What Is Fingerprint Door Lock and the Best One for Homes

Humans have traditionally valued their sense of security. Rather than storing goods in dungeons, we now safeguard data with multiple layers of encryption software. In either case, protecting our belongings has always been a top priority for us.

Today, security is provided by a variety of technologies and software, including web-based security services, biometrics, and personal devices with built-in security levels. One of the most significant technological advances of the electronic house locks era has been the incorporation of biometrics into security.

In this section, we will look into the inner workings of the best fingerprint smart door lock supplier, which were among the first and most widely used biometric deployment systems.

What Is a Fingerprint Door Lock?

fingerprint Door lock
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A china fingerprint door lock, despite its name, is defined as “a system that identifies the unique fingerprints of authorized individuals to grant access.” They’ve undoubtedly seen the ridges and valleys pattern on their hands several times. 

Patterns were an important result of human evolution because they improved our understanding of the world. As a result of this evolutionary stage, an amazing identification system emerged.

Fingerprints are nearly completely unique and contain a wealth of information. They are also extremely difficult to create or change and have a lifetime lifespan. As a result, they are excellent candidates for use as individual permanent identifiers. A “Fingerprint scanner door lock system” is established when fingerprints that can be recognized and discriminated are used to secure entryway access.

But the question remains: why not use a standard lock and key? Consider alternatives to costly fingerprint smart door lock technologies. There is no need to be concerned about leaving one’s fingers at home or at work with smart fingerprint door lock systems, as they have proven to be reliable and unobtrusive. 

Furthermore, because each fingerprint is nearly universally unique, fingerprint scan door locking systems are the most secure. Fingerprints, unlike traditional alphanumeric passwords, are difficult to forget or guess.

How Do Digital Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

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Let’s take a closer look at how these locks work. Fingerprint locks work by scanning their finger and converting the information into a numeric template.

When they first place their finger on the scanner, the fingerprint template is saved and the fingerprint is converted to numeric data. Then they repeat this process whenever they want to grant someone access. 

When a user touches the sensor again, the information is compared to previously stored values. If a match is found, the door opens and access is granted. If someone else tries to enter, entry is denied and the door remains locked. Isn’t it simple?

Currently, the most important phase of this procedure is algorithm matching. This is typically done by the Be-Tech matching technique. When they first register, a number of details, as well as their location and orientation, are placed on their finger pads. These data are duplicated in memory. 

The previously saved fingerprint template is matched to the input acquired during matching. The door is typically opened when a green LED indicates the presence of a match. The treatment is quick and only takes a second. A minutia is the combination of two friction ridge skin imprints, in case they were wondering.

Advantages of Having Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Smart Lock for Apartment
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A few decades ago, the ability to unlock a door without a key may have appeared like something from a science fiction film, but it is now a common occurrence. Biometric scanning technology improvements have made possible a variety of unique security devices, including locks that employ fingerprints for authentication. 

Because no two people have identical fingerprints, smart fingerprint door lock is one of the safest and most effective methods for ensuring that just they and no one else may access their home. Continue reading to discover how fingerprint locks may save them time, and money, and make them appear and feel like a boss.

Fingerprint Scan Door Locks Are Fast

Using conventional keys is time-consuming since they must first locate them and then look through all of the objects on their key ring to find the door’s key. In addition, if their hands are full, they will need to maintain balance in order to insert the key into the lock. 

Simply approach the door, place their finger on the scanning pad, and the door will unlock instantaneously if it has a fingerprint door handle. Two seconds is all it takes to open a door secured with a fingerprint entry door lock.

Fingerprint Front Door Locks Are Safe

Because, as stated previously, only fingerprint front door locks own their unique fingerprints, they must place their finger on the keyboard to gain access. This is vastly preferable to the inadequate security offered by conventional keys. 

Consider the subsequent: If their key is taken, the lock does not care if someone else uses electronic fingerprint door lock to enter their home, as the only requirement for entrance is the correct key; the lock will still open. Because only they have their fingerprints, no one else will be able to unlock their door with a fingerprint lock. This can save them a significant amount of money and stress by averting expensive break-ins.

Electronic Fingerprint Locks Tighten Access for Others

Consider the following situation: one of the duplicated house keys that they made for family members is lost or stolen. This could create a security breach large enough to accommodate a truck. With an electronic fingerprint door lock like the BE-TECH fingerprint door handle R780FTL, only authorized individuals will be able to enter the home, as the lock may be programmed to scan and detect the fingerprints of authorized individuals. 

Access control is strengthened, hence enhancing workplace security in commercial situations. Therefore, their possessions will remain secure, while less desirable folks will be unable to acquire access.

The Price of ThumbPrint Door Locks Is Reasonable

Due to normal wear & tear, traditional door locks may become stiff, loose, or frayed over time, requiring costly repair. A thumbprint door lock will require far less maintenance over time.

As they can see, thumbprint deadbolt door lock offers numerous advantages that can save them considerable time and money. So, what’s holding them waiting? Replace clunky keys with a digital fingerprint door lock!

The Disadvantage of Fingerprint Reader Door Lock

Reader door lock
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Even though fingerprint smart door locks offer a plethora of advantages, systems that are based on fingerprints also have a few downsides. Ironically, a good many of them are caused by the inherent benefits of the system. 

They are exceedingly tough to deceive, yet it is not completely impossible to do so. On extremely rare occasions, optical scanners are susceptible to being tricked by a fingerprint image. 

On the other hand, eliminating the requirement for capacitor-based scanners is accomplished by the utilization of molds. By utilizing pulse and heat detectors, also known as live finger detection, it is possible to prevent these incidents from occurring.

