Commercial Keyless Door Locks

If a business is looking to upgrade its security, then commercial keyless door locks are the perfect solution. Keyless entry systems have increased their popularity in recent years and offer a range of advantages over traditional keyed locks. 

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Keyless locks provide convenience, faster access control, increased security, and lower installation costs than traditional lock-and-key systems. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at the different types of keyless entry door locks for businesses and any commercial applications and the benefits these locks can provide for businesses.

What are Keyless Commercial Door Locks

Keyless commercial door locks are electronic locks that can be opened and closed without the need for a traditional mechanical key. These locks utilize a variety of different technologies, such as keypads, biometric scanners, or proximity sensors, to authenticate the user and grant access to the door.

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Unlike traditional key-based locks, commercial keyless locks provide a higher level of security and convenience. With keyless locks, there is no danger of losing a key or having it stolen, which can compromise the security of the building. Instead, authorized individuals can access the building using a personal code, fingerprint scan, or other authentication methods that is unique to them.

Keyless commercial door locks also provide a greater level of flexibility and control for building managers and business owners. For example, they can easily set up access codes for employees or temporary contractors and revoke access at any time. They can also monitor and track who is entering and exiting the building, which can help improve security and accountability.

Types of Commercial Keyless Door Locks

There are several types of commercial keyless entry door locks available in the market. Some of the most common types include:

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Keypad Door Locks

Keypad locks are a popular type of keyless commercial door lock that uses a numerical code entered on a keypad to unlock the door. The keypad door lock for business can be either a physical keypad that is mounted on the door or a touchscreen keypad that is integrated into the lock itself. One of the main advantages of keypad locks is that they are easy to use and can be quickly installed on any door without the need for complicated wiring or hardware.

Smart Door Locks

Smart locks are a type of commercial keyless door lock that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to communicate with a smartphone app. This allows users to unlock the door using their phone, eliminating the need for physical keys or codes. Smart locks offer a high level of convenience, as users can quickly and easily unlock the door without fumbling with keys or remembering a code. They also offer a high level of flexibility, as they can be remotely managed and controlled using the smartphone app. 

Biometric Door Locks

A commercial biometric door lock is a type of keyless commercial door lock that uses biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans, to authenticate users and unlock the door. Biometric locks are among the most advanced and secure types of commercial keyless door entry systems available on the market today.

Proximity or RFID Locks

Proximity locks, also known as RFID (radio-frequency identification) locks, are a type of keyless commercial door lock that uses a proximity card or fob to unlock the door. They are popular in commercial and industrial settings, as they offer a high level of security and ease of use. Proximity cards and fobs cannot be easily duplicated or copied, making it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to the building. Additionally, proximity locks can be easily integrated into existing access control systems, allowing for a seamless transition from traditional key-based access systems to keyless access systems.

How Keyless Business Entry Systems Work

Keyless business entry systems typically work by using electronic access control to allow authorized individuals to gain entry to a building or specific areas within it. These systems usually involve the use of a central control panel or computer, which manages the access credentials and controls the locks.

Here are the general stages involved in the operation of keyless business entry systems:

  • Enrollment: The first step in setting up a keyless entry system is to enroll authorized users into the system. This can be done by assigning them a unique access code, providing them with a key card or fob, or scanning their biometric data into the system.
  • Authentication: When a user approaches the door, they will need to authenticate their identity by entering their access code, swiping their key card, or using biometric data.
  • Verification: The access control system verifies the user’s identity against the credentials stored in its database.
  • Granting Access: If the user is authorized, the system will send a signal to the lock to release and allow the door to be opened.
  • Tracking: Keyless door entry systems for businesses can also keep track of who enters and exits the building or specific areas within it. This can be useful for monitoring employee activity, tracking building usage, and investigating security incidents.

