101 Guide to Different Types of Deadbolts

Though technology has progressed vastly regarding security, people still rely on good old locks.

Whether anyone is searching for locks to boost security or replace outdated ones, it is important to look for ones that are not only new in appearance but also durable enough to withstand any impact without collapsing. The locks should be challenging to unlock even with various keys. When it comes to locks, there are plenty of them; out of all, deadbolts are one of the toughest and most popular choices from homes to hotels.

However, since all locks, including deadbolts, are referred to as locks, it is understandable that many people may not be familiar with deadbolts and their many perks. 

So, here is a comprehensive guide that discusses what deadbolts are and their different types. This information will be extremely useful if you are looking to set up a deadbolt business.

What Is a Deadbolt Lock?

What Is a Deadbolt Lock
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Deadbolts are contemporary-style locks without the inclusion of any springs; instead, a robust bolt mechanism locks the door securely. The locks have a keyhole or a knob that is twisted to unlock the lock. 

Deadbolts are the typical kinds of locks you would see in any hotel room, house, and many more. The reason they are one of the popular forms of lock is because of their feature of existing on both sides of the door by providing security to both sides, but also they are immune to any physical attacks.

Deadbolts are entirely impenetrable to break with any weapon, hammer, or tool, unlike padlocks, which are easily opened if exposed to physical attacks.

How Does the Inside of a Deadbolt Lock Work?

Deadbolts have a keyhole on the exterior through which the key is inserted. The interior has a cylinder with pins that are positioned in a certain position. When the appropriate key is inserted, the pins are moved to the correct position, which unlocks the door. 

Inside the door, a bolt moves in and out of the door frame to secure the door closed. 

Deadbolts provide maximum security and are often the most popular choices for owners who are looking to enhance the security of the doors. There are a variety of deadbolts and the next section will discuss the various types of deadbolts. 

Different Types of Deadbolts

Different Types of Deadbolts
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To provide the utmost protection, different types of deadbolts exist. Though the most common one seen in households are single-cylinder deadbolts, other types exist, and they are also unparalleled to each other regarding security. 

So, here is the list of the different types of deadbolts that are available in the market, and that you can add to your inventory too if you are a business owner.

Keyless Deadbolt

Keyless electronic Deadbolt
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Keyless Deadbolt, as their name implies, is keyless. They do not come with the cylinder mechanism as we mentioned in the above types, and they don’t come with a keyhole either. Instead, you get a keypad.

Commercial Keyless Deadbolt comes with a keypad system, and you need to enter a secret pin or code to unlock the lock. Some keyless deadbolts come with a keyhole and twist knob, which is used to open the door.

The Keyless Deadbolt works on batteries or electricity; you can choose either for your door. This deadbolt type minimizes the option of a security breach since no intruder can know the secret pin unless you let them know, and also, there is no chance of physical impact harming the lock. 

Smart Deadbolt Lock

Smart Deadbolt Lock
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The Smart Deadbolt Lock is the infusion of traditional deadbolt locks and smart technology, which heavily influences the high-level security they provide.

The Smart Deadbolt Lock, like the keyless deadbolt, comes with a keypad that can be used to unlock the door using the secret pin. Not only that but the door can also be unlocked with your smartphone, which is connected to the lock.

With wholesale smart locks, no intruder can unlock the door since any attempts will be informed to the concerned person on a smartphone. Another perk is even if a person forgets or is unsure whether he locked the door or not, he can check and close the lock from the smartphone wherever they are.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt 

Single Cylinder Deadbolt
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Single Cylinder Deadbolts are the most commonly preferred deadbolts. This is the kind of lock mounted on the door, which is locked and unlocked with the insertion of the appropriate key.

The Single Cylinder Deadbolt also has a twist doorknob above the keyhole, which is twisted to open after the keyhole is unlocked.

Single-cylinder deadbolts are immune to physical attacks since there is no way an external force will harm the keyholes. Single Cylinder Deadbolts are also one of the cheapest yet finest deadbolts compared to the other types.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Double Cylinder Deadbolt
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A double Cylinder Deadbolt is very much similar to single-cylinder deadbolts. It too has a cylinder mechanism that can be unlocked only with the appropriate key, but the difference is that double-cylinder deadbolts do not have a twist knob.

