Residential Biometric Door Lock Buying Guide From Reliable Manufacturer

A homeowner’s top priority is to keep their home secure and burglar-free. They never know when someone will decide to make them their target. As a result, adequate security against these potential thieves is critical.

Without a doubt, the best biometric door lock could provide this level of security. Most thieves will be unable to avoid it due to its complex design and activation. However, finding high-quality biometric door locks is not always simple.

A number of factors must be considered before deciding on an appropriate alternative. A person who has never looked into these devices before may find it intimidating.

What is Biometric door lock?

A biometric door lock is a device that uses physical characteristics to identify individuals and grant or deny access to a locked area. The most common type of biometric door lock uses fingerprints, but iris scanners and facial recognition devices are also becoming increasingly common.

While biometric door locks offer a high level of security, they are not without their flaws. One of the biggest concerns is that once someone’s fingerprint or other biometric data has been compromised, it cannot be changed like a traditional password. Another issue is that some biometric door locks can be fooled by fake fingers or other objects that resemble the real thing.

Despite these concerns, biometric door locks are becoming more popular as businesses and homeowners look for ways to improve security.

What Is Biometric Locker for a Home?

A biometric locker is a secure storage device that uses biometrics to authenticate users. This means that only authorized users can access the contents of the locker. These lockers are often used to store valuables, such as guns, jewelry, or important documents.

Because of their high level of security, biometric lockers are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, there is no need for a key or combination to use them, making them very convenient. In today’s world, Biometric lockers are a good addition to houses and even business establishments for security purposes. These lockers use fingerprints or other biometric data to unlock them, which makes them much more secure than traditional lockers that can be opened with a simple key.

Types of Residential Biometric Door Lock

Smart Lock for Apartment
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There are a few different types of residential biometric door locks that are on the market one can choose from. The most popular type is the fingerprint door lock. These work by reading the user’s fingerprint and then unlocking the door. They are very accurate and can be used in high-security situations.

Another type of biometric door lock is the iris scanner. These work by scanning the iris and then unlocking the door. They are also very accurate and can be used in high-security situations.

The last type of biometric door lock is the facial recognition lock. These work by scanning the face and then unlocking the door. They are not as accurate as the other two types but they are still very secure.

Continue reading for a more in-depth discussion of these types of biometrics.

Fingerprint Door Lock 

BE TECH fingerprint and rfid card touchpad digital door lock
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The process of unlocking a door with a fingerprint door lock involves scanning the user’s individual fingerprint in order to do so. The user’s fingerprint will be able to be recognized by the system, which will then allow access to the room. There are a lot of benefits that come with using a fingerprint door lock, including the fact that it is convenient and secure.

Because, in contrast to standard keys, they cannot be easily reproduced, they add an additional layer of protection to the system. In addition, standard door locks are less handy than fingerprint door locks since they require the use of keys, whereas fingerprint door locks do not.

Iris Scanner door lock

Iris Scanner door lock
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An iris scanner is a device that identifies people based on the distinct patterns in their irises. The method is said to be more precise and reliable than existing biometric recognition methods like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Iris scanners are used in a variety of settings, including airports, border crossings, and secure facilities. They can be used for security and convenience purposes, such as not requiring a physical key or password to enter a building or computer.

An iris scanner takes a picture of the iris and compares it to a database of known patterns. If a match is found, the individual can be located. The operation is usually finished in less than a second.

If looking for a high-tech biometric door lock for home or smart lock for office door, an iris scanner could be the ideal solution.

Face recognition door lock

Face recognition door lock

A face recognition door lock is a type of residential biometric door lock that uses facial recognition technology to unlock the door. This type of lock is becoming increasingly popular as a home security measure, as it is more secure than a traditional keyed lock.

To use a face recognition lock, the user will simply look into the camera mounted on the lock and it will scan a face. If it recognizes the user, the lock will open. If not, it will stay locked. This makes it impossible for someone to pick the lock or force their way in.

Face recognition door locks are easy to use and can be programmed to recognize multiple users. The owner can also set them to require a password or PIN code in addition to facial recognition.

Tips for Choosing the Right Biometric Door Lock for Home

Biometric door
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Several factors must be considered when selecting the best biometric door lock for a home. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so one must choose the one that best meets the needed requirements.

The ease of use should then be taken into account. Some biometric locks require the user to place their finger or thumb on a sensor, while others require the user to view a camera. Before making a choice, consider how simple it would be to use each type of lock on a regular basis.

