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When it comes to security and access control, one cannot underestimate the importance of reliable and innovative door control solutions. Businesses, hotels, and residential complexes demand cutting-edge technology to efficiently defend their facilities and regulate access in a world where security threats are always growing. In this article, we will delve into the Be-Tech, which is a leading door control solution supplier.

What Are The Three 3 Types Of Access Control?

The three types of access control are:

Mandatory Access Control (MAC): Enforces security policies based on predefined rules.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC): Allows users to control access to their own resources.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Access rights are assigned based on roles within an organization’s hierarchy.

What Is The Most Common Access Control?

The most common access control method is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). RBAC assigns permissions to roles, which in turn are granted to users. This method simplifies management and guarantees that access rights are consistent among users with comparable roles, improving security and efficiency in a variety of systems and organizations.

Be-Tech: Top Access Control System Manufacturer

Founded in 1992, Be-Tech has over 30 years of experience providing advanced door locks and electronic door control solutions. Our company’s journey begins with the objective of developing creative, dependable, and user-friendly goods to fulfill the market’s different demands. Over the years, we have worked hard to realize this vision and become one of the world’s leading control solutions providers for smart door control.

Key Product Offerings

Be-Tech provides a diverse variety of door control systems to address the specific needs of many industries, including hospitality, commercial, residential, and healthcare. Some of our key product offerings include:

Electronic Door Lock

Be-Tech’s electronic door locks are more than just locks, they are sophisticated security solutions that redefine access control. Our electronic door locks generally have multiple access methods, including PIN code, RFID card, fingerprint, smartphone, and mechanical key. Different models of electronic door locks have different access methods. Multiple access methods enable a secure and convenient entry process, reducing the need for physical keys and thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized copying. You may still use a physical key to unlock the door in an emergency.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of our electronic door locks is that they can still function correctly in extreme climates.  For example, the operating temperature range of the K3S smart lock is -35°C to 55°C, the operating temperature range of the K1U Electronic Deadbolt Lock is -20°C to 55°C, etc.

Electronic Safety Door Lock

Hotel Door Lock

Hotel door locks are also products developed by Be-Tech. The Be-Tech Online system is the ideal solution for all types of properties including commercial, public, and industrial buildings. It is an efficient system solution that meets market demands for access control, the latest security features, or upgrading your property operations. It’s flexible and simple to set up, with the ability to audit trails and events through the network. Furthermore, it may be locked or unlocked automatically by easy remote control. Each lock may accept up to 80 online keycards. A LoRa gateway can communicate with up to 48 locks. As a result, it is not only appropriate for hotel management but also for huge dormitory administration.

Wireless Hotel Lock

Wireless Hotel Lock

Advantages Of Be-Tech

Here are some major advantages of Be-Tech:

Cutting Edge Technology

Be-Tech’s commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology is evident across its product portfolio. Our testing center is China’s leading large-scale advanced enterprise smart lock testing laboratory. The number of test equipment is also in the leading position in the industry, the test content is comprehensive, and the test requirements are much higher than China’s smart lock industry standards. We have an exceptional R&D staff dedicated to providing high-quality goods and expert solutions to our clients.


No matter what type of door lock you are looking for, Be-Tech can help you. We provide personalized services, from look design to hardware experimentation, so that we can make the finest smart lock for you while also achieving easy management. This flexibility is invaluable as it ensures you get the right solution for your specific needs.

Global Presence

Be-Tech’s global reach is a testament to its reputation and reliability. We have sold more than 2,000,000 sets of products overseas and have more than 250 special dealers and 300 dealers. At the same time, we got over 90 patent certificates and over 50 certifications. This broad coverage ensures that our products and support services are easily accessible no matter where you are.

Efficient And Diverse Solutions

Whether you are looking for smart home solutions, smart hotel solutions, or campus solutions, we can provide you with suitable door lock solutions. By offering simple yet strong smart door lock systems, we can provide you with dependable protection.


Be-Tech stands out as a dependable and effective door control solution supplier in a world where security and access control are important. Choose Be-Tech for the advanced door control solutions right away!

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