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Location: Vietnam

Project type:  Factory

Luxshare-ICT (Van Trung)Company Limited was established by Shenzhen Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd. in Vietnam in 2020. The headquarter of this company is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of connectors. The connectors are mainly used in 3C, automotive and communications.

The company is deeply involved in the formulation of the Type-C standard. Furthermore, the company is the first one manufacturer in the world to obtain USB-C Connector certification and USB-C Cable Assembly product certification. More than 20 Cable and Connector products in the Luxshare-ICT have obtained TID certification.

The company covers a total area of 163,200 square meters, including workshops, office buildings, restaurants, and staff dormitories. There are a total of 3 areas in the staff dormitory building:

AreaThe number of the BuildingNumber of  Floor Levels
 (Each Building)
Total Room
A Area4 Buildings4 levels455 rooms
F Area3 Buildings6 levels377 rooms
CT6 Buildings18 levels2346 rooms

Wireless Online Door Lock System Project: The Key Needs of Luxshare-ICT
When the Luxshare-ICT comes to consult us about the commercial electronic door lock system for the employees’ dormitory, they have the following needs regarding the ideal electronic access door lock:

  1. Can Conveniently Manage The Large-Size Dormitory
  2. Is A Affordable & Flexible & High-Efficiency Electronic Door Lock System
  3. Provide 24-hour Monitoring Security The system can limit the time and place where users can go in and out; at the same time, the system can allow administrators to track remotely, monitor in real-time, and unlock or block other users’ operations anytime and anywhere.
  4. Provide Offline Backup Function
    The system has an offline backup function, that is, when there is a network failure or no network, it can be unlocked through the offline keycard signed by the server.

Benefits Of Be-Tech Wireless Online Door Lock System Project apply on Luxshare-ICT

  1. Wireless Access Control Door Lock: Wide Range of Application

This wireless electric door lock is an ideal security option for all types of properties such as commercial, public, and industrial buildings. As a cloud-based smart access control system, the Be-Tech wireless electric door lock is a secure, expandable, flexible, and high-efficiency wireless remote control door lock system. Therefore, it also suitable for commercial, office, education, health care, hotel, factory and other fields.In summary, this wireless electronic door lock is the ideal option to help Luxshare-ICT to manage the large-scale dormitory.

  1. Advanced Online System: Convenient Management

This wireless door lock could offer an advanced and convenient electronic security door lock system, with the corporation of LoRa gateway and door lock management system. Relying on the Be-Tech Online solution, all-access points’ functions and features shall be fully controlled by a centralized Web-based application to keep track of events, remotely unlock, or block users on the go, with all doors, users, and locations. Here are some main features of the online system:

image 1
image 1

●Both guest and master cards can be canceled from one central location. The online system will notify each lock.
●Easy and efficient to set cards if card keys are lost.
●Power notification on the system avoid checking the battery status of lock or safe one by one.
●All in one card provide easy to manage all the equipment in properties.
●Offline issue card provide backup solution for the properties in case of network breakdown.
●Multi-rooms check-in card help to manage and access multi-rooms more efficient by staff

  1. Electronic Card Door Lock System: High-Security Level

Supported by the BMS system, the commercial wireless door lock has an audit trail function with up-to-date access events that will be uploaded to the system without performing readouts lock by lock. The most important thing is It’s able to keep track of who goes where and when, carrying the activity feed in real-time, and your property is secured 24/7. And, if a hazard happens such as a fire, all commercial wireless door locks at the properties can be unlocked from one central location. Also, there is an offline system in this commercial wireless door lock. It is the backup plan, in case of a network breakdown. Even if the network breaks down, Luxshare-ICT still could check offline keycards on the server and unlock specific rooms.

Backed with the DMS system, this wireless electric door lock totally fulfills the needs of Luxshare-ICT in convenience and security. The multiple functions of this electronic door lock provide the most convenience in the management and greatly help Luxshare-ICT manage its large staff dormitory. Then the wireless electric door lock also safeguards the property of the factory and the safety of the Luxshare-ICT staff with its considerate safety functions.


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