Address Grand Creek Harbour – Dubai

Location: Dubai

Project type: Hotel

The digital hotel safe is a small but crucial item in a hotel, especially in a 5-star hotel. The guests who live in 5-star hotels often tend to find a reliable property security solution, because they usually carry the valuables with travels. Although some guests may not use the electronic safe box, the electronic safe box should be a necessity in a hotel room. It can indirectly reflect the hotel’s attention to the safety of guests.

Then, in this post, the author will take one of our clients’ options as an example to introduce a digital electronic lock safe box for hotel and present the benefits of investing digital electronic lock safe box.

Electronic Safe Box: Project Background

Address Grand Creek Harbour is a famous 5-star hotel located in Dubai, offering excellent guest services including room service, free WiFi, 24-hour front desk, etc. Also, for the purpose of providing guest convenience, the hotel also offers concierge service and currency exchange.

In the hotel room design, Address Grand Creek Harbour also focuses on aesthetics, convenience, and security. Each hotel room is well-designed and has complete pieces of furniture. Some of the hotel rooms feature a terrace and others also feature city views. Moreover, each hotel room is equipped with an electronic digital hotel safe box.

Address Grand Creek Harbour
Address Grand Creek Harbour

Key Needs of Address Grand Creek Harbour

During the hotel design process, the hotel owners directly indicate that they need a type of modern, reliable, and industry-leading level digital hotel safe box to match the security level of a five-star hotel. Meanwhile, the digital hotel safe box also should improve the hotel security system.

Then, according to the above needs, they finds out our GUARD series digital hotel safe box is the perfect match. In the following section, the author will give a full introduction to the Be-Tech digital electronic lock safe box for hotels.

Be-tech hotel digital safe

Equipped with Smart System Design

Distinguishing from other digital hotel safes, Be-Tech’s digital hotel safe has an industry-leading Industry-leading audit trail system and is equipped with smart components. The industry-leading audit trail system allows hoteliers to check usage history and time, which can prevent unnecessary issues and ensure usage security.

As for the smart components, the digital hotel safe has two outstanding smart features —- Smart Package and Smart Button Key.

The smart package is a smart troubleshooting solution that helps users set up and service the digital hotel safe in seconds. Moreover, the smart package also allows the hoteliers to print a detailed 300-event log from the safe memory in case something happens.

The smart button key is the second useful component in the digital hotel safe box. The smart button key is not an ordinary key that unlocks the lock. The smart button key, a compact and powerful electronic key, is engineered to securely override Be-Tech Guard series safes. The smart button key can be recognized as an additional security solution used to ensure safe and convenient operation.

In the electricity usage aspect, the electronic hotel digital hotel safe box also has a special design. The optional internal power outlet mounted on the inside door is available. This simple design can make the electronic hotel digital hotel safe more practical and convenient for the guest.

The Be-Tech digital hotel safe is the perfect combination of traditional security techniques and modern security technology. It connects with the smart technology and the traditional physical security techniques.

Designed with a Reliable Physical Structure

Be-Tech electronic hotel digital hotel safe has a complete reliable physical structure. First, relying on the rich knowledge of the physical mechanism, the engineer especially applies the revolutionary locking system with a double deadbolt mechanism into this fabulous electronic safe box. Second, the Be-Tech electronic hotel digital hotel safe features a door-body integrated design that minimizes the crack between the door and the body, so as to prevent the potential picking risk from the thief. Third, the electronic hotel digital hotel safe adopts the integrative solid steel bolt hinges which help achieve maximum of security and durability.


Lastly, Be-Tech’s GUARD series electronic hotel safe is a practical and reliable property security solution for hotels. It benefits both hoteliers and guests. On the one hand, the electronic hotel safe makes good use of modern technology to help hoteliers better control the hotel security system. On the other hand, armed with a strong physical structure and leading modern technology, the GUARD series electronic hotel safe can safeguard the guest’s properties.

If you are finding the high security electronic in-room safe for hotel guestroom, you can contact Be-Tech, a specialist in the hotel security system.

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