4 Important Things To Choose A Home Smart Lock

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s simple to understand why. Smart locks offer a convenient and secure solution to enhance our home security. However,

how to pick a smart lock? In this article, we will explore the four important things to consider when choosing a home smart lock.

What Are The Principles Of Smart Lock?

Smart locks operate on principles of connectivity, utilizing technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for remote control. The use of biometrics or PINs for user authentication is crucial to ensuring authorized access. Data encryption shields exchanges and keeps outsiders out. Coherent ecosystems are fostered through integration with smart home systems. Users may monitor access, issue temporary rights, and get notifications through remote administration. In essence, the principles of smart locks prioritize security, convenience, and seamless integration into the digital landscape.

Which Of The Following Factors Should You Take Into Consideration When Selecting A Lock?

Here are the 4 key factors should you take into consideration when choosing a home smart lock:

Access Modes

Different access modes offer varying levels of convenience and security, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is one of the most popular access modes in smart locks. It allows users to unlock their doors without using a physical key. Instead, access is granted through various electronic methods, such as PIN codes, biometric recognition (fingerprint or facial recognition), or smartphone apps.  Keyless entry is convenient since it eliminates the need to carry traditional keys, lowering the chance of misplacing them.

Smart Lock Remote Access

Many modern smart locks come with dedicated mobile apps that enable users to control the lock remotely using their smartphone. Through the app, homeowners can lock and unlock doors from anywhere, allowing guests or service providers to gain access even when they are not at home. At the same time, you can also monitor your door lock history, view the user list and entry time, and get real-time alerts when strangers enter your home.

Keyless Deadbolt

Keyless Deadbolt

Smart Lock With Key Backup

While smart locks emphasize keyless access, having a physical key backup is essential for emergencies and as a failsafe in case of electronic malfunctions or power outages. Most smart locks provide a traditional key slot as a secondary access option. It assures that residents may always use a real key to access their houses if necessary.

Virtual Keys And Temporary Access

Virtual keys are digital access credentials that can be sent to family members, friends, or service providers. These virtual keys can have customized access durations and permissions, allowing homeowners to grant temporary access to specific individuals. After the designated time expires, the virtual key automatically becomes invalid, enhancing security and control.


Auto-lock features are designed to enhance security and convenience. Auto-lock automatically locks the door after a specified period of inactivity, ensuring the door remains secure even if the user forgets to lock it manually.

Battery Life And Power Source

When it comes to choosing a home smart lock, considering the smart door lock battery life and power source is of utmost importance. Unlike traditional locks, which rely on mechanical components, smart locks use electrical mechanisms, making a steady power supply necessary for optimal operation.

Battery Life: The smart lock battery life can vary significantly among different models. Some smart locks boast an impressive battery life of up to one year or more, while others may require more frequent replacements. Longer battery life is often preferred since it eliminates the trouble of continuously replacing batteries and provides continuous protection for your property.

Battery Type: Smart locks are often powered by common batteries like AA or AAA, which are widely available and simple to replace. However, some high-end models may use specialized batteries designed specifically for smart locks. When choosing a smart lock, consider the availability and cost of replacement batteries to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Low-Battery Indicators: To prevent unexpected lockouts, many smart locks come equipped with low-battery indicators. These indicators alert you when the battery is running low, giving you ample time to replace the batteries before they completely drain. It’s an important feature that guarantees you’re never caught off guard and can keep your property secure at all times.

Working Temperature

Operating temperature is an important specification to consider when choosing a high end smart lock for your home, especially if you live in an extreme climate.

Outdoor Performance

Smart locks installed on exterior doors are exposed to different weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold. The operating temperature range of a smart lock determines its ability to withstand these conditions without affecting its functionality.

Battery Performance

Temperature can significantly affect the performance of the batteries that power your smart lock. Battery capacity may decrease in extremely low conditions, resulting in reduced battery life and possibly power concerns. High temperatures, on the other hand, can accelerate battery discharge.

Motor And Electronics Stability

The internal components of a smart lock can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Operating a smart lock outside of its specified operating temperature range could cause these components to fail or wear out faster. Choosing a smart lock with a broader working temperature range will improve its endurance and longevity, resulting in a stronger and more dependable lock for your house.

Smart Deadbolt


Price is an important factor to consider when choosing a smart lock for your home. You may select the one that matches your budget despite the fact that they are priced differently. However, more expensive locks may offer extra features or a higher level of security, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice for your home. Consider your budget and choose a lock that meets your needs while staying within your price range.

3 Best Smart Locks In Be-Tech

Now that we’ve covered the factors you’ll want to consider as you select the best smart lock for bedroom or for your home, I want to go through the famous smart lock factory in China. As a leading smart lock manufacturer, Be-Tech is devoted to providing the best smart locks. Here are 3 popular smart locks in Be-Tech:

Be-Tech Smart Deadbolt Lock K3U

The K3U modern smart lock is one of Be-Tech’s most popular locks. It has multiple access methods including smartphones, PIN codes, and mechanical keys. It’s affordable and extremely easy to install, making it an ideal choice for many homeowners. When you forget to replace the battery, the lock can be powered by a backup power source, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. In addition, the K3U smart lock can be used both outdoors and indoors. The outdoor working temperature is -35℃, while the indoor working temperature is 10℃, which is very suitable for extreme environments.

Electronic Deadbolt Lock – K1U

The K1U deadbolt lock is also a good option, which can be accessed via a PIN code. At the same time, it is also equipped with a mechanical key, which can be used to unlock the lock in an emergency. In addition, the K1U deadbolt lock also has a vacation mode. When you are on vacation, turn on the vacation mode. At this time, you need to enter two sets of user passwords to unlock it, making your home more secure. Finally, the ADA-compliant, phone-style illuminated keypad is also for your convenience at night.

Electronic Lock

Electronic Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock – K6FMT

K6FMT fingerprint door lock has five access methods including smartphone, PIN code, RFID card, fingerprint, and mechanical key. In an emergency, the door can be opened with a mechanical key. In addition, when the indoor electronic double lock switch is activated, only the master code can unlock it. K6FMT fingerprint door lock also has an automatic locking function. When the automatic lock function is enabled, it will automatically lock after 30 seconds by default. If necessary, you can also set the auto-lock time between 3 and 30 seconds.


Investing in a home smart lock is a significant step towards enhancing your home security and convenience. By considering the above factors and choose a suitable one for your home. Besides, you can also browse our websites for more product details! Choose Be-Tech and upgrade your home security!

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