Benefits of Commercial Keyless Entry System and Locks

There are many benefits to using a commercial keyless entry system and locks in a business setting. Here are some of the most pertinent advantages:

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  • Enhanced security: A keyless entry system for businesses offers a higher level of security compared to traditional locks and keys. With keyless entry, there are no physical keys to lose or copies to be made, and access can be easily revoked if a keycard is lost or an employee leaves the company.
  • Increased convenience: Keyless building entry systems allow authorized personnel to quickly and easily access the building or specific areas within it without the need for keys. This can save time and increase productivity.
  • Improved tracking and monitoring: A keyless office entry system can provide detailed information on who enters and exits the building or specific areas within it, and when. This data can be useful for tracking employee activity, monitoring building usage, and investigating security incidents.
  • Remote access control: Keyless entry systems can be managed remotely, allowing building managers to grant or revoke access from anywhere at any time. This can be particularly beneficial for establishments with multiple locations or for managers who are frequently on the go.
  • Integration with other security systems: A keyless building entry system can be integrated with other security systems, such as alarms and video surveillance, to provide a comprehensive security solution. This can help businesses prevent and respond to security incidents more effectively.

Importance of Keyless Entry System for Business

Keyless door entry systems for business is an important investment for businesses of all sizes. Some of the key reasons why keyless entry systems are important to include:

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  • Enhanced security: A keyless entry system for buildings offer a high level of security, as they eliminate the need for traditional keys that can be lost, stolen, or copied. By using advanced authentication methods such as biometrics or smart cards, keyless entry systems can ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access the building.
  • Improved access control: Keyless entry systems for buildings offer greater control over who can access the property and when. This can be particularly important for businesses with sensitive areas or valuable assets that require restricted access.
  • Convenience and efficiency: They offer a more convenient and efficient way for employees to access the building. With keyless entry, employees no longer need to carry physical keys or remember access codes, which can save time and minimize the possibility of lost or forgotten keys.
  • Cost savings: Keyless entry systems can help businesses save money by eliminating the need for traditional key-based systems, which can be costly to manage and maintain. Keyless entry systems also offer greater flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to easily add or remove access as needed.
  • Real-time monitoring: Many keyless door entry commercial places offer real-time monitoring and access control features, allowing business owners and managers to track who is entering and exiting the building at all times. This can provide valuable insights into employee behavior and help prevent unauthorized access.

What are the Best Commercial Keyless Door Locks

When discussing the best commercial keyless door locks, these refer to the most effective and efficient locks designed for commercial use. The key factors to consider when determining the best commercial keyless door locks are security, ease of use, and durability. Security is a top priority for any commercial door keyless entry, and the best keyless door locks should provide a high level of security against unauthorized access.

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This can include features such as biometric authentication, multiple access levels, and real-time monitoring. Keyless door locks should be easy for authorized users to access while also being difficult for unauthorized users to breach. The best commercial keyless door locks should be user-friendly, easy to install, and simple to operate.

Commercial keyless door locks are often subject to heavy use, and should be able to withstand regular wear and tear. The best locks should be durable and able to function reliably over time. By taking these factors into consideration, businesses can choose the best commercial keyless door locks to meet their specific security and access control needs.

Features of the Best Commercial Smart Locks

The modern lifestyle has become increasingly dependent on the convenience of smart technology, and doors are no exception. Commercial buildings like companies and apartments now require an additional degree of security and peace of mind in order to ensure that everything, from valuable assets to people, stays safe and secure.

Electronic door locks for businesses offer advanced features that enable them to do just that. Here are some of the most important features of the best commercial smart locks and best locks for apartment doors:

  1. Access Control: This feature enables the owner to control who can access a business by issuing a username and password credentials or by using biometric data to create personalized profiles.
  2.  Notification System: Most commercial smart door locks will provide notifications to the owner or manager about who’s entering or leaving the premises, as well as any tampering attempts that may have been detected. This ensures immediate alert if something unusual is going on.
  3. Safe Lock-out System: Many commercial security door lock systems come with a safe lock-out set-up that prevents unauthorized access even if someone has gained entry using their username and password credentials.
  4. Remote Access: This feature allows the owner or manager to control the locks remotely, wherever they are. This makes it much easier to provide access to visitors or staff when needed and also makes it easy to lock down the premises if there is an emergency.
  5. Tamper Detection: Advanced smart lock for commercial door detects tampering attempts, like drilling and other forms of physical attack, as well as fake credentials. Some even come with built-in surveillance cameras that enable even more precise monitoring of who’s entering and leaving the premises.

