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CORNEX is a company focused on commercial applications such as electrochemical energy storage, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles. The company is headquartered in Wuhan, China. They also promote material innovation, structural innovation, manufacturing technology innovation, and business model innovation, so as to achieve “production generation, reserve generation, and research and development generation” to form the advantages of leading technology, large-scale, high efficiency, and the ability to cover the entire industrial chain.

Furthermore, it offers users solutions such as full-scenario and multi-dimensional lithium-ion batteries and battery systems, contributing to the rapid development of the global new energy industry.

Wireless Keypad Door Lock: The Major Need For CORNEX

During the consultation process, CORNEX hoped to obtain a commercial electronic door lock suitable for employee dormitories, which could help reduce operating costs. Here are some of their needs for an ideal electronic door lock:

1. Aids in the management of large staff quarters

2. Have a set of flexible and efficient electronic door lock system

3. It can be automatically locked/unlocked by simple remote operation

4. Can provide backup solutions for property in case of network failure

Wireless Card Access Lock: An Efficient Solution

Whether it is a commercial, public, or industrial building of all types, this door lock is an ideal choice. Not only can it meet the market demand for access control and the latest security features, but also can upgrade your property operation. As a cloud-based intelligent access control system, it provides an efficient system solution to different enterprises including businesses, education, factories, hotels, and so on.

Key Card Door Access

Key Card Door Access

Wireless Door Lock System: Reduce Operation And Maintenance Costs

The door lock provides an advanced and convenient electronic security door lock system, which can effectively reduce the administrative management cost of staff dormitory operation and maintenance. Here are some specific ways:

  • Automatic door lock management: Traditional door locks require manual switching and maintenance, but wireless networked door locks can achieve automatic management. By setting the timing to automatically lock and unlock the door, there is no longer any need for special personnel to inspect and operate. This reduces the workload of dormitory management workers while also lowering labor expenditures.
  • Remote monitoring and management: The wireless networked door lock system allows the administrator to remotely monitor and manage the door lock status through mobile phone applications or computers. This implies that it is no longer required to visit each dormitory in person, but rather to inspect and regulate the door locks via the network at the management center, saving time and money.
  • Reduce key management: Traditional door locks use keys, which are easy to lose or forget. The wireless networked door lock adopts a digital password, RF Card, or mobile phone Bluetooth to unlock, which reduces the trouble and cost of key management, and also reduces the security risk caused by key loss. Furthermore, if the card key is lost, the card can be effectively configured and the card key can be remotely canceled.

Data recording and reporting: The wireless networked door lock system can record the time of unlocking and closing the lock, and generate corresponding data reports. Based on this data, administrators may assess dormitory usage, optimize resource allocation, and further cut management expenses.

Best Wireless Door Lock: Make You More Safety

Be-Tech’s wireless door lock not only has a good-looking appearance but also has very reliable functions. First of all, it has a variety of access methods, allowing you to quickly enter with simple operations. Secondly, the biggest feature of this lock is that it can support up to 80 online key cards, and a LoRa gateway can connect up to 48 locks, which is very suitable for large-scale staff dormitory management. Lastly, it communicates with the server via the LoRa network, providing a backup solution for your property even when offline. Therefore, choosing this wireless electronic lock can not only effectively protect the property of the factory but also protect the safety of employees.


In a word, if you are looking for an electronic door lock with high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs, you may wish to consider this wireless online electronic lock from Be-Tech. Our products will not disappoint you as a manufacturer with extensive expertise in smart locks! Please contact us right away to place an order!

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