The twist knobs open the door after the key is unlocked, but double-cylinder deadbolts do not have any, which automatically means the key is required to open the door.

The Double Cylinder Deadbolt is mounted on both sides of the door, not only on the exterior; the interior side needs the key to lock and unlock the door. Thanks to its doubled security, the chances of an intruder unlocking a Double Cylinder Deadbolt is mainly impossible.

Lockable Thumb Turn Deadbolt

Lockable Thumb Turn Deadbolt
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The Lockable Thumb Turn Deadbolt is the combination of the mechanism of both single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts. It consists of a cylinder function inside, and on the outside, there is a thumb turn used to open and close the door. 

The advantage of the Lockable Thumb Turn Deadbolt is that one doesn’t always need a key to lock it. Simply twisting the thumb turn will lock the door. And when locked, the person on the other side will not be able to open the door without the key.

Rim Deadbolt

Rim Deadbolt
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Unlike the other types, Rim Deadbolt does not need any key to lock; instead, it locks itself automatically.

The Rim Deadbolt is mounted on the door, and a latch is fitted on the border of the door. When locked, the bolt will throw the bolt into the latch, which is impossible to open without a key.

Rim Deadbolts eliminate the need to recollect or second-guess securing the door because the doors instantly lock themselves.

Vertical Deadbolt

Vertical Deadbolt
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A vertical Deadbolt, also known as a jimmy-proof deadbolt lock, is the upgraded version of rim deadbolts. 

The mechanism is similar to the rim deadbolt; the bolt is mounted on the door while the latch is placed on the border. When locked, the bolt immediately is intertwined with the latch, and no sneaky attempts can unlock the lock.

The fact that vertical deadbolts are installed at the top rather than the side is an additional advantage. Therefore, it is difficult for a burglar to attempt to unlock a door that is out of their reach.

Mortise Deadbolt

Mortise Deadbolt 1
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Mortise Deadbolts are the old-fashioned locks and commonly used deadbolt varieties that existed before smart deadbolt locks came into existence.

The Mortise Deadbolt consists of a rectangular metal bolt and a latch system that locks and unlocks the door when the key is inserted.

Since the locking system is completely hidden from the outside, the chances of tampering with the lock with physical force are impossible. This is why RFID mortise locks are preferred in hotels which can be unlocked with the tap of the card. Also, compared to cylinder deadbolts, Mortise Deadbolts are quite expensive due to their enhanced level of security.

How Do Electronic Deadbolts Work?

How Do Electronic Deadbolts Work
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Electronic deadbolts are similar to the regular ones with one difference; they are electronically operated.

Electronic deadbolts, as their name implies, are electronically or battery operated to control the locking and unlocking of the locks. They come with a keypad or other advanced door lock systems that can only be accessed by the owner alone. 

Electronic deadbolts are the most popular choice nowadays for their highest level of protection because any infiltration attempts are promptly reported to the owner. Additionally, they have the following cutting-edge and intelligent features.

  • Various backup or authentication techniques
  • Multiple access solutions
  • Alarm integration
  • Tamper-proof integration
  • Custom programming
  • Customised LED signals
  • Options for troubleshooting
  • Smartphone operated

With the advancement of technology, there are different types of electronic locks; they are

  • Biometric Door Locks

Biometric locks have touch screens that allow users to permit entrance by scanning their fingerprints. Biometric sliding door locks are used in modern houses.

  • Key Fob Locks

Most hotels utilize key fob locks as their primary type of lock. Also known as proximity locks, they are opened by touching the key fob, which instructs the door to open. Many hotel lock suppliers provide a huge variety of types of fobs in various designs. If you are a business owner, you can contact a manufacturer to avail more information.

  • Smartphone-Controlled Locks

Smartphone-controlled locks allow owners to lock and unlock their locks remotely via wifi, Bluetooth, or an application.

