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Why Do You Need Superior Office Smart Lock

Incorporating smart door locks in your office provides three major benefits: improvement of security, granting authorized people easy access, and giving the person in charge of the facility more control. Smart locks for offices offer better door experience and everyone, including confidential documents are provided safety from forceful and illegal entry.


This lock system doesn’t require the need for physical keys, allowing the organization to grant and terminate access to the office easily. Also, it has a tracking device that provides you with a list of the people who accessed the door, enhancing security and accountability.

Smart lock manufacturer, BE-TECH, produces customized keyless office door locks that are easy to integrate in your office, 

providing improved security, convenience, and control.

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Features of Our Office Digital Door Lock

Office Digital Door Lock

As a leading manufacturer of smart locks for office doors, we make ODM and OEM door locks that are customized with outstanding features to provide the best office door lock solutions.

Superior Electronic Office Lock Types BE-TECH
Can Provide

At BE-TECH, we manufacture and supply wholesale digital door locks with unique control methods for office. These office door lock types are designed to offer easy navigations for users, as well as tight security.

fingerprint door lock for office

Biometric Door Lock System

For the biometric door lock for the office to work effectively, each individual biometrics must be registered with the system. As a fingerprint door lock supplier, we provide fingerprint office door locks that are capable of registering many people, ensuring that all the staff in your office
have access.

RFID Door Lock for Office 1

RFID Door Locks for Offices

This type of office door lock eliminates the need of physical keys by using plastic cards that are programmed with the lock system to grant access. The RFID office door lock uses Radio Frequency Identification technology to unlock the door when the card is in close proximity.

Office Door Keypad Lock 1

Office Door Keypad Locks

Keypad locks for office doors are usually unlocked with PIN codes. Office door keypad locks are designed to have keys with numbers, which you’ll use to input the access code. You have to create a strong PIN code, which everyone in the office must use to gain access.

Electronic Door Lock 1

Office Bluetooth Locks

Office bluetooth door lock is operated with mobile devices using Bluetooth. For this to work, both the staff and the management would have their mobile phone’s Bluetooth registered with the door lock. For every entry, each individual must connect his/her mobile device Bluetooth to the lock. This ensures that intruders are denied passage.

Key Card System for Office 1

Key Card System for Office

We also supply business owners and offices with card door locks that can only be accessed with the right key card. Using keycard entry systems for buildings, passage into the office will be granted with the specialized key card configured with the lock.

Office Wifi Deadbolt 1

Office Wifi Deadbolt

As a wifi lock supplier, we provide office wifi deadbolts that allow you to control the door from a remote location. This office lock type also allows you grant access to staff or contractors who want to work during the weekends. With the wifi of your smart phone connected to the lock, you have full control.

Electronic Cabinet Lock 1

Electronic Cabinet Lock

To guarantee the safety of office files, we provide you with smart cabinet locks that ensure maximum security. These keyless locks guarantee the privacy and safety of the office information.

Custom Digital Lock for Office Keyless Entry

Whatever your specifications are, we are capable of meeting your needs. At BE-TECH, we manufacture all kinds of OEM and ODM electronic office door locks, including different designs, unlock options, and logo customization.

Custom Office Smart Lock Design

The office electronic door locks while providing maximum security, can be manufactured to be fashionable and trendy. The color options available are champagne gold, champagne silver, and coffee gold.

Custom Office Keyless Entry Unlock Options

There is a wide range of keyless entry unlocking options to choose from. Amongst them are fingerprint, RFID, key card, Bluetooth, keypad, and wifi.

Custom Office Digital Lock Logo

Your electronic office door locks can be customized to serve other purposes rather than just security and convenience. Your organization’s logo can be printed on them, hence promoting your brand.

Where BE-TECH Office Digital Lock Can be Used

The applications of BE-TECH office keyless entry locks are in virtually all commercial and corporate settings, including the large and small offices. The primary aim is to make life simple and safe for workers.

Open plan Office

Open-plan Offices

BE-TECH office digital lock is ideal for scenarios where many employees require access to the office at different times. Offices that have a single and large working space enjoy the benefits of this lock as their staff can use the door seamlessly, while ensuring that they are all secure.

Small Office

Small Offices

Even small offices have started benefiting from using the office digital lock. It offers convenience and storage of files, as well as quick installation process and competitive price, hence reducing cost.

Co working Space

Co-working Spaces

This lock system eliminates the need for the distribution of physical keys, especially in the case where there are limited keys available. Each person has his/her access code. BE-TECH door lock for the office is a secure and simple solution for co-working spaces.

Why Choose BE-TECH for Your Office Digital Door
Lock Manufacturing

Since 1992, BE-TECH has been involved in the manufacturing of smart office door locks for both small and large offices, providing them with better door experience and security. Over the years, we’ve garnered all the technical know-how, skills, and experience needed in providing the best office door lock solutions.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

Our electronic locks for office are put under strict inspection, making them have high quality pass rate, which is usually above 98%. In addition to that, all our locks are manufactured in line with reputable institutions' standards, such as CE, ISO, BHMS, KC, MS, and AS.

30+ Years Experience

BE-TECH is one of the early pioneers of office digital door locks production. With over three decades in the industry, BE-TECH has gained all the knowledge to manufacture superior office locks.

OEM/ODM Capability

All our locks perform effectively because we have a professional research and development team who put in the work to ensure that the best is manufactured. Their capability includes making OEM/ODM smart locks for offices.

High Production Capability

Thanks to our large digital door lock factory and testing center, as well as the integrated production lines and precise manufacturing equipment, we are able to make massive production within a very short time. Regardless of the order quantity, they will be supplied within a short lead time.

Strict Quality Inspection

To ensure optimal quality, our office door locks are put through more than two thousands life tests. Afterwards, they are inspected by over 20 kinds of professional testing equipment.

Great Customer Service

At every stage, including pre and after-sales, our customers enjoy great customer service. We have experts who are readily available to give replies to your inquiries, as well as offer professional advice to help you make the right decisions concerning your needs.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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