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Shantou University is a provincial comprehensive university in Guangdong Province established in 1981 with the approval of the State Council. It is a higher education institution jointly established by the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province, and the Li Ka-Shing Foundation. It is not only a high-level university in key disciplines in Guangdong Province, the first higher education system and mechanism reform experimental demonstration school in Guangdong Province, and a pilot university in Guangdong Province for deepening the education evaluation reform in the new era, it is also the only public university in the world that is continuously funded by private foundations.

The Major Need For Shantou University

Through communication with Shantou University, we learned they hope to find a high-tech door lock suitable for campus dormitory management to reduce costs. Here are some of their requirements for a perfect electronic smart lock:

· Help them manage large campus dormitories

· The door lock management mode is simple and convenient

· Have a comprehensive and effective smart lock system intended to enhance campus security

· Can offer offline backup to prevent data loss

Advanced Security Door Lock: Reduce Operation And Maintenance Costs

Faced with the needs of Shantou University, Be-Tech, as a world-leading integrated smart door control solution provider, provided it with this Be-Tech wireless online electronic lock. This door lock is not only appropriate for the hotel sector, but it is also appropriate for big dormitory management. The administrative expense of operating and maintaining student dorms is significantly decreased by the wireless networking system of this door lock.

Wireless Keycard Access Control: Make Management Easier

Here are some of the advantages of electronic wireless online door lock systems:

Electronic Key Management

By using wireless online door locks, the dormitory management team can use the electronic key system to easily create, distribute, and revoke electronic keys. Each student is assigned a distinct electronic identity, which eliminates the need for a physical key. This method decreases the cost of losing or rekeying a physical key. When necessary, the electronic key may be changed, boosting security.

Visitor Management

Dormitory administration can produce temporary electronic keys for guests using the door lock system, allowing them to enter the dormitory building during a certain time frame. This reduces the need for long-term access, thereby improving security. In addition, the visitor’s electronic key can automatically expire after expiration without the need for additional manual operations.

Remote Access Control

Operation and maintenance personnel can remotely monitor and control all door locks through the online system. This means they can respond to issues in real-time, such as adjusting door lock access at night or on holidays, reducing the time and expense of waiting for a fix. Furthermore, remote control allows for swift action to preserve security in the case of lost keys or other concerns.

Audit Trail

The Key Card Lock System for Schools records every time the door lock is used, including who entered and exited at what time. This provides a security and accountability tracking mechanism to identify any potential misconduct. This may be quite beneficial when it comes to settling disputes, investigating occurrences, or boosting security.

Be-Tech: A Leading Wireless Networking Systems Supplier

Be-Tech is a prestigious digital door lock factory with an ISO-certified factory of over 30,000 square meters and the largest smart door lock testing laboratory in China, aiming to provide our customers with the highest quality products and professional solutions. When you are looking for a door lock system suitable for large-scale management, look no further than Be-Tech! We provide a variety of high-quality door locks that help to decrease operating and maintenance expenses while also improving security.


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