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In the dynamic world of sports, safety is a paramount concern, extending beyond the field to locker rooms. The Al Nassr Football Club, based at the King Saud University Stadium (KSUS), recognized the need to modernize their locker room security, balancing accessibility and confidentiality.


Traditionally, locker rooms relied on physical keys, posing challenges in managing access and ensuring the security of players’ belongings. However, with the advancement in security solutions, electronic cabinet locks have become popular. In this blog post, we delve into the business case of implementing Be-Tech electronic cabinet door lock, Cyber Digit Slim (C1000D), in the locker room of Al Nassr Club.





Al Nassr Club Locker Room Upgrade

Project Details: King Saud University Stadium

The prestigious King Saud University Stadium (KSUS) serves as the home ground for the Al Nassr Football Club. Recognized for its commitment to excellence, Al Nassr FC required a locker room security upgrade that aligns with the modern standards of sports facility management.


In the realm of professional sports, the balance between accessibility and safety is crucial. The Al Nassr Club recognized the importance of safeguarding player belongings while ensuring convenient access. This recognition prompted the search for a state-of-the-art electronic cabinet locking system.


Strategic Decision: Be-Tech Electronic Cabinet Lock

After thorough consideration of available options, Al Nassr Club made a strategic choice by choosing the Be-Tech electronic lock for cabinet C1000D. This decision was based on the lock’s advanced features, customization options, and Be-Tech’s reputation as a leading electronic cabinet lock manufacturer in China, delivering reliable security solutions.


Recognizing the diverse needs of sports clubs, Be-Tech provides advanced features tailored to the club’s specific requirements. For example, the silver finish adds a touch of elegance, while the availability of iButton accessories enhances the overall functionality. Now, Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim has been seamlessly integrated into the locker infrastructure, greatly improving the efficiency and security of the locker system.


Electronic Cabinet Lock For Al Nassr Club Locker Room
Electronic Cabinet Lock For Al Nassr Club Locker Room



Product Spotlight: Be-Tech Electronic Cabinet Lock For Lockers

The Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim is the latest addition to the Cyber range of digital locker locks, offering an excellent alternative for keys in lockers, cabinets, and cupboards. Moreover, streamlining access for multiple users, this digital cabinet door lock stands out for its programmable codes and keys for added flexibility.

Reliability and Maintenance

Durable Material & Construction

Constructed with durability in mind, this electronic cabinet door lock is made from high-quality zinc alloy, accommodating door thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 22mm. The robust construction contributes to the long-lasting performance of the lock in high-traffic areas like sports locker rooms.

Power Efficiency: Long Battery Life

Equipped with a power-efficient design, the Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim operates on 4 x 1.5 AA batteries, allowing for an impressive 15,000 openings. The lock’s reliability ensures continuous functionality, minimizing disruptions in the locker room routine.

Low Battery Indicator: Uninterrupted Usage

To further enhance user experience, the lock features a low battery indicator. When the battery signals “Low Battery,” users are granted an additional 100 openings, providing ample time for battery replacement without compromising security.

Emergency Battery Override: A Fail-Safe Option

In case of emergencies, the lock incorporates an emergency battery override feature. By placing a 9v battery against external contacts, users can ensure uninterrupted access, even in challenging situations, adding an extra layer of fail-safe security.

Memory Retention: Seamless Battery Replacement

Changing batteries is a hassle-free process with the Be-Tech smart electronic cabinet lock. Its non-volatile memory retains crucial data during battery replacement, eliminating the need for reprogramming. This seamless transition ensures enduring security.

Cyber Digit Cam 1
Cyber Digit Cam

Operational Functions of Cyber Digit Slim

Private Function: Common Use Scenario

The private function of the electronic cabinet locking system caters to scenarios where the same code is repeatedly used, making it ideal for situations such as school lockers or workplace employee storage. This function streamlines access management, providing a seamless and secure solution for everyday use.


Public Function: Ideal for Short-Term, Multi-Occupancy Situations

In environments with short-term, multi-occupancy needs – such as gym centers – the public function of the locker lock shines. Users enter a personal code ( 4~9 digits) to lock the unit, and the same code is used to open it. Then, it is erased, ready for the next occupant. This functionality aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of sports facilities.


Programming and Code Management for Locker Access

The ease of programming both iButton keys and codes to implement specific security protocols. The clear distinction between owner, master, and user codes or keys ensures a hierarchical access system, enhancing security for sensitive storage areas.

Cyber Digit Slim 2
Cyber Digit Slim 2


The integration of Be-Tech’s Cyber Digit Slim in the Al Nassr FC Locker Room at King Saud University Stadium exemplifies convenience, customization, and durability to elevate locker room security standards.

As sports facilities worldwide continue to evolve, the Be-Tech electronic cabinet lock stands out as a reliable solution for enhancing security. Similar projects looking to upgrade locker room facilities should consider the Be-Tech locker security solution for a perfect blend of modern technology and robust security features.

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