Decide What Type of Locking Mechanism You Want

There are many different types of biometric locking mechanisms to choose from, and the type one selects should depend on the user’s specific needs. The most common types of biometrics used for locking devices are fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition.

Fingerprints are the most well-known type of biometric lock, and they’re also one of the most reliable. Iris scans are less common, but they’re very difficult to fool. Facial recognition is the newest type of biometric lock, and it’s becoming more popular as technology improves.

When choosing a biometric locking mechanism, also consider factors like cost, convenience, and security. 

Ease of Use

One merely needs something that is straightforward to assemble and operate. Additional functions, such as remote access and automated locking, may be included in certain digital door locks. When selecting a digital door lock, the thing that is most crucial to think about is how easy it is to use. There are a large number of distinct kinds of locks, some of which are notoriously tricky to operate. If the user is not confident with using technology, he/she should look for a biometric lock that is easy to operate.


When purchasing a high-quality digital door lock, there are several factors to consider. To begin, ensure that the lock has been certified by a reliable organization. This ensures that the lock meets the specified quality and security standards. Second, choose a lock that meets the user’s requirements. If the user has a smart home, the user should choose a digital door lock that works with the rest of his/her devices. 


When purchasing a digital door lock, one of the most important factors to consider is the price. Find a lock that fits the budget while also providing the necessary functionality and security. Here are some pointers to help select the most affordable digital door lock for your requirements.

Do some research and compare prices from multiple online and local retailers. Check that the locks are suitable for the need and is the necessary features are met. Because prices can range from $100 to more than $1000, it is critical to find something within the price range.

Read reviews to find out what other people think about the locks that are promising. Check that they are dependable and simple to use. To fully comprehend any product, it is necessary to read both positive and negative reviews.

CE Certificated Biometric Door Lock Manufacturers

Office Door Keypad Lock 1
Source: Be-tech

Looking for CE-certified biometric door lock suppliers? Go over the list below. Each of these companies has received CE certification for the production of high-quality biometric door locks.

These companies provide cutting-edge security technology, and their products will undoubtedly meet the requirements.

When it comes to security, one can’t go wrong with a CE-certified biometric door lock manufacturer. Their products are reliable and will keep intruders out of anyone’s home or business.


BE tech
Source: Betechiot

Be-Tech designed a smart lock inspection center within its 30,000-square-meter smart lock manufacturing facility to conduct comprehensive and high-quality inspections of smart locks.

They are China’s largest and most sophisticated enterprise-owned smart lock testing facility. The testing equipment is cutting-edge, the testing materials are extensive, and the testing requirements are more stringent than those found in the Chinese smart lock market.

Stringent quality control methods, such as those listed below, are required to meet the expectations for smart lock durability, corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and performance. Tech’s adherence to CE, RoHS, BHMA, and UL standards ensures that the orders for China electronic door locks will meet the needs of the target market.

Furthermore, every smart lock we design meets or exceeds international standards as well as China’s general testing criteria for smart locks.

How to Make Biometric Door Lock Bulk Order From Be-Tech

Digital lock company BE-TECH is a leading supplier of biometric door locks. They offer a wide range of products that are suitable for any home or business. Their products are dependable, affordable, and simple to install.

There are a few things to think about before ordering in bulk from Be-Tech. First, determine how many locks are needed. It’s critical to know how many locks are needed ahead of time because Be-Tech offers discounts for larger orders.

Next, choose the type of lock best suits your need. Be-Tech offers a number of locks, each with its own set of features. Before making a final decision, determine which aspects are most important to the situation.

Be-Tech purchasing procedure is straightforward:

Step 1: Choose Your Locks

Be-Tech offers a variety of different types of biometric door locks. You will need to decide which type of lock is right for growing your business. Be sure to consider the security level your target market needs, the size of the lock, and the price.

Step 2: Contact us

When you are looking to make a biometric door lock bulk order from Be-Tech, the second thing you need to do is ask or you can either contact Be-Tech directly or fill out a form on their website. Be sure to include your contact information and the number of locks you are interested in selling.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Once you have decided which locks you would like to order, you can place your order online or by phone.

Step 4: Wait for Your Locks

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will get to producing and packaging your bulk biometric door locks.

With Be-Tech, business owners can be sure that they are getting the best products and services available.

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