101 Commercial Door Lock Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The door lock market keeps changing with more and more different kinds of locks being introduced to the market. Commercial door locks are specifically manufactured to cater to commercial needs. They are more secure and durable as compared to the other locks.  Available in different types and grades the commercial locks can be a convenient choice especially when dozens of people are using the lock on a regular basis.  

What Are Commercial Door Locks?

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Commercial door locks are mechanical or electronic locks created to meet industry standards. There are different locks designed for different commercial purposes and used in commercial settings. These locks must be able to manage the particular requirements of commercial real estate, as opposed to locks used in residential premises. 

Commercial lockset types are especially safe, robust, and practical for a number of renters sometimes dozens or hundreds to use on a daily basis.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Door Locks?

There are different types of commercial door locks so let us look at a few of them:

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical Lever Lock
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Cylindrical locksets are installed through the door and mainly consist of a cylindrical lever or a knob for functioning. This kind of lock comprises an operable trim, chassis, and a separate latch bolt. The installation process of this kind of lock is quite simple. Just two holes in the door are enough to install these locks. 

These locks have a wide variety of functions, grades, and features that makes them a vulnerable and a perfect fit for distinct commercial purposes. One of the distinctive features of this lock is that it can be operated via a key or the key and push button simultaneously.   

Mortise Locks

Electronic Deadbolt
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Mortise locks are the most commonly used locks in commercial security systems. It is created from different mechanical parts all put together inside a heavier steel gauge. It further consists of the two holes meant for installation purposes. 

These locks can often be considered mysterious locks due to the way they are fitted inside the door pockets. This leads to another factor that is a complex installation. These locks require the assistance of an expert for their installation. 

The internal mechanisms of mortise locks are much more fascinating than the locks themselves. A mortise lock contains several parts that function in a united form to provide efficient security in commercial places. 

The lock body, spindle, lock cylinder, strike plate, and lock handle are the major features of these locks. These locks might often weaken the door due to the hole it creates, but it is a durable choice in comparison to other commercial locks.  

The size of the bolts plays a major role in determining the strength of these locks. The deadbolt and other mechanical parts of the mortise locks are contained inside their body, thus it can be difficult to access them instantly in case of any issue. 

The mortise locks have greater leverage and appear to be quite versatile with flexible designs and unique lever and trim styles. Moreover, when it comes to the architectural settings and the security hardware mechanisms, mortise locks will be the perfect choice to meet the distinct security requirements.  

Keypad Door Locks

BE-TECH Fingerprint Digital RIM Lock
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Keypad door locks can be used for homes and apartment complexes, but because they have a special set of functions, the vast majority of these locks are utilized professionally. Furthermore, this lock is a much better choice for commercial structures that must accommodate numerous personnel without compromising any aspect of security. 

Multiple users can open locks using a commercial keypad lock system without necessarily needing to give each one a key. This lessens the possibility of someone gaining unauthorized access and increases the key control that any given commercial facility may have. 

These locks can also be used to create security hierarchies and aid organizations in managing access control. Some keypad door locks are entirely keyless, making it impossible to pick, bump, or bypass the lock using conventional techniques.

The use of biometric lock characteristics is incorporated into several of these keyless keypad door locks, hence they are also called commercial smart door locks. However, keypad locks that use key cylinders as backup choices remain popular among businesses due to their added capabilities.

Panic Bars

Door Panic Bar
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Panic bars, sometimes known as crash bars, are utilized in several commercial areas. These commercial door locks have been around for a while, and the UK was where their use initially gained traction after it became clear that there was a demand for them.

Panic bars are essentially designed to make it easier to evacuate a building. 183 people perished in the UK in 1883 as a result of the Victoria Hall tragedy. The primary exit points were bolted down and barred, which caused a stampede that grew worse. This meant that there was no simple exit for people to take. The first panic bar was developed by Robert Alexander Briggs as a result of this incident.

Panic bars work differently than standard commercial office door locks. These locks do not require a key to function and allow for easier movement through the door. Having such a simple mechanism these locks do not require any expertise

This type of lock mainly consists of the spring-loaded metal bar and just depressing the bar can unlatch the door allowing a quick and easy exit. 

These bars are mainly used for emergency purposes and are often linked with an alarm. However, most commercial settings utilize it as a primary security lock. In alarming situations such as fire, these locks can help in an instant rescue. 

Additionally, panic bars can help with evacuation operations by streamlining and simplifying the procedure. They may also be included in different safety plans and found in some business security door locks for this reason.

Electric Strike Locks

Electric Strike Locks
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The commercial electric strike locks have features similar to the panic bars as well as the keypad door lock. They provide high security and are cost-effective. These locks are mainly utilized in commercial settings wherein access in a specific direction should be looked into carefully. In other words, it allows the security option on only one side of the door. This can be considered as a beneficial as well as a negative factor of the lock. 

