Swissôtel Wellness Resort Alatau Almaty – Kazakhstan

Location: Kazakhstan

Project type: Hotel

Hotel door locks are the first hotel furniture guests encounter when they reach their room and often the last thing they interact with when they leave your hotel. And, as the manager of a high-end hotel and resort with rich experience, you also may notice the importance of a reliable electronic hotel door lock system. It is a major source that causes the guests anxiety about the security, ease-of-use, guest experience, and reliability.

To solve the above problem and help high-end hotels create an equivalent security system, Be-Tech has launched a series of high security commercial door locks and helped thousands of high-end hotels or resorts create the right commercial door lock system.

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is one of our clients. In the following sections, the author would introduce how we help our client to select the right commercial electronic keyless door locks.

Background Introduction

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts, also called Swissôtel, is a Swiss chain of luxury hotels, it operates 37 properties in 17 countries and the chain is owned by Accor.

Furthermore, the hotel chain put the satisfaction of the guest first place and manage to create a high-end environment for their guests.

Regarding to the the Swissôtel’s subsidiary hotel which named Swissôtel Wellness Resort Alatau Almaty’s market position, there are presidential suites and VIP suites in the resort. The presidential suites are used for hosting the president and his/her family. These rooms are more extravagant than the normal and VIP guest room and are equipped with security devices, like the anti-eavesdrop.

Hotel door locks 2
Hotel door locks 2

Key Needs of the Swissôtel Wellness Resort Alatau Almaty

Swissôtel Wellness Resort Alatau Almaty owner comes with a high requirements for consulting our commercial door lock system, we find that our commercial door lock system perfectly meet the luxury five-star hotel major desires :

1. Suit to its luxury five-star market positioning.

2. Need a customized hotel door lock system.

3. Has extremely high security and is suitable to apply to residential suites and VIP suites.

Recommended Product

According to the above requirements, Be-Tech recommends the following products to help the luxury resort improve and perfect its electronic hotel door lock system.


The GUARDIAN RFID G1 series electronic hotel room door locks are suggested to be installed in classic rooms. First, this series of electronic hotel room door locks are specially designed for the luxury hotel, so it has well-looking outside escutcheon and handles. Meanwhile, it also has fabulous functions. It is not only certificated with international certifications such as CE, ANSI/BHMA, UL, etc but is also equipped with the most flexible platform to be compatible with future All-in-one card applications. Second, these stand-alone electronic hotel room door locks with RFID technology are one the fired listed for usage on fire doors (EN). Therefore, it can be regarded as the perfect combination between beauty and function. Third, they are highly durable. They have die-casting handles with long-lasting painting finish and 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an antifriction mechanism.


This series of hotel room electronic door locks are the ideal accessing solution for presidential suites. The hotel room electronic door locks are the latest electronic locks. And, during the design process, the designer adheres to the principle of “The sparkling bright spot, not just the looks.” The hotel room electronic door locks not only can well splendid into the style of the hotel environment but also help the hotel create high security hotel electronic door lock system. The hotel room electronic door locks are mainly constructed with high-security stainless steel mortise lock case and stainless steel handle. Moreover, they have 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism, and the physical mortise is equipped with a 20mm throw high strength deadbolt.

In addition, you can find advanced anti-hack technology in this series of hotel room electronic door locks. It is the main reason why it could be the best option for deluxe and executive suites. Different from other brand hotels’ electronic door lock systems, Be-Tech hotel room electronic door locks reject the re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon. Therefore, the possibility of the hotel electronic door lock hack is greatly reduced. Also, this technology only can be found in the Be-Tech electronic hotel room door locks. It could put more difficult for hackers to intrude into the guest rooms.


All in all, these two types of commercial door locks not simply provide guests with the most convenience but help hotels construct higher security hotel electronic door lock systems. But, installing or updating the hotel electronic door locks is a considerable investment. It is important to select the right hotel electronic door locks. And if you have no idea to construct an electronic hotel door lock system for your hotel, you could consult Be-Tech, the specialist and the supplier of the commercial keyless door locks.

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