101 Guide of Keyless Electronic Door Lock

Electronic Door Lock
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Keyless electronic door locks are growing in popularity, and the reason for this is very evident. They offer more convenience and security and this is what everyone wants for their door experience. With these types of electronic door locks, you don’t need to fumble around with a bunch of keys to open a lock. In fact, you can control your door remotely like opening and closing the door for your guest when you’re not at home.

However, there’s a long list of these digital door lock types, which makes decision making difficult. So, to make this easy for you, digital lock company BE-TECH has put together the types of smart door locks and the things you need to consider to make the right choice.

What are Keyless Electronic Smart Locks

Keyless electronic smart locks, as the name suggests, are door locking mechanisms that don’t involve the use of keys. With these types of electronic locking systems, you can open and close your door using other methods rather than the traditional key. Some of these methods are passwords, PIN codes, tokens, RFIDs, biometrics, wifi, Bluetooth, and smartphones.

These types of electronic door locks give you more control over who is allowed to enter your residence and who isn’t, thereby making you feel more secure. Even from the comfort of your bedroom, you can easily grant or revoke access to anyone at the door. You don’t need to walk all the way to the door to turn the key.

Types of Electronic Door Locks

There are many electronic door lock types, and they all provide a modern approach to convenience and security, even though they do that in different ways. But to get the best, you have to contact a reliable smart lock manufacturer with indisputable professionalism and years of experience.

Electric Deadbolt Locks

electronic Mortise Lock
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Unlike the two types of electronic door locks mentioned above, bolt locks are commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings, though they are most likely different products. The locking mechanism works by installing them in the door and sending a bolt into the jamb.

Residential bolt locks use motors and gears to operate, while commercial bolt locks use a type of electromagnet, called a solenoid. When the door is to be opened, a signal is sent to the motor or the solenoid. This will retract the bolt, granting access.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Electronic Keypad Lock
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These are the most popular types of digital door locks used in residential homes. The keypads are always put at the entrance of the door facing the outside. All you need to access the lock is to input the correct password or PIN code. When you do this, the motor in the lock will flip the locking latch, making you turn the doorknob to enter.

When you want to lock the door from the outside, all you have to do is to press a single button, rather than punch in the password or PIN code again.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Door Lock

Radio Frequency Identification RFID
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RFID locks function by using signals from RFID-embedded tiles or cards that are designed to deactivate their unlocking mechanisms. These locks normally come with a few plastic tiles enough for family members to access the lock personally. The tiles are so small that they can hang on your keychain without being noticed. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to put them on the door; once the lock detects the signal, the door will be unlocked.

Because they are so simple to use and controlled, they are highly preferred in hotels and commercial settings. They are usually manufactured wholesale by hotel door lock system suppliers and other key card lock manufacturers as they provide a lot of benefits. Also, the plastic tiles and cards are very easy to make. So, in the event that someone loses his card, another can be made almost immediately.

Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Bluetooth Electronic Lock
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This is one of the more advanced electronic locking mechanisms; it’s used by many home door locks. This locking system works by installing the lock’s app on your smartphone, and integrating it with the door lock. With this, the lock will be able to detect your smartphone’s Bluetooth, thereby retracting the lock as you approach the door.

Bluetooth hotel door locks and other Bluetooth locks usually come with keypads and traditional keys that are used as backups when the Bluetooth door lock battery is exhausted.

Biometric Door Locks

Biometric Lock
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Biometric door lock manufacturers are rapidly growing in demand as the day goes by, and this is because they provide a door lock solution that’s unique to every user. These locks are becoming more popular in residential homes as they involve the use of individual biometrics like fingerprint, facial recognition, voice recognition, and retinal scan. They are good keyless locks for cabinets, safes, home doors, and other personal locks.

Meanwhile, you can program them to accept other people’s biometrics, but anyone who is not registered with the system won’t have access.

Wifi Door Locks

Wifi Lock
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Wifi door lock can be enabled with the wifi system in your home. By downloading the lock’s app, you can connect to the lock from anywhere in the world. This is a very much advanced and preferred type of electronic lock, especially by people who want sole control of their door. They will be able to open and close the door for any guests even when they are not at home.

The app allows you to set up many unique codes, offer fast access, and keep track of entries and battery levels. To get this type of lock, it’s best to go to a reliable electronic door lock factory.

Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic Lock 1
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Magnetic locks, which are also referred to as maglocks, lock doors with magnetic attraction. They are constructed in a two-part design, with an electronically controlled magnet that’s attached to the door jamb and a metal plate that’s fixed to the door.

These types of locks are opened when the magnet receives electrical current from the control board, which could be in the form of a keypad, push-button, or keycard. When this happens, the magnet pulls the metal plate, thereby locking the door. Magnetic locks are programmable into the fire alarm system, making the door to be unlocked in the event of a fire hazard. This makes occupants in the building evacuate the premises quickly.

