How Secure Are Digital Door Locks?

In a rapidly advancing digital age, even the simplest aspects of our lives have been touched by technology. Door locks are no exception. In this post, we will go through digital door locks and discuss how safe they are.

Types Of Digital Door Locks

Traditional door locks are being replaced by different digital door locks as the globe embraces the era of smart technology. The following are the most common types of digital door locks:

Keypad Locks

Keypad digital door locks are among the simplest and most widely recognized forms of digital security. These locks require users to input a unique PIN code to gain access. Keypad locks are well-known for their simplicity and convenience to homeowners. However, their security depends heavily on the complexity of the PIN code and the robustness of the lock’s anti-tampering mechanisms.

Biometric Locks

Biometric digital door locks use unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, and even facial recognition to grant access. The fingerprint lock is one of the most common types. Biometric locks offer a high level of security due to the personalizing nature of biometric features. Additionally, biometric data needs to be stored securely and encrypted to prevent identity theft.

Bluetooth And Smartphone-Controlled Locks

Bluetooth and smartphone-controlled digital door locks are gaining popularity due to their seamless integration with modern lifestyles. They frequently include features like temporary guest access, activity logs, and remote locking or unlocking. This type of lock relies on a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to communicate.

RFID Card Locks

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is another way to enhance door security. RFID card locks use a card or fob with an embedded RFID chip to grant access. When a card or key is brought close to a lock, it interacts with the lock’s reader, allowing entrance.  RFID card locks are commonly used for access control in commercial environments due to their convenience and ease of use.

RFID Door Lock

RFID Door Lock

Advantages Of Digital Door Locks

In this day and age of technological advancement, digital door locks bring several benefits over traditional locks. Here are some major advantages of digital door locks offer:

Convenience And Keyless Entry

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of digital door locks is the convenience they offer. Physical keys are no longer required with keyless access. With a digital door lock, entering your home is as easy as entering a code, using your fingerprint, or tapping your smartphone.

User Management And Access Control

Digital door locks make it simple to provide temporary access to family members, friends, and visitors. These temporary access permissions have an expiration date and can be withdrawn if required. Never worry about keys being lost, stolen, or duplicated again. At the same time, you may unlock your door from anywhere at any time and never have people wait at your door again.

Remote Monitoring And Control

Remote monitoring and control are possible with digital door locks. Smartphone-controlled locks allow you to check the status of your lock, lock or unlock it remotely, and receive real-time notifications when someone enters or leaves your house. This function is critical for homeowners who wish to keep their homes safe when traveling for work or pleasure. You may check the locking history of the door lock at any moment, as well as the user list, assigned codes, and each entrance time.

Digital Deadbolt

Digital Deadbolt

Is It Safe To Use Digital Door Locks?

In fact, digital door locks are safe. However, the level of security it provides depends on the type and quality of the lock. Different types of digital locks provide distinct advantages and security features. What all of these digital door locks have in common is that they help create an efficient and convenient security system for you and your family.

If you are hesitating about which type of digital door locks to choose, Be-Tech can help you. We are a well-known digital door lock company in China, with more than 30 years of production experience. Our lock body is made of tough materials and has passed the life test of 800,000 times, and the test requirements are eight times that of the Chinese national standard. We offer numerous access modes for locks like the K6FMT and K5FMT models, unlocking not just by smartphone, but also by PIN code, RFID card, and fingerprint. It may also be unlocked with a mechanical key in an emergency. Therefore, it has become the multi-functional digital door lock that most house owners will choose.

What If There Is A Power Outage?

Be-Tech’s digital door lock is powered by batteries, so even if the power goes out, the lock will still work. In addition, the lock can be powered from backup power when you forget to change the batteries. While a power outage could compromise an electronic door lock, battery-powered locks are safe in this situation.


Digital door locks are an effective way to keep your home safe. Choosing the appropriate and high-quality digital door lock may help to increase security. In addition to digital door locks, we offer other products to improve your home security. If you are interested in it, please visit our website and browse more product details!

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