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Project type: Hotel

Pacing the economy, many ways of entertainment also get developed. Especially in the epidemic, more and more people are eager to go outside to have an enjoyable time. Then, the spa resorts also become more popular, because spa resorts not only provide the visitors with a relatively broad social space but also let the visitors relax in the resort. More and more tourism companies turn to build spa resorts. Be-Tech also happens to help some spa resorts build projects to design the advanced commercial electronic door lock system.

In this post, the author would take one of our projects as an example, WYNDHAM THANH THUY, to clearly illustrate how we help clients to find the right keyless entry door locks for their projects.

Commercial Door Lock System Project: Background Introduction

The WYNDHAM THANH THUY, located in Vietnam, is a spa resort with accommodation, food, and entertainment, adopting a utility ecosystem with international five-star standards. This spa resort is invested by Onsen Fuji Corporation and run by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Then, WYNDHAM THANH THUY has not only an international conference center with 3000 seats but also a pedestrian street with various experiences of Japanese culture.

electronic hotel door lock system 1
electronic hotel door lock system 1


After finishing the full communication with our client, we find that our electronic keyless door locks may be the ideal security solution for spa resorts. Be-Tech’s products could fulfill the following key needs of spa resorts.

1.Hi Security. Able to ensure the personal safety and property of residents.

2. Fashionable Design. Meet the five-star hotel standard and well match the resort-style.

3. Convenience in Accessing.


After fully understanding their fantasy about a hotel electronic door lock system, Be-Tech highly recommends the following product to help the resort create a reliable keyless door lock system.

SHADOW II Rfid Door Lock
SHADOW II Rfid Door Lock


●This SHADOW II rfid door lock has high security in physical structure and safety technology. In the physical structure, it is composed of the DIN version mortise lock case, stainless steel handle, and 20mm throw high strength deadbolt. And, high security mechanical override cylinder is used in the rfid door lock. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism. Because of these sturdy components, the keyless entry door lock can withstand violent intrusion. In the safety technology, the SHADOW II keyless entry door lock is designed to be a stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology, which would not be affected by other factors.

●SHADOW II rfid door lock has a forward-looking door lock design and electronic door lock function. Be-Tech SHADOW II RFID series is well match for the contemporary and modern hotel environment. Two colors of metal finishes are available in the rfid door lock: silver and matte black. It improves the overall image of the corridor with the aesthetic design which perfectly blends into the hotel decoration style.

By the way, under the design concept of “Less element on the door, Always is more”, the electronic door lock designer designs the SHADOW II RFID series rfid door lock to offer architects and designers maximum design freedom and minimum appearance on the door in terms of preserving the door aesthetics. As for the electronic door lock function, it has the re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory to ensure the door lock meets future security needs. Also, it has eleven free sectors for future all-in-one card application use.

●SHADOW II rfid door lock is user-friendly. First, the rfid door lock meets the specification of ADA compliant. Therefore, the rfid door lock put no operation difficulty for those who have physical difficulties. In other words, rfid door lock is able to ensure convenient access for all guests. Second, it has the panic release function. The panic release function means that the deadbolt and latch in the rfid security door locks are automatically retracted by the inside handle to let the guests easy to escape in case of an emergency situation. Third, it is compatible with the BIS Hotel software platform. Cooperated with BIS hotel software, it provides the spa resort’s staff with the most management convenience.


SHADOW II rfid door lock is a type of ideal commercial door lock for spa resorts. Without much exaggeration to say, the SHADOW II rfid door lock is the perfect combination between security, aesthetics, and accessing convenience.

Be-Tech is a comprehensive China commercial door lock manufacturer, always focusing on research and manufacturing high security commercial door locks for hotels, resorts, commercial buildings, etc.

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