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Smart lock company BE-TECH is an all-in-one wifi lock supplier from China. We offer countless wholesale wifi door lock solutions, as well as key card door entry systems, biometric door knobs, and RFID security locks.

Prominent Wifi Lock Supplier in China

BE-TECH is a prominent smart lock manufacturer in China that supplies wholesale wifi door locks that provide simpler methods of protecting you, your family, and your properties from forced entry or theft. The key to unlocking and locking the door is connectivity. You won’t be bothered about losing your key as your door lock system will be configured to a simple and efficient wifi door lock system.

This system gives you the liberty to remotely unlock and lock your door from the cloud. It also allows you to remotely check your door status (unlocked or locked), grant virtual guest keys, and follow the list of people who used the door recently even from a remote location. This is more than a smart lock, it is peace of mind.

At BE-TECH, as much as we prioritize providing easy and convenient door lock solutions, we also prioritize quality.


To this effect, all our wholesale wifi door locks are produced in-house in our 30,000 square production base and tested to meet or exceed regulatory standards. And for this, we’ve been awarded certificates by trustworthy quality management organizations like CE, ISO, RoHS, BHMA, and UL.

Features of BE-TECH Wifi Door Lock

As a prominent wifi door lock manufacturer, BE-TECH supplies premium wifi door locks that possess outstanding features 

and qualities. Here are some of them.

Convenient and Safe

There is no hassle involved in the usage as you can control the door from anywhere you are. Also, it features some alarm and protective components that alerts you when a forceful entry is attempted.

Easy Installation

Our wifi locks are easy to install and fit to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door perfectly, so you don’t have to change the original keys. The installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Remote Access

BE-TECH’s wifi door lock keys work everywhere. You can control the door from anywhere you are. Your kids or dog walker can be granted access even when you are not at home.

Biometric Verified Access

Boosts the security and convenience of your wifi smart lock by supporting the use of fingerprint recognition verification.

Full Custom WIFI Door Lock Manufacturer - Betech

As one of the best wifi door lock manufacturers, BE-TECH smart lock in China produces wholesale OEM and ODM wifi deadbolt locks that are customized according to customers’ requirements.

Custom Wifi Lock Design

The wifi deadbolt locks are customized to be unique, compact, and trendy. They are made in different styles and colors, usually champagne gold, champagne silver, or coffee gold.

Custom Wifi Lock Function

The function determines the features that the wifi deadbolt lock will have. A wifi lock for a residential solution will be different from a commercial office as the latter is usually configured to serve a large number of people.

Custom Wifi Lock Logo

Apart from providing secure door functions, wifi deadbolt locks are usually customized to promote your brand through your logo.

Wide Applications of China Wifi Door Lock

BE-TECH is a smart lock manufacturer that provides numerous wifi door locks that are applicable in several facets of life and many industries. Below are some of them.

Residential Solution 2

Residential Solution

Each member of the family doesn't need to have a key or wait outside the door until it’s opened. A wifi door lock system grants everyone easy access. It also ensures that the door is securely locked in cases when the person who enters forgets to close it properly.

Commercial Government Office 1

Commercial & Government Office

Commercial and government offices are secure and granted privacy from outsiders with the use of our powerful wifi door locks. Only approved staff are given access into the offices.

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Wifi Smart Lock Business

Since our inception in 1992, we’ve been providing smart lock solutions, including wifi door locks to homes, businesses, private and government institutions, etc. BE-TECH is a one-stop wifi lock supplier that meets all the needs of wifi smart lock businesses. Here are the processes we follow in production.

OEM/ODM Wifi Locks Development

BE-TECH craft specific designs and manufacture them into suitable wifi locks that suit your needs. To confirm the feasibility of the designs, our professional R&D team carefully evaluate them and determine how effective and efficient they are.

Sampling and Testing

To be sure that we’ve produced what you requested, we send samples to you for checking, with your adjustment requests implemented immediately. After the sampling, your wifi locks will be produced on a small scale for field testing.

Mass Production

BE-TECH has a large production factory of about 30,000 square meters, skilled engineers, integrated production lines, and precise manufacturing equipment that makes the completion of bulk orders possible within the required lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

The BE-TECH testing center is the leading large-scale and advanced business-owned smart lock testing laboratory in China. It’s equipped with all the necessary tools and manpower needed to conduct accurate and thorough tests.

Production Delivery

We have a long-standing partnership with trusted logistics companies in the industry that deliver our products to customers all over the world. At BE-TECH, we cater to multiple delivery methods and help in handling paperwork for international deliveries.

Why 310+ Partners Choose Us as their WIFI
Door Lock Manufacturer

Over the last three decades, BE-TECH has been supplying numerous clients with top-notch wifi door locks. And now, we have over 310 partners who rely on us for their wifi door locks. Here are a few reasons why they choose us as their wifi door lock manufacturer.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

Our wifi lock quality pass rate is very high; in fact, higher than 99.8% as we exceed all the quality standards established. And because of this, we’ve been rewarded with several certificates from quality standard bodies like CE 14846, EN 1634, AS, BHMA, KC, MS, and UL.

30+ Years Experience

Over the past 30 years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve mastered all the knowledge and technicalities needed to manufacture flawless wifi locks. BE-TECH has full knowledge of customers’ needs.

Strict quality Inspection

We have more than 20 kinds of professional testing equipment through which we put our products through strict and comprehensive quality inspection. They undergo 200,000 life tests, which is 2 times more than the Chinese test standard. As a result of complying with quality standards, we’ve been awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Professional R&D Team

Our R&D team is filled with professional and experienced engineers who have a wide range of expertise in smart locks solutions. Over the years, we‘ve gained many patents and certificates because of our lock quality and design.

High Production Capability

Thanks to the abundance of the needed resources like a large production base, skilled manpower, and precise manufacturing tools available, BE-TECH can produce on a large scale.

Great Customer Service

Our customers are given a great customer service experience. Immediate replies are given to all inquiries. Also, BE-TECH provides technical support during field testing and installation processes.

What is Wifi Door Lock

A wifi door lock is a smart lock that allows users to unlock and lock the door without keys. The door is operated with the tap of a finger on your wifi door lock App or a simple voice command. It permits remote access; you can unlock the door to let in a guest while you are not at home.

How Wifi Deadbolt Kit Protect Your Home

A wifi deadbolt kit has an alarm system that works with a network of sensors. They monitor your smart door lock for unauthorized entry. In some kits, you’ll find metal detectors with the function of alerting you when anything made of metal passes through the door.


If anything fishy is detected, immediately, you will receive an alarm on your mobile App.

How Does Wifi Lock Work

Download the App on your phone.

If you are using an Android device, download it via Google Play Store.

If you are using an ios device, download it via the App Store.

Link the App to your wifi smart lock. You now have access to operate the door via wifi.

How Can I Install My Wifi Smart Lock

To install your wifi smart lock, do the following:

Remove the inner latch hardware of the deadbolt using a screwdriver.

Choose the appropriate mounting plate and adaptor.

Connect the smart lock.

Sync your mobile lock with the smart lock to be able to remotely operate the door lock.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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