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Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Polytechnic is one of the earliest institutions in China to independently hold higher vocational and technical education. Since the establishment of the school, the people of Shenzhen Polytechnic have worked hard, pioneered and forged ahead, and constantly innovated in education and teaching concepts, school-running systems, and personnel training models, creating many firsts in China’s higher vocational education.

The Major Need For Shenzhen Polytechnic

During the consultation process, Shenzhen Polytechnic hoped to obtain electronic door locks suitable for campus dormitories, which would help reduce operating costs. Here are some of their needs for an ideal electronic door lock:

  • Assist in the management of large campus dormitories
  • Provides a simplified visitor management method
  • It has a complete and efficient electronic door lock system, which can track and monitor and monitor in real-time at any time to improve security
  • Offline backup is provided, and in the event of an emergency, it may be unlocked with a mechanical key

Wireless Door Locks: An Automatic Management Model

Facing the demand of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Be-Tech provides this High Security Electronic Lock for this purpose. Whether it is a hotel, an industrial building, or a dormitory, this door lock is the best choice. It can achieve autonomous management not only through remote monitoring but also by removing the time-consuming procedure of physical keys, reducing time and labor expenses.

Wireless Card Access Lock

Wireless Card Access Lock

Benefits Of Wireless Keycard System 

Wireless Keycard System has several advantages, making them more popular in both residential and business settings. Here are some of the key benefits of Wireless Keycard System:

Convenience: Wireless door lock systems eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten. Users can access secured areas using their smartphones, mechanical keys, or access cards. This eliminates the need to carry and manage traditional keys.

Remote Access: One of the standout advantages of wireless door lock systems is the ability to control access remotely. The administrator can remotely monitor and manage the door lock status through the mobile phone application or computer. As a result, there is no need to organize a large number of people to individually examine each campus dormitory, which minimizes staff expenses and saves time.

Activity Tracking: Activity tracking through the network, observing activity logs, and real-time monitoring at any time. This functionality is extremely useful for security monitoring and auditing. Furthermore, if the card key is lost, this door lock also provides a backup solution for the property in case of network failure. The system stores an audit trail of the most recent access events, avoiding the need to do readings one by one.

Emergency Situations: This door lock allows all doors to be opened from a central location in the event of a fire, aiding in quick evacuation or emergency response. To a certain extent, the safety of personnel is guaranteed.

High Security Electronic Lock

High Security Electronic Lock

Wireless Access Control Door Lock: Make Management More Efficient

Be-Tech’s wireless door lock is not only suitable for dormitory management but also for hotel management. It offers a full wireless entry system to assure corporate and people safety in all aspects. Managers only need to lock or unlock the door through a simple remote operation. Each lock can support up to 80 online key cards. A LoRa gateway can connect up to 48 locks, which is very suitable for enterprises that want to simplify large-scale management.


If you are seeking an integrated solution for smart door control, please contact Be-Tech without hesitation! We are committed to providing a variety of wireless locks to meet the needs of different people. Trust us and upgrade your wireless lock system now!

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