3 Recommended Best Commercial Keyless Locks

With a keyless lock, consumers don’t have to worry about lost or stolen keys, as the locks are operated electronically. Below are the 3 of the best commercial keyless locks on the market and what features each one offers. Whether you need a lock for an entrance door, filing cabinet, or safe, or commercial biometric door lock, these locks are designed to keep any business secure with their advanced security features.

Smart Deadbolt

be tech smart deadbolt keyless door locks
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The smart deadbolt is a highly advanced commercial keyless door lock that provides a range of innovative features for the convenience and security of businesses. One of the key features of this lock is its various access solutions, including fingerprint, mobile app, RF card key, or PIN code, providing a flexible and customizable solution for businesses.

The lock also features one-touch fingerprint verification technology, allowing for easy and quick access. The scramble code feature allows for added security by entering random numbers prior to the right code. The automatic locking feature guarantees that the door lock will be locked after opening for a few seconds, while the missing key invalidation ensures that keys can be re-registered if lost. Some digital lock manufacturer have an anti-panic exit system that allows for easy exit in emergencies.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

be tech Fingerprint Digital Door Lock
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A fingerprint digital door lock is an advanced security solution that provides a range of features for secure and convenient access to commercial or residential properties, produced by most smart lock company. One of the key features of this lock is its alarm system that sounds an alarm and lasts for 60 seconds if anyone tries to unlock the lock with an incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code five times.

The commercial keyless door lock also offers various access solutions, including a BLE key, fingerprint, RF card key, or PIN code, for convenient access. The mobile app feature allows users to configure and unlock the lock via mobile phone. The flexible handle operation provides a double lock by the simple lifting of the handle and free turn is available at a 45-degree angle.

The lock also offers remote management, where connecting between Wi-Fi networks and the locks by a gateway can fulfill multiple operations. These smart lock for apartments or other properties also have a mechanical key override for emergencies and a low battery warning signal that alerts users to replace batteries with a continuous beep sound during door access.

Push & Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

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The Push & Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock is another keyless commercial door lock that offers four different ways to access the lock, including fingerprint, app, RF card key, and PIN code, providing users with flexibility and convenience. The one-touch fingerprint verification technology makes it easy to read fingerprints in just one shot. There is a smart door lock factory that offers an automatic locking feature that will lock the door automatically after it has been opened for a few seconds.

Additionally, if owners lose their keys, it will have no validation as long as they re-register the rest of their keys. In case of emergency, the anti-panic exit system allows you to open the door by simply pulling its handle from the inside. If an incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code is entered five times, an alarm will sound and last for 60 seconds.

Update Keyless Commercial Door Locks for Buildings

With the growing demand for security and convenience, it is crucial for businesses to update their commercial door locks to keyless options. A keyless entry commercial door lock provides various benefits, including enhanced security, easy access management, and convenience. 

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Be-Tech is a highly respected manufacturer of different types of commercial door locks that operates out of an ISO-certified factory spanning over 30,000 square meters. The company’s goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and professional solutions. 

With over 30 years of experience, the company’s strict quality inspection process includes 200,000 life tests, which is twice the Chinese quality life test standard. Additionally, the company has high production capability, with integrated production lines and precise manufacturing equipment that can produce high volumes of smart locks and meet bulk orders within the lead time. Contact them to check the array of electronic commercial door lock solutions available.


A keyless entry system for commercial buildings offers a convenient and secure way to manage access control in businesses. They are a great alternative to traditional locks and keys and come with several impressive features such as fingerprint identification, push-pull technology, smart deadbolts, and more. Businesses can now rest assured that their business premises and assets are well protected from unauthorized entry.

Organizations looking to update their keyless door locks for their buildings must make sure they select locks that can meet their specific security requirements, budget, and operational needs. Be-Tech’s electronic commercial door locks for commercial buildings offer a reliable and effective solution for businesses looking to upgrade their access control. Visit their website today to view the different electronic door locks for business.

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