  • Surveillance Locks

Users must enter codes to access surveillance locks; if an intruder tries to do so, the lock captures a photo of them.

Are Electronic Deadbolts Safe?

Are Electronic Deadbolts Safe
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Technology has progressed quite vastly, which is why electronic deadbolts are pretty popular among other lock varieties. 

However, are they safe as they proclaim to be?

Yes and no.

Regular electronic locks are usually made of materials that are not robust enough to withstand physical attempts, so there are chances of intrusion. But deadbolts are designed in a way that no matter how fatal the physical attack is, the bolt will remain locked and prohibit any intruder from entering. The security enhances even further when the deadbolt is integrated with modern, innovative technology.

Digital deadbolt lock uses the most advanced algorithms, and these algorithms are designed to unlock the door only when the proper passcode is entered. If wrong passcodes are entered, the locks will automatically not allow any other attempts and notify the owner of the intrusion attempt.

This is the major reason why hotels and homes prefer electronic deadbolts.

However, if the intruder obtains access to your passcode, the security is compromised. However, this is a rare event that may be avoided by changing the passcode on a frequent basis.

Are keyed door locks more secure than electronic door locks? 

Not much, but electronic deadbolt locks come with keyholes and passcodes, giving the owners the option to unlock the door with either the passcode or keyhole or both.

An electronic door lock is the best option for those who often forget their key or find having a key a hassle.

How Much Does a Deadbolt Lock Cost?

How Much Does a Deadbolt Lock Cost
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Depending on the digital door lock factory that one selects as a preferred partner, the cost of the deadbolt varies. The single cylindrical lock is the least expensive type of deadbolt, with prices ranging from $20 to $70. The most expensive deadbolts, ranging in price from $50 to $200, are keyless and electronic.

What to Consider While Selecting Deadbolts Lock?  

What to consider when buying deadbolt locks
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When purchasing a deadbolt, there are some features and information that one needs to look out for to ensure the deadbolt is feasible enough to withstand any attack. They are:

  • Protocol

Smart Lock enables owners to lock and unlock the deadbolt from anywhere. There are three communication protocols for deadbolts,

  • Bluetooth, the maximum range is up to 300 feet.
  • Z-Wave, the maximum range is up to 600 feet and is six times faster than Bluetooth.
  • WiFi deadbolt locks which one can lock and unlock one’s door from anywhere.
  • Security Features

The locks should have the following security features ensuring they are immune to physical attacks.

  • Anti-bump
  • Anti-drill
  • Anti-pick
  • ANSI Lock Standard Ratings

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard considers the lock’s durability, resilience, and latch duration. 

  • Grade 1 is the highest grade and most secure lock common for commercial requirements.
  • Grade 2 is the most popular residential lock.
  • Grade 3 is the lowest and least expensive for non-high security considerations.
  • BHMA Lock Standard Ratings

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) considers the locks’ stability, longevity, power, and finish. 

  • ‘AAA’ is the finest grade.
  • ‘A’ is best.
  • ‘B’ is better.
  • ‘C’ is good.
  • Price

Because they are the safest lock choice available, deadbolts are extremely pricey. However, each variety has a varied price range, so choose the one that fits within your budget allocations.

  • Location of the Lock

The location of the lock plays an important role in deciding the type which is appropriate for them. So it is better to discuss the location and ask the manufacturer which suits and is safe.

Deadbolt vs Door Knob

Deadbolt vs Door Knob
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Deadbolt locks are the types of locks that come with a sliding bolt that can be locked and unlocked with only a key. 

Doorknobs are common locks in bedrooms, and they consist of a knob and a keyhole that may be used to lock and release the lock. The latch bolt is attached to the latch, which protrudes from the door’s edge and engages the door frame, preventing the door from opening. When either knob is turned, the spindle revolves, allowing the latch to retract and the door to open.

Which Is Better, a Deadbolt or a Door Knob?

Though both locks provide security, deadbolt locks have the most perks because only a key can lock and unlock the lock, and if the suitable key is lost, only a locksmith can assist a person in unlocking the lock.

