Gun Safe Vs Regular Safe: What Is The Difference?

Safe storage of guns and expensive things is critical, causing many people to purchase safes. However, choosing the right type of safe requires careful consideration. This article delves into the differences between gun safes and regular safes to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.


The primary distinction between a gun safe and a regular safe lies in their intended use. A gun safe is a customized environment that is particularly built to keep weapons securely, addressing the unique demands of gun owners. Gun safes generally come with specific gun racks or positions that can secure guns in a convenient and safe place.

On the other hand, a regular safe is designed with a broader purpose, catering to the protection of a variety of valuable items such as documents, jewelry, cash, and more. A regular safe may provide security, but it may lack the particular features necessary for appropriate handgun storage.

Finger Print Gun Safe

Finger Print Gun Safe

Security Features

Their safety features are also a top concern. Gun safes are designed with a strong focus on theft resistance combined with specialized features to protect firearms. This includes reinforced structures, advanced locking mechanisms, and sometimes biometric access controls. While regular safes provide protection, they may not be as sophisticated in avoiding theft.

Level Of Protection

Gun safes frequently have additional fire and waterproofing capabilities to safeguard weapons in the event of a fire or flood. Gun safes are often built with materials that can resist greater temperatures for longer periods of time. Additionally, the seals and locking mechanisms are designed to keep water out, ensuring the contents remain intact even in adverse conditions.

While regular safes may also offer some level of fire and waterproofing, their primary focus may not be on the specific needs of firearms. Gun safes, as a result, add an extra degree of safety for your firearms in the event of an emergency.

Cost Considerations

Cost is also one of the most significant differences between gun safes and regular safes. Because gun safes are designed with sturdier materials, they cost more than regular safes. Regular safes are more versatile and may be more economical. At the same time, they do not provide as much protection and are best suited for keeping smaller goods. Consider the value of the objects being held and select a more cost-effective safe depending on your requirements.

Small Fingerprint Gun Safe

Small Fingerprint Gun Safe

Advantages Of Be-Tech ST1 Handgun Safe

Be-Tech is a prestigious smart door lock manufacturer, not only specializing in producing high-quality smart locks but also in the best fingerprint gun safe. Here are some advantages of the Be-Tech ST1 Handgun Safe:

High Security: The ST1 handgun safe may be unlocked using both a key code and a fingerprint. You can set a 4 to 6-digit simple password to quickly unlock it on weekdays. In addition, we offer a scramble mechanism that allows you to re-enter your password in an emergency. An alert will also be raised for entering an incorrect password. Fingerprint unlocking is undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient way to access firearms in emergencies.

Sturdy Design: The ST1 electronic gun safe has pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom to secure it in a convenient and secure place. Meanwhile, we employ a robust 12-gauge steel structure for increased durability and protection. Simultaneously, the interior is lined with soft foam to avoid scratching.

Advanced Features: The ST1 handgun safe supports NFC, giving consumers a cutting-edge and practical experience. If the battery goes out, we can quickly charge and access it by just placing the smartphone on the gun safe using our software (Cloud Locker) and the NFC capability of the smartphone. Additionally, the Cloud Locker app helps us manage which smartphone users have access to the gun safe.

Convenient And Fast: The ST1 gun safe with biometric lock has an inbuilt LED light for excellent visibility that illuminates immediately when opened and lasts up to 30 seconds. It closes when the sale closes. Not only that, the top cover will pop up automatically when unlocked, which can reduce the time of taking out the gun. The key code with a raised button for blind operation is the best feature.

Backup Solution: When you move the battery cover sideways and press to expel the battery compartment, you can easily replace your old battery. In addition, when the battery is exhausted or other situations occur, the Type-C emergency charging port and mechanical key of the ST1 Handgun safe are backup solutions.


The decision between a gun safe and a regular safe is based on your unique demands and circumstances. Understanding the differences will guide you toward the safe that best aligns with your priorities, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings. Choose Be-Tech ST1 Handgun Safe to improve your handgun safety now!

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