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Types of Swipe Card Locks in BE-TECH – Factory, Manufacturer, Supplier

BE-TECH is an all-in-one manufacturer of digital door lock in China. We offer numerous key card door lock solutions, including biometric sliding door lock , RF card lock management system, keyless locks for cabinets, and RFID locks for cabinets.

Prominent Key Card Lock Manufacturers in China

BE-TECH is a prominent smart lock company in China that produces advanced key card locks to replace traditional keys. As one of the key card lock manufacturers, we eliminate the need of carrying a bunch of keys around as our card keycard door locks are designed to use an electronic locking system to grant access to individuals that have the proper credentials. 

BE-TECH customizes key card lock system to promote your brand, and we provide this service to homes, hospitality centers, cabinet owners, etc. 

We manufacture OEM/ODM wholesale smart locks that provide ease in accessing key card door locks and top security for occupants of buildings. All the manufacturing processes are carried out in-house in our 30,000 square meters production base and each of our key card door lock either meet or exceed the regulatory quality standard, and this has earned us certificates from quality management organizations like CE, ISO, BHMA, RoHS, and UL.

Features of BE-TECH Key Card Door Entry Systems

As a leading key card lock manufacturer, BE-TECH provides outstanding key card door entry systems that have magnificent features. 

These are some of them.

Convenient and Fast

Users don’t need to memorize their passwords or PIN codes. All that’s needed is to swipe the key card or key fob in front of a panel to open the door in a few seconds.


BE-TECH uses earth-friendly and sustainable materials in making the key card door locks. They do not cause any hazard of any kind to the environment.

Custom Printed

we could custom keycard door locks logo because we know it acts as a advertising tool and promoting your brand. We help you create your own style.


Our key cards can be distributed to guests for a contact-free experience. They are also antimicrobial coated to prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms.

OEM/ODM Key Card Lock in Professional Manufacturers

As one of the professional Key card door lock suppliers, BE-TECH provides reliable key card locks that are uniquely designed for the needs of the users.

Swipe Card Locks Design

The cards are customized to be strong, trendy, and reflect your brand. They are usually made of any of these three colors – champagne gold, champagne silver, or coffee gold.

Key Card Lock Function

We OEM/ODM key card locks that are uniquely manufactured to perform the safety functions like residential purposes, hospitality industry purposes, or cabinet purposes.

Key Card Door Lock Logo

Other than unlocking door locks, the key cards are customized to promote your brand, your logo, the services you offer, and so many more.

Wide Applications of China Key Card Lock

BE-TECH is one of the highly rated key card lock suppliers that provide different types of key card reader door lock systems for several institutions and purposes. Below are some of them.

Residential Solution

Residential Solution

We offer personalized key card locks that can be used to make way into residential buildings. Instead of using traditional keys, homeowners can access any part of their residence just with the use of the key card reader door lock.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

BE-TECH is a relaxation center and hotel lock supplier that gives guests the liberty to solely control who enters the room as they only have the access key card. This allows them to get the personal and quality time they need without disturbance.

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To ensure that important files and properties are safe in the cabinet, we make unique key cards that are designed to open the cabinet. No other unlocking system will be authorized except this.

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Swipe Card
Locks Business

Since 1992, we’ve maintained our spot as one of the best key card lock manufacturers. BE-TECH is a one-stop solution provider for all swipe card lock business needs. Over the years, we’ve mastered the technicalities involved in offering flawless key card locks. These are the processes involved.

OEM/ODM Swipe Card Locks Development

BE-TECH has multiple channels of constant communication, and a 30,000 square meters key card lock factory filled with skilled engineers who achieve an efficient turnkey OEM and ODM design that meets your business needs.

Sampling and Testing

To ensure that your exact needs are met, samples are sent to you for checking and any corrections recommended are made immediately. After this, we produce your key card locks on a small scale and send them to you for field testing, as well as all the technical support you might need.

Mass Production

Immediately after the field testing is successful, we go ahead with production on a large scale. Our production base has all the necessary tools needed, as well as an integrated production line to boost our production capability and delivery within the lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

BE-TECH has the most prominent testing centers in China and our key cards are put through strict quality inspections; they undergo 200,000 times life tests, which is 2 times more than the Chinese quality standard.

Production Delivery

To make fast deliveries to every part of the world, we partner with reputable logistics companies in the industry. We make use of multiple delivery methods and assist in handling paperwork for international deliveries.

Why 300+ Partners Choose Us as their Key
Card Lock Manufacturer

Our expertise and professionalism in the production of key card locks is unmatched by other key card lock manufacturers, which is why more than 300 partners have chosen us as their key card lock supplier. Below are a few reasons why we are chosen over other key card lock suppliers.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

BE-TECH prioritizes product quality, and our pass rate is over 99.8%. As a result, we’ve gotten several certificates from reputable quality standard bodies like CE 14846, EN 1634, AS, MS, KC, and BHMA.

30+ Years Experience

We are one of the early pioneers of key card locks production. Since our inception in 1992, we’ve been providing smart lock solutions that help to protect individuals and keep properties safe.

OEM/ODM Lock Capability

BE-TECH’s major capability is producing OEM and ODM key card lock designs that meet the needs of our customers. We have all the needed resources and manpower to achieve this.

Professional R&D Team

Our key card lock designs are created and evaluated by our professional R&D team who have robust product knowledge and experience. And we’ve gained many patents and certificates at home and abroad.

Strict Quality Inspection

The testing content and requirements that our key card locks are put through are comprehensive and higher than other key card lock manufacturers’. We have more than 20 kinds of professional testing equipment in our factory and an ISO 9001:2015 as a reward for our compliance with quality standards.

Wide Range

All the key card locks solutions you are looking for are in BE-TECH. We are a one-stop swipe card locks supplier with other products like biometric sliding door lock, RF card lock management system, and RFID locks for cabinets and safes.

High Production Capability

BE-TECH has a huge production base that measures 30,000 square meters, an integrated production line with precise manufacturing tools, and skilled engineers that are capable of meeting bulk orders within a short time frame.

Great Customer Service

Our customers enjoy fantastic customer service at no price, such as quick replies to questions and inquiries, as well as assistance during field testing and installation processes.

Displaying Our Successful Projects

We have implemented our solutions worldwide to cover a variety of concerns, such as safe, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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