Business Case: Be-Tech Hotel Room Safes For 5-star Luxury Hotel Rixos Borovoe

Rixos Borovoe: A 5-star Luxury Resort on Lake Schuchye

Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of Borovoe National Park in Kazakhstan, Rixos Borovoe is a 5-star luxury resort that offers guests an unparalleled experience. Surrounded by lush pine forests and situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Schuchye, this resort provides a tranquil escape where travelers can unwind, rejuvenate, and immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery.


At Rixos Borovoe, guests are treated to world-class amenities and services. The resort features elegant accommodations with scenic views, gourmet dining options showcasing international and local cuisines, a full-service spa and wellness center, and a wide range of leisure activities. Whether you want to explore the hiking trails, hiking, fishing, tennis, and open-air yoga against the backdrop of the beautiful lake, or simply relax by the pool, Rixos Borovoe has something for everyone.


With its idyllic location, luxurious facilities, and commitment to exceptional hospitality, Rixos Borovoe is the ultimate destination for discerning travelers seeking a memorable getaway in the heart of Kazakhstan’s natural wonders.


However, while immersed in this natural paradise, the last thing guests want to worry about is the safety of their belongings. That’s why this 5-star hotel has chosen to equip each guest room with a state-of-the-art electronic hotel safe to secure valuables, providing complete peace of mind and ensuring a worry-free stay for all visitors.


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Why are Hotel Room Safes Essential for Hotels?

Nowadays, hotel room safes have become a standard amenity that guests expect, especially at high-end properties. Providing a secure place for travelers to store valuables like passports, jewelry, cash, and electronics demonstrates a commitment to guest satisfaction and security. Guest room safes not only give guests convenience and peace of mind, but also minimize the risk of theft and liability for the hotel.


When selecting commercial in-room safes for hotels, hotels must prioritize both security features and ease of use. The hotel safe should have a solid steel construction, a reliable locking mechanism, and an audit trail or emergency override capability for hotel staff to assist guests if needed. At the same time, the electronic hotel safe must be intuitive for guests to operate with clear instructions.


Be-Tech Harmony Series: The Ideal Hotel Safe Solution

Rixos Borovoe has chosen to install the Be-Tech Harmony series electronic hotel safes in all guest rooms. These advanced safes offer the perfect blend of security, convenience, and sleek design to complement any room decoration.

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Digital LED Hotel Safe Box – Harmony


Key features of the Be-Tech Harmony hotel safe include:

  • ashionable design with solid steel bolt hinges for durability
  • Laptop compatibility up to 17″ in the Harmony 5HL model
  • Illuminated blue keypad and inside light and carpet for guest convenience
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries and easy mechanical key override in case of safe failure
  • ADA-compliant telephone-style keypad with LED display for setting custom 4-9 digit guest codes
  • Industry-leading audit trail system to record up to 300 events, easily accessible using the handheld service unit (HSU)
  • Revolutionary locking system with double deadbolt mechanism and door-body integrated design for maximum security and minimum crack between door and body


The Harmony series digital LED hotel safe box is available in a range of sizes (1HL, 3HL, 5HL) and has optional features like an internal power outlet to suit different room configurations and guest needs. The included Handheld Service Unit (HSU) allows hotel staff to quickly set up and service the safes, print detailed audit logs, synchronize settings across multiple safes, and securely override them if needed.


With its advanced security features, flexible options, and handheld service unit, the Be-Tech digital LED hotel safe box offers an economical and user-friendly in-room safe solution for hotels to help protect guests’ valuables.


commercial in room safe for hotel


Expert Installation and Support 

To ensure a smooth deployment of the Be-Tech Harmony electronic hotel safes, Rixos Borovoe has taken advantage of Be-Tech’s expert installation services and staff training. Be-Tech’s experienced technicians have professionally installed and tested each digital LED hotel safe box, while training hotel staff on operation and troubleshooting.


With global installations in leading hotel brands, Be-Tech has a proven track record of supplying reliable, secure, and stylish in-room safes backed by responsive customer support. Hotels can trust Be-Tech’s over 32 years of experience and commitment to innovation in the hotel security technology space.


Final Thoughts

At a luxury resort like Rixos Borovoe, every detail of the guest experience matters. By providing electronic hotel safes in each guest room, the property not only meets guest expectations but also demonstrates an elevated level of care and hospitality.


With valuables secured in a Be-Tech digital LED hotel safe box, guests can more fully enjoy their stay – exploring the scenic hiking trails, rejuvenating with a spa treatment, savoring gourmet cuisine, and taking in the spectacular lake views. The little touches, like a thoughtfully designed in-room safe, help create lasting positive impressions and guest loyalty.


For hoteliers looking to upgrade their guest room security solutions, Be-Tech’s Harmony series electronic hotel safes offer an ideal balance of advanced technology, ease of use, and elegant design to complement any property while giving guests ultimate peace of mind. If you are looking for high-performance commercial in-room safes for your next hotel projects, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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