Vida Dubai Marina & Yacht Club

Location: Dubai

Project type: Hotel

As a hotelier, have you ever considered adding the electronic hotel room safe in your VIP rooms or each standard hotel room? The electronic hotel room safe may not be a necessity in a hotel room but a special symbol in the hotel room. The electronic hotel room safe may be one of the methods to upgrade the level of your hotel and perfect the hotel room service.

Most stared hotels often place an electronic hotel safe in the hotel room for guests. Be-Tech has provided hundreds of starred hotels with hotel room electronic safe. In this post, the author will take one of our clients as an example to illustrate why our hotel electronic safe is popular.

Electronic Hotel Safe: Project Background

The Vida Dubai Marina & Yacht Club is a starred hotel located in Dubai. This starred hotel aims to provide guests with an excellent and relaxing hotel experience. The hotel room is designed with a full set of the dedicated house furniture. Some hotel rooms also include a terrace and some have city views. Moreover, the hotel also offers room service, a 24-hour front desk, and currency exchange for guests.

Vida Dubai Marina Yacht Club
Vida Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Key Needs of Vida Dubai Marina & Yacht Club

During the communication process, we learned that the hotel wants to perfect its starred hotel service. Furthermore, given that its a currency exchange service, the purchasing of an electronic hotel safe is necessary. Then, we surprisingly find that our Guard series hotel electronic safe perfectly matches its key needs:

1. The hotel electronic safe should be advanced in security features

2. The hotel electronic safe should be a high-security hotel room safe to help build up the starred-level property security system.

In general, the Be-Tech hotel electronic safe’s benefits mainly be divided into two aspects —- self-developed system and self-developed high-strength mechanical structure.

Be Tech keeps your guests safe and improves the hotel reputation 2
Be Tech keeps your guests safe and improves the hotel reputation 2

Self-Developed System

The self-developed system includes an industrial-leading audit trail system and smart package features.

Distinguishing from other electronic hotel safe boxes, the hotel electronic safe adopts an industrial leading audit trail system as the foundation, so Be-Tech hotel electronic safe keeps the leading position in the property security field.

Established in 1992, Be-Tech has a powerful and professional team of security engineers in the field of electronic security box hotel room safety. Supported by the powerful engineering team, we have successfully implemented a self-developed software system into the Be-Tech electronic hotel safe box.

The hotel electronic safe has a built-in smart package and is designed with a smart button key. The smart package developed by Be-Tech is a technical support package. If the hotel electronic safe goes wrong, the package can be set up and service the Be-Tech Guard series safe in seconds. The whole repair process requires no technical engineer. Also, the smart package supports event tracking. With the smart package, it offers hoteliers 300 event logs from the safe memory for printing. As for the smart button key, it is a compact and powerful electronic key which used for ensuring safe overriding. Meanwhile, it also makes the operation easier.

Also, the hotel room electronic safe is smartly designed with a backup mechanical option. If the hotel room electronic safe goes wrong and the smart package doesn’t work, the hotelier can use the mechanical key override.

By the way, the keypad on the electronic hotel safe is user-friendly. The telephone-style keypad on the electronic hotel safe is ADA-compliant. Therefore, our hotel electronic safe can help the hotel build up a thoughtful and comfortable service.

Self-Developed High-Strength Mechanical Structure

To perfect the function and improve the security level of the electronic hotel safe, Be-Tech also takes much effort into the mechanical design. Under this condition, the Guard series safe is built with a self-developed high-strength mechanical structure.

First, the hotel electronic safe has a revolutionary locking system with a double deadbolt mechanism, which can withstand external force.

Second, during the design process, the engineer applies the door-body integrated design into the hotel room electronic safe, which can minimize the crack between the door and body and prevent picking risks.

Third, the hotel electronic safe is designed with integrative solid steel bolt hinges, to maximize the security and durability possible.


Lastly, the Be-Tech electronic hotel room safe offers excellent performance in the software system and mechanical systems. There is no doubt that Be-Tech has no compromise in the design of the security.

Furthermore, to be the leader of the security field, Be-Tech insists on the research and innovation of the hotel electronic safe. With decades of hard work, Be-Tech is recognized as one of the worthy-to-trust electronic hotel safe manufacturers in the world.

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