Unlike other locks, these locks require power from an energized strike plate to operate effectively. Thus, in case of a power cut, the lock would remain securely closed. If there is a need to unlock it then panic bars can be used in such cases.  

The two different types of electric strike locks include fail-safe locks and fail-secure locks The major difference between these two types is in their mechanisms and electric controls. If the circuit is closed in a fail-secure lock and current is applied to the strike, the door can be unlocked. In contrast, the reverse occurs in a fail-safe lock. The circuit has to be closed for the power to pass through. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Door Locks

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For commercial property, choosing the appropriate commercial door locks requires thorough investigation. When selecting a commercial door lock, a number of other factors are taken into account in addition to price and ease. It is critical to pay attention to all of the main variables in order to make the building stand out.

1. The Property Size

Choosing the appropriate locks for business doors depend significantly on the size of the building. In the case of a retail business, using a mechanical key to open a conventional door lock is perfectly acceptable. But what if there is a need to provide access to the land for a sizable number of residents? 

A keyless entry system like a smart lock for office is the best option in that circumstance. This is so that all permitted residents have simple access and a sense of independence. To get admission to a particular space, they just type the code on an electronic lock’s keypad. 

2. Interior safety

It is significant to pay attention to the front/main entrance if the building’s internal security is a primary concern. There may be multiple main entrances in large structures, and only authorized staff should use them. In that case, it is preferable to use electronic locks like the hotel card lock to secure the main entrances.

3. Determine The Spending Capacity

High-security locks can be pricey, and smart locks or a commercial electronic deadbolt is also not inexpensive. However, in case of a break-in, the homeowner’s insurance deductible is probably larger than the price of the lock. Additionally, deadbolt-equipped buildings frequently qualify for insurance policy savings.

4. Cloud-Based Control

Ever considered selecting a commercial smart lock system that can be controlled online via the cloud? This implies that if tenants’ access credentials need to be updated, none will be required to visit the location. Instead, one can issue or revoke access permissions from any location with an internet connection by logging into an online dashboard. 

Furthermore, cloud-based smart locks automatically update their software. This also implies that anytime faults or problems occur, the smart locks will troubleshoot themselves. But most hotels nowadays have a rfid card hotel lock management system.

5. Durability

Last but not least choose a trustworthy and durable product as frequent lock changes might hamper businesses and get in the way of productive work.

What Are The Best Commercial Door Locks?

BE-TECH RFID Card Touchpad Digital Smart Door Lock
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The Be-Tech Online system is the best option for all commercial door lock types with varying properties, including industrial, and public buildings. For the market demand for access control, modern security features, or modernizing the operations at the site, it is an effective system solution. It also offers a wholesale digital lock for bulk purchases. The best commercial door locks that are a must-buy have been mentioned below.

Electronic Hotel Lock- Visual III RFID

Be Tech Electronic Hotel Lock Visual III RFID
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This Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Lock Visual III RFID has a smart and unique design. It has been specially curated for the comfortable and extraordinary hotel environments. This mortise lockcase is in-built with RFID technology and has a three-point stainless steel latch. It further consists of a high-strength deadbolt to provide maximum security. 

Be-Tech Wireless Online Electronic Lock 

Be Tech Wireless Online Electronic Lock
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This type of lock is a perfect fit for commercial and industrial buildings. With up-to-date security systems and upgraded features, this lock blends into any environment. The keycards can be operated and set easily for efficient security. 

The automatic power notification provides convenience to the users and prevents the hustle of checking the battery status. With the all-in-one key card, all the functions and equipment can be managed at once. 

Moreover, the offline issue card can be of great use in case of any power cuts. 

Electronic Hotel Lock- Shadow II RFID

BE-TECH Electronic Hotel Lock 1
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Specifically designed for the hotel and commercial environment, this lock can enhance and uplift the design of the hotels. Its minimum appearance and maximum versatility make it the first choice for many. Its panic-release function can help in emergency situations. Furthermore, AA batteries increase the lifetime of the battery by a year. 

Where To Find Reliable Electronic Commercial  Lock Manufacturer?

betechiot commercial smart door locks manufacturer
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Be-Tech is a reputable manufacturer of commercial smart door locks with a facility that has received ISO certification that is more than 30,000 square meters in size and is the largest smart lock testing facility in China. They strive to offer the customers the best possible goods and solutions.

The majority of Be-Tech products are CE, RoHS, and UL marked, and Be-Tech is one of the few brands in the smart lock industry to have completed the UL 3-hour fire test and the 800,000 times BHMA standard circling test.

In order to perform thorough and high-standard inspections on smart locks, smart lock manufacturer BE-TECH developed a commercial smart door lock inspection center in a 30,000-square-meter smart lock production base. The Be-Tech testing center is China’s largest and most advanced enterprise-owned smart lock testing laboratory. The testing apparatus is state-of-the-art, the testing materials are thorough, and the testing standards are greater than those in the Chinese smart lock market.

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