Auto-Unlock: How Does Smart Lock Work?

Smart locks have revolutionized the way we secure our homes and enhanced the convenience of access control. With advancements in technology, traditional locks are being replaced by intelligent and automated systems that offer greater flexibility and security. One such innovation is the auto-unlock feature in smart locks. Let’s explore more about auto-unlock in this article.

How Does The Smart Lock Auto-Unlock?

As you know, smart locks are innovative devices that utilize cutting-edge technology to provide secure access control. They usually use wireless communication such as Bluetooth and WiFi to link with mobile phones. With powerful smart lock technology, users can unlock the door remotely.

Auto-unlock is a feature offered by many smart locks and relies on several different technologies in your phone including WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Automatically unlocks the door when an authorized user approaches the door. It eliminates the need for physical interaction with the lock, making the entry process more convenient and efficient.

WiFi Deadbolt
WiFi Deadbolt

How Does The Traditional Lock Work?

The core component of a traditional lock is the key. The key is a unique metal device with ridges, notches, and grooves that match the internal operations of the lock. The keyway, on the other hand, refers to the specific opening or channel within the lock where the key is inserted.

When the correct key is inserted into the lock, the key pins and driver pins align along the shear line, allowing the plug to rotate freely to unlock.

Compare Smart Locks With Traditional Locks

As technology advances, smart locks have emerged as a modern alternative to traditional locks. Why have smart locks become more and more popular?


Traditional locks have long been recognized as a reliable means of securing your home and possessions. But traditional keys are easy to be copied, so there is a potential security risk. The smart lock adopts a keyless form, which enhances overall protection to a certain extent.

Authentication Methods

Smart locks often incorporate advanced authentication methods, such as biometric recognition (fingerprint or facial recognition) or PIN codes, in addition to traditional key-based access. These additional layers of authentication make it harder for unauthorized individuals to gain entry.

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

Smart locks enable homeowners to remotely monitor and control access to their properties. They can get real-time notifications concerning door activity, such as when the door is opened or closed. This allows for better monitoring and immediate response to any security concerns.

Temporary Access and User Management

Smart locks allow you to provide temporary access to visitors or acquaintances without the need for actual keys. Homeowners can supply unique digital keys or PIN numbers that expire after a certain amount of time. This reduces the danger of illegal access by eliminating the requirement for key duplication or rekeying.

Electronic Door Lock
Electronic Door Lock

Bulk Order Smart Locks In Be-Tech

Be-Tech is a premier smart apartment lock supplier with more than 30 years of experience. We are committed to providing professional smart lock solutions for different types of families, allowing you to experience a smart and convenient life.

Be-Tech also has a professional R&D team. Our smart locks have been rigorously tested and can operate normally under extreme temperatures. If you want to order Be-Tech smart locks in large quantities, don’t worry about production and logistics issues. Our strong integrated production lines and precision manufacturing equipment ensure that orders are completed on time.

Besides, we have several types of smart locks, including smart deadbolt lock, Fingerprint Digital Door Lock, key card lock, WiFi door lock. One of the features of our smart locks is the ability to share expiration codes with guests and unlock them remotely, eliminating the need for visitors to wait outside the door. If you are interested in it, browse our website for more product details.


Smart locks will play an increasingly important part in our lives as technology advances, making our houses smarter and more safe. Choose a smart lock to give your home a security guarantee.

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