These locks are more popular in commercial settings than in residential buildings because to set them up fully, you need additional hardware and complex wiring.

Electric Door Strikes

Electric Door Strike
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These smart door lock types are seen on conventional doors. They are the small metal component in the door jamb that catches the latch. Electronic strikes prevent doors from being pushed or pulled open not until the right password, PIN code, keycard, or other authentication method is entered. After this, the door will automatically be opened without turning the doorknob.

Just like magnetic locks, you can configure electronic door strikes to work hand-in-hand with the fire alarm system. They are also more popular in commercial buildings than in residential settings.

Pros and Cons of Keyless Electronic Door Locks

These are the advantages and disadvantages that come with using keyless electronic door locks.


  1. 1. Convenience: The comfort of opening and closing the door from anywhere you are is one-of-a-kind. You don’t have to abandon what you’re doing to unlock the door. Also, no need to carry a bunch of keys around or be conscious 24/7 of where you kept your key.
  1. 2. Security: According to research, over 70% of people usually forget if they locked their door or not. With keyless electronic lock systems, you can confirm remotely. Also, this system offers more security as only those with the right access code can unlock the door.
  1. 3. Durability: The keyed door lock system involves the turning of metal on metal, which wears down the lock. But keyless electronic door locks do not involve the frequent turning of metals, which makes them last longer.


  1. 1. Code hacking: If your access code gets leaked to someone else, your security can be breached. Also, if you don’t use a hard-to-guess code, a familiar intruder can hack your door lock.
  1. 2. Forgetting or misplacing the access code: You won’t be able to unlock the door if you forget your password or PIN code. In the same vein, if you misplace your key card, you won’t have access.
  1. 3. Power outage: Due to the system’s dependability on electricity and battery, your residence will become vulnerable if there is a power outage. In the event of this, your door can be left unlocked, putting more risks on lives and properties.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing Digital Door Locks

There are many things to consider before choosing the preferred type of digital door lock for your needs. Here they are:

Different Protocols

There are several protocols for controlling digital door locks. The first is the wifi protocol. It’s the most powerful protocol in terms of bandwidth; it has unlimited range provided there’s a strong connection. This means that you can control your lock from anywhere in the world. However, it consumes a lot of power, so be prepared to change the battery probably every month.

The other protocol is Bluetooth. It’s less powerful in terms of network load and bandwidth, but it’s more than sufficient for smart locks. It only works with the door when you’re nearby.

Another protocol is biometrics, which involves the use of individual unique biometrics like fingerprint, retinal scan, voice and facial recognition, etc. Other protocols are RFID, keycard, and keypad.

Low Battery Life

Most types of digital door locks use rechargeable or changeable batteries, and these batteries usually have different days and months they can last. Also, their longevity depends on how often you use the lock and its features. So, you need to choose an electronic lock that boasts of long battery life.

Another thing you have to consider is the battery indicator. The battery should have a light notification that alerts you when it’s low and needs replacement. If it doesn’t have one, you might just be locked outside one day and be unable to use the door. While some locks alert you by flashing lights, others start responding to controls slowly. When this starts, check out the battery.

Easy to Install

It’s good that your digital door lock is easy to install, so that you will fix it yourself whenever you need to change the battery or even the whole lock. Get a DIY electronic door lock, so that you won’t have to call an engineer anytime you need help with the lock.

Compatibility with Your Door/Safe/Cabinet

Another thing to consider is the compatibility of the lock with your door, safe, or cabinet. Know the additional costs that will be incurred to make it match the door. Choose a smart lock that will work with your door without you adding more expenses to your bill.

And if at all, you want a lock that doesn’t fit the door, make sure that you consider all the future expenses that come with your decision to know how to prepare. But it’s advisable that you select locks that are compatible with your door, safe, or cabinet.

Installation Place

The part of the door where you will install the lock is also important. Not properly picking a spot for the installation can destroy the aesthetics of the door. Also, proper dimension and precision must be made during installation, so that there won’t be mistakes that will make the door look rough.

Smart Integration

If you find a door lock that connects to your wifi with no hassle, you can also connect it to your smart home system. It can be integrated with digital voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to control the door from the comfort of your bedroom or couch. In fact, you can even ask for a report to know if the door is locked or unlocked. With a strong wifi connection, you will be able to perform this function even when you are at work or in a far location.

Different Unlock Ways

There are different unlocking ways to choose from. While some people want a push-button, which is also known as a one-touch method, others prefer a more technological-inclined method that has touchscreens.

All that a one-touch method entails is that you press a button and the door opens.

While the technological-inclined methods necessitate that you input some kind of code or password to gain access. They give a sleek entryway look, and they can be easily seen in the dark.

