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In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, the concept of home security has undergone a significant transformation. Traditional locks are being phased out in favor of modern smart lock systems that provide convenience, efficiency, and increased security. If you are looking for a reliable smart lock partner, please keep reading this article.

Background Of Be-Tech

Among the numerous alternatives on the market, Be-Tech stands out as a trustworthy smart lock partner, offering cutting-edge technology to protect your home or company.

  • We set up in 1992 and specialized in providing electronic locks for the hotel industry. In 1999, we rapidly developed and became the only iB lock manufacturer designated by Dallas Semiconductor in China.
  • Besides, Be-Tech was dubbed the “Chinese High-tech Enterprise” around the turn of the twentieth century. To grow the secure electronic industry, we began working with Italy’s top furniture maker.
  • Our main products passed the RoHS certification. We provided electronic cabinet locks for the Beijing Olympic “Water Cube” venue in 2008.
  • Be-Tech was recognized Asia Pacific Hotel Association Recommended Brand in 2010 and became China’s Best Electronic Lock Supplier.
  • We constantly monitor the market and so received Country Garden’s strategic collaboration award. In the same year, it passed the UL fire testing.

Electronic Fingerprint Lock

Electronic Fingerprint Lock

Be-Tech Smart Lock Products

Be-Tech’s smart lock devices combine security and sophistication From traditional keyless entry to more advanced biometric authentication, a variety of options are available to meet different consumer needs. Hotel smart locks and home smart locks are the main types we produce.

Home Smart Lock

Here are the benefits of Be-Tech home smart locks:

Multiple Access Methods – No matter which model of home smart lock it is, it has multiple access methods, including smartphone, PIN code, fingerprint, RFID card, etc. At the same time, each smart lock will include a mechanical key for speedy unlocking in an emergency.

Different Unlocking Methods

Model Smart Phone PIN Code RFID Card Fingerprint Mechanical Key


High Security – When the automatic locking function is activated, the screen will automatically lock after 4 seconds. You may also set the auto-lock time between 3 and 30 seconds if necessary. There’s also a scrambling feature, which allows you to enter random numbers before or after the correct access code. You can also check your lock history at any time to see a list of users, assigned codes, and the time of each entry. Receive real-time notifications when someone enters your house.

Fast And Convenient – You can share codes with friends and guests that are valid for weeks, hours, or minutes, and revoke them when needed. Furthermore, you may remotely unlock your door at any time and from any location, ensuring that visitors are never kept waiting outside.

Backup – When you forget to replace the battery, you can power the lock with a backup power source.

Hotel Smart Lock

Be-Tech BASE RFID Electronic Hotel Lock and Be-Tech Wireless Online Electronic Lock are the main products of hotel smart locks. Here are the benefits of them:

Be-Tech Base RFID Electronic Hotel Lock It is a self-contained electronic lock using RFID technology and is made of sturdy stainless steel. Meanwhile, it is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, with a typical lifespan of up to 9 months. Not only that, but this door lock complies with ADA standards. It features an emergency release mechanism. In an emergency, the latch retracts automatically via an internal handle for a simple return.

Be-Tech Wireless Online Electronic Lock Be-Tech Wireless Online Electronic Lock is a door lock chosen by many hotel industries. It has a complete hotel system to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Its visitor cards and MasterCard cards can both be revoked from a single site. If the card key is lost, the card can be set up easily and efficiently. Guest key cards can be automatically assigned to different rooms by the front desk without having to be recorded at the front desk.  Additionally, guests can extend their stay by phoning the front desk without having to recode their cards. Finally, offline card issuance provides property with a backup solution in the case of a network breakdown.

Hotel Safe Lock

Hotel Safe Lock

Advantages Of Choosing Be-Tech

Be-Tech smart locks are designed with state-of-the-art security features to ensure maximum protection for your property.  Our test equipment inventory is also among the most extensive in the market, the test content is extensive, and the test requirements are far greater than China’s smart lock industry norms. Additionally, Be-Tech’s global reach is a testament to its reputation and reliability. We have sold more than 2,000,000 sets of products overseas and have more than 250 special dealers and more than 300 dealers. At the same time, we received over 90 patent certificates and over 50 certifications. This broad coverage means that our goods and support services are available to you no matter where you are. Therefore, choosing us as your smart lock partner is ideal.

Latest Developments

We are continually developing new goods and seek to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Our newly created device, the Digital Cylindrical Latch Lock R8, offers four access control options including Bluetooth key, fingerprint, PIN code, and mechanical key. It uses one-click fingerprint verification technology to conveniently and quickly read fingerprints in one go. Whenever any operation is performed, the LED indicator light will inform you what is happening through different colors and symbols. Furthermore, the ST1 Handgun Safe is a novel product. The ST1 Pistol Safe assists you in correctly storing your pistol and protecting it from inadvertent access by youngsters. It gives you various options to simply and rapidly access your guns, papers, and other valuables. Whether it is an existing product or a newly launched product, Be-Tech continuously responds to the dynamic needs of consumers and provides customers with good quality products.

Gun Safe Electronic Lock

Gun Safe Electronic Lock


Be-Tech is committed to unlocking new possibilities and establishing the benchmark for what a trusted smart lock partner should be as smart home technology advances. If you are looking for a reliable smart lock partner, look no further than us!

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