If someone were able to make a replica, mold, or image of their palm that could unlock smart lock for apartment, they would be in a very precarious situation. Because fingerprints cannot be reset in the same way that a password can, they will need to either update the locks or use a combination of a pin and fingerprint.

In addition, the scanner might not detect their finger if it has any cuts, scars, or abrasions on it if they have any of those things. Because of the frequent power failures and rapid depletion of their batteries that these electronic fingerprint door locking devices undergo, they may find themselves stranded outside of their office or place of business. 

Installing a mechanical system for fingerprint exterior door locks that, in the event of a malfunction, enables them to unlock the door with a key protects them from having to deal with these issues.

What Is the Best Fingerprint Door Lock for Home

fingerprint door lock residential
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Both the world and technology advance. Fingerprint door locks have grown in popularity in recent years. Many people believe that fingerprint door locks are safer than traditional keyed locks. But which is the best residential fingerprint door lock? Here are some of the best products that we recommend for your home:

B Tech Smart Deadbolt
Source: <a href="https://www.betechiot.com/product-item/be-tech-smart-deadbolt-k3s/">Betechiot</a>

Main Features of this residential fingerprint deadbolt door lock

Various access

This fingerprint deadbolt lock has the option of using a mechanical key, a fingerprint reader, a smartphone, or a personal identification number (PIN).

Auto Locking

When the feature to automatically lock the device is enabled, the device will lock itself after a period of four seconds. The fingerprint entry lock also has the option to modify the amount of time it takes for the screen to auto-lock, which can range anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds.

Scramble code

Scramble code gives them the ability to enter random digits before or after the right access code when they go home with friends or other individuals.

Mute Function

The buzzer sound can either be enabled or disabled depending on their preference when they use a fingerprint door lock for bedroom.

USB Battery Back-Up

The lock can be operated by another source of energy than the batteries in the event that they are not replaced.

Lock/Unlock Button

Simply pressing the Lock/Open button located on the body’s back will allow them to use or unlock the fingerprint door lock for bedroom.

WIFI Module for IOT use

Included in the package is the Connect Wi-Fi module (TUYA), which removes the requirement for extra hubs and enables them to use the WiFi network that is already established in their home.

Sharing and Convenient

Residential fingerprint door locks have the ability to provide friends and guests with codes that can only be used for a specific number of days, hours, or minutes, and they have complete control over when those codes expire. Never again will they have to stress about losing their keys, having them stolen, or having duplicates made.

Remote Unlocking

Instead of keeping guests waiting outside their house, make it a habit to always lock the door behind them.

Locks Monitoring

Fingerprint smart door lock may view the history of their locks, which contains a list of users, the codes they were allocated, and the hours that each entrance was open. They will be notified immediately if somebody enters their home.

Mechanical key override

This bedroom door fingerprint lock is also possible to unlock it with a mechanical key in the event that this becomes necessary.

Electronic door Lock 3

Main Features of this residential fingerprint keypad door lock

Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint, RF Card or PIN code)

In the event that an individual makes five unsuccessful attempts to access the lock by using an incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code, an alarm will sound for a period of one minute.

Scramble code

Families could preface the correct number with a number that is completely at random if they are afraid that the code might be cracked for fingerprint exterior door lock.

Various access

The Be-Tech k7S fingerprint keypad door lock provides users with four straightforward entry options: a fingerprint scan, an RF Card key, a BLE key, and a PIN code.

Mobile APP

This residential fingerprint exterior door lock makes it possible for customers to change their locks and unlock them using their cell phones.

High strength lock case

The inner mechanism is shielded from any attempts to drill into it thanks to the 1.5mm thickness of stainless steel type 304, which offers outstanding strength and protects it.

Flexible handle operation

A double lock that can be opened with the turn of a single handle. In addition to that, a free turn that is 45 degrees is doable for this fingerprint door handle.

Anti-panic exit system

This residential fingerprint door lock enables them to easily open the door from the inside of the house, which is convenient both for everyday use and in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Remote management(Optional)

When the homeowner is away from the house, a variety of tasks can be accomplished by connecting the WiFi network and the locks to a gateway. Such includes seeing the access record, unlocking the device, and adjusting the length of time that the PIN code is valid. This provides rental property owners with additional freedom to manage access to their properties.

Mechanical key override

In the event of an unexpected emergency, a mechanical key can also be used to unlock the fingerprint security door lock.

Low battery warning signal

When the door is opened, there will be a continuous “beep” to let them know that the batteries need to be changed.

Electronic Door Lock 1
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Main Features of this fingerprint exterior door lock for home

Various access

The Be-Tech M1B0FMTL residential electronic door lock with fingerprint provides them with four different entry options for their convenience: a Bluetooth key, a fingerprint, an RF Card key, and a PIN code.

Compatible with multiple mechanical mortise

The lock panel can be used in conjunction with any mechanical mortise or lock case that features a self-locking mechanism and has a distance of 68 to 93.5 millimeters between the center of the cylinder and the center of the handle in the mortise.

One-touch Fingerprint Verification

One-touch Through the use of fingerprint verification technology, a fingerprint can be read in a short amount of time.

Operation status notification

The LED indicator uses a wide range of colors and signals to provide families or rentals with information regarding the current state of every operation that is being carried out.

Scramble code

Families might preface the correct number with a series of random ones if they are afraid that others will figure out the code.

Automatic locking

After being open for just a moment, the outdoor fingerprint door lock will close and lock itself on its own. (There is also the possibility of manual operation.)

Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint, RF card or PIN code)

If an individual makes five unsuccessful attempts to unlock the lock by using an inaccurate fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code, an audible warning will sound for a period of sixty seconds.

Low battery warning signal

A continuous “beep” that occurs whenever the door is