Smartphone Compatibility

Your smart home lock can be connected to your smartphone through an app, giving you access to monitor and control the door. In fact, you can retrieve the history of your smart lock, know who accessed the door, the successful entries, the failed attempts, and other important information. You will also get a mobile alert on the activities happening on the door lock.

So, whatever mobile device you are using, whether an Android or an iPhone, be sure that it’s compatible with your digital door lock.

On-Site and Remote Access

The best door experience comes with you being able to control the lock from anywhere, both on-site and remotely. Having this access allows you to check on the status of your door from anywhere you are if it’s unlocked or locked, as well as the battery level of the door.

So, while considering a list of digital door locks that uses an app, make sure that the option you choose has a user-friendly app that’s easy to set up and offers all-round access both on-site and remotely.

Home & Hotel Automation

Most smart homes and hotels have better security when the locking system supports the transmission of commands from other software and devices to the lock. These devices could be Alexa, Wink, IFTTT, and other centralized home and hotel automation systems.

Integration with Security System

This involves the connection of the door lock to your current security system for them to work together while you control them from one source. Multiple pieces of security equipment, whether they are from the same brand or not, can be combined into one system through an integrated system.

Consider the list of security equipment you’ll like to be integrated. You can as well factor in cameras, video surveillance systems, alarms, and many more.


Durability is a very important element to consider. As you know, the lock will be installed outside the door, meaning that it will be susceptible to harsh weather and vandalism. The important factor to consider here is how far can the lock resist all this pressure?

So, when checking for the best lock, factor in the lock’s waterproof, coldproof, heat resistance, and toughness. It would also be nice if the lock has some sort of guarantee against vandalism.

Security Level

The security level of door locks is measured by the grade attached to them. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) put door locks through stringent testing and inspection procedures to check their reliability. They categorize the locks into three levels. Level 1, which is the most secure. Level 2 comes next, while level 3 happens to be the last in line.

Note that this grading doesn’t mean that level 3 locks are bad. They passed the rigorous testing procedures to be on the list of recommended locks. There are a lot of locks on the market that are not graded.

Weather Resistance

As earlier stated in one of the points, the lock must be able to withstand extreme temperature, wind, and precipitation. Locks that are designed for indoor use are useless in this scenario as they are manufactured to be put under these intense conditions. Direct sunshine and even the pressure of a nearby storm can drastically reduce the lifespan of your door lock. 


The price of a digital door lock depends on the features, functionality, installation, connectivity, and integrated security system that will be paired with the lock.

What are the Best Smart Door Locks

Now that we’ve finished discussing the things you need to consider when evaluating the types of digital door locks, let’s look at the 3 best smart door locks on the market.

  • BE-TECH Digital Door Lock
BE TECH Digital Door Lock
Source: <a href="https://www.betechiot.com/product-item/fingerprint-and-rfid-card-and-touchpad-digital-door-lock-i8a1fmt/">Betechiot&nbsp;</a>

This is a superb lock that features three access solutions – fingerprint, RF card key, and PIN code. It has a LED indicator that notifies you of the operation that’s made. The door lock will be locked automatically after a few minutes of unlocking the door if any other operation is not done. Also, it has an alarm system that begins to sound aloud if someone attempts to unlock the door with an incorrect access code for 5 times. the alarm sounds for 60 seconds, notifying you of the operation.

How Do Keyless Door Locks Work

Just like a regular door lock, keyless door locks perform the function of opening and closing doors. But now, they do this without inserting physical keys into the lock system. Rather more advanced methods are used, including biometrics, keycards, wifi, and Bluetooth.

Are Keyless Door Locks Safe

Yes, they are. Keyless door locks don’t just offer convenience, but better security as their mechanical construction is usually difficult to replicate. Also, they feature alarm systems that alerts you when there’s an intruder.

Common Questions

Does it Work with any Smart Doorbells

While most of them are designed to work with any smart doorbells, others are not manufactured to be compatible. However, it’s highly recommended that you only use door locks that are popular and compatible with your doorbell, so that you will be able to replace them without any hassle in the future.

How Well Does the Auto-Unlock Work

An auto-unlock system works in a very seamless way. You don’t need to insert a key and turn it to disengage the lock, nor do you have to battle with the handle. All you have to do is to use your authentication code, and you gain access.

What Happens if There is a Failure

When there’s a failure with your electronic door lock system, everything will stop functioning. You can only access the lock via a mechanical method like a physical key.

Does Keyless Door Lock Allow Guest Access

Yes, you can set specific codes for guests, and then deactivate them when their function is complete. And if you don’t want to do this, you can maintain your sole control of the lock by opening the door for them remotely.


Keyless electronic door lock brings a lot convenience to people, if you are going to buy bulk electronic door locks for your business, you could contact us, there are various options for you.

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