including:

Remote Access

You don’t have to worry about keeping people waiting at the door while you’re not at home. You can provide shared guest access by controlling the smart lock.

Auto-Lock and Unlock

Have you ever forgotten to lock it? Smart locks can help you solve your problems. When you turn on auto-lock, it locks for a certain amount of time after you leave it.

Smart Home Compatibility

If you currently have other smart home devices, a smart lock may be a good addition. Once your devices are linked, you can do things like program smart locks to open with a voice command or schedule recurrent access for those who arrive and depart at specific times.

Multiple Access Options

Some smart locks provide access in several ways. If you like to have more than one way to unlock your smart lock, get one with several access choices.

Electronic Security Deadbolt
Electronic Security Deadbolt

How To Buy A Smart Lock?

If you’re looking to upgrade your smart lock, you might be wondering where you can get a good quality smart lock. Besides local retailers, shopping online is another choice for more people. You can choose more types than the local shops.

Looking for a reliable smart lock factory, Be-tech is ideal for you. We are a leading smart lock manufacturer in China with over 30 years of experience. Besides, we are devoted to providing various smart locks and you can choose the smart lock that suits you best according to your budget and needs.

Our smart locks have various access ways including smartphone, PIN code, fingerprint, and mechanical key that let’s you easily access them. K3U, K3S, K5FMT/MT, K6FMT/MT K7s, T1, and M1 are the hot sale series smart locks in our company.

You do not need to be concerned about not installing it. Our products are easy to install and may quickly replace your old locks. If you would like to learn more about different smart locks, browse our website today!


Follow this smart lock buying guide to learn how to select the best smart lock for your house. Contact us right away if you need a dependable smart lock supplier!

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