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Are you finding elegant and classic electronic door locks for your newly-building business hotel? Are you still get trouble with the design of the security system for your business hotel? Fortunately, Be-Tech is a specialist in hotel security systems for business hotels and has helped thousands of business hotels from all over the world build up their hotel electronic door lock system.

In this post, the author would give a case —- Wyndham Days Suites Bengaluru to illustrate how we service our clients.

Background Introduction

The Wyndham Days Suites Bengaluru is a Indian business hotel. The hotel has a good location and complete service facilities. When they start with the business, they put all effort into providing the guest with a satisfied hotel experience. The hotel is designed with a thoughtful layout design. And, the hotel also has friendly front desk staff and knowledgeable concierges on standby for anything their guest needs. Then, the design of an electronic hotel door lock system is one of the best examples of they put the guest into the priority.


Key Needs of Wyndham Days Suites Bengaluru

During the consulting process, Wyndham Days Suites Bengaluru’s owner wants to get a type of hotel electronic door lock that can help build a convenient and thoughtful hotel environment, so as to give their guests a good and comfortable hotel experience. Be-Tech is glad to find that our electronic door lock for hotels perfectly matches their aims. In the following section, the author would list some of their needs for the hotel room electronic door locks.

1. The hotel room electronic door locks should help build up an accessible public entrance

2. The hotel room electronic door locks should have modern security features.

3. The hotel room electronic door locks should have an excellent design to be in line with the hotel’s positioning.

electronic door lock manufacturers
electronic door lock manufacturers

Looking through the product catalog, Be-Tech finds this VISUAL series hotel room electronic door locks perfectly meet the Wyndham Days Suites Bengaluru needs. Here are the major features of it.

vision 2 rfid 03
vision 2 rfid 03

●Hotel Room Electronic Door Locks: Excellent Design

The design of the hotel room electronic door locks is excellent in both aesthetics and function. In the aesthetic aspect, this series of hotel room electronic door locks is specially designed for modem and fashionable hotels. It has sophisticated black velvet color and a simple door handle design. In the function aspect, the hotel room electronic door locks are ADA compliant. Therefore, this series of hotel room electronic door locks provide someone who has movement difficulties with the most convenience in the operation. Moreover, this series of hotel room electronic door locks can help the hotel build up an accessible entrance system in the hotel and let the guests can movement without effort.

●Hotel Room Electronic Door Locks: Advanced Security Features

Be-Tech’s hotel room electronic door locks have not a pretty face but also reliable functions. First, this hotel room electronic door locks utilize RFID technology, which provides a contactless and secure means of access control. This stand-alone RFID technology helps prevent unauthorized access attempts and ensures that only individuals with the appropriate RFID credentials can enter the room.

Second, the hotel room electronic door locks feature a completely sealed contactless module, which enhances security by protecting the internal components from tampering or unauthorized access.

Third, the hotel room electronic door locks have strong and high-security mortise lockcase which have been approved by CE and ANSI/BHMA standards.

Fourth, the hotel room electronic door locks have 3-point stainless steel latch construction. The lock mechanism includes a 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism. This provides enhanced security by distributing the force applied to the lock evenly across multiple points, making it more difficult to manipulate or break. By the way, the mechanical override cylinder is available in this series of hotel room electronic door locks.

●Hotel Room Electronic Door Locks: Forward-Looking Modern Management Features

First, the hotel room electronic door locks adopt advanced 13, 56MHz technology ensuring compatibility with the ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE) standard. This future-proof technology enables seamless integration with existing and upcoming RFID systems, allowing hotels to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Second, 11 free sectors are available in the hotel room electronic door locks. Hotels can leverage these sectors to develop all-in-one card functionalities, such as access to additional services or facilities, without requiring guests to carry multiple cards. Third, the hotel room electronic door locks have built-in re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory, so the hoteliers can upgrade the whole door lock system without replacing the door lock in the future.


All in all, if you want to build up an advanced, reliable, and forward-looking electronic security door lock system, you can take the VISUAL series hotel room electronic door locks into consideration. It would not let you down in the security and management aspects.

Be-Tech is reckoned as one of the best electronic door lock manufacturers in China because it has rich experience in hotel electronic door locks and a stable product supply.

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