In the case of doorknobs, they are pretty easy to open and are also susceptible to physical harm.

Deadbolt vs Deadlatch

Deadbolt vs Deadlatch
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Deadbolts are impervious to physical attacks and provide maximum security by securing the doors with a bolt mechanism that can only be unlocked with the appropriate key. Commercial and residential property owners both favor deadbolt locks. Deadbolts are classified as a single cylinder, double cylinder, rim, vertical, mortise, and smart.

Deadlatch uses a latch mechanism to lock the door. Unlike deadbolts, deadlatches use a spring system that automatically locks the door when closed without needing a key or passcode.

Deadlatch, like a deadbolt, has different types of locks; they are:

  • Bored deadlatch is a type of lock with round bored apertures on the door that is operated by a thumb turn and a key.
  • Mortice Deadlatch is a sort of deadlatch set at the door’s edge and has a rectangle-shaped chamber for its lock.

Which Is Better, a Deadbolt or a Deadlatch?

In terms of security, the deadbolt is the better option. Because deadbolts can only be opened with a key on either side, though deadlatch automatically locks itself, it can be easier to unlock.

For instance, if an intruder breaks the window near the door and twists the latch, the lock will be unlocked. But this can’t happen to a deadbolt that needs a key to unlock from either side.

Double vs Single Cylinder Deadbolt 

Double vs Single Cylinder Deadbolt
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Single-cylinder deadbolts have an outside keyhole through which a key is inserted to throw or retract the deadbolt. The thumb turns inside and allows you to lock and unlock the deadbolt.

The majority of homes have single-cylinder bolts. A single-cylinder comprises a keyhole on one side and a knob or turning mechanism on the other. This latch is mainly made from a standard thumb-turn that looks like a simple lever and rotates like a key. This spinning mechanism is typically used indoors to secure the door without the usage of keys. They are the most basic and can only be opened from one side using a key.

A double cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole inside and outside of the door, so the only way to lock and unlock it is with a mechanical key. This type of lock, however, should be utilized with caution because it can make it more challenging to get out of the house quickly in an emergency.

Double-cylinder locks give an extra layer of security to your home or office. Without a thumb-turn mechanism, criminals cannot manually unlock the door with this bolt. Replace single-cylinder engines with double-cylinder engines to cut successful break-ins in half or more.

Which Is Better, Single Cylinder Deadbolts or Double Cylinder Deadbolts?

Deadbolts with a single-cylinder are considerably less sturdy than those with a double cylinder. While double-cylinder deadbolts are extremely challenging to open without the keys.

Use Premium-Grade Deadbolts to Protect Your House

Premium Grade Electronic Deadbolts to Protect Your House
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Deadbolts are the best locks out there if you are looking for enhanced security. The bolt mechanism of deadbolts integrated with high-level technology provides enhanced security and protection to your properties.

At digital lock company Be-tech, we offer premium-grade deadbolts with

  • Anti-drill features, beveled casings or hardened case steel
  • Long security plates 
  • ANSI Grade 1 Certification on all locks.

At Betechiot, we provide the utmost protection for residential, commercial, and hospitality facilities with our premium quality deadbolt locks.

Where to Get an Electronic Deadbolt Lock?

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Electronic deadbolt locks incorporate advanced technology along with the superior grade deadbolt mechanism. 

At Betechiot, we provide you with top-notch quality electronic deadbolt locks which are equipped with smart technology with the following features,

  • Auto-lock function
  • When repeated incorrect intrusion attempts are made, an alarm mechanism with a 60-second duration is activated.
  • Unlocking remotely
  • Anti-panic exit strategy
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • USB Power Supply


Deadbolts are unquestionably the greatest locks available since they provide the highest level of security and allow no room for theft compared to other types of locks.

With the types discussed, it is up to you to decide which type of deadbolts will suit your vicinity. 

If your budget is tight, single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts are the cheapest and finest options for you. You can choose smart deadbolts if you are a tech-savvy person who hates handling keys.

Or, if you need help selecting the right type of deadbolts for your door, you can contact us at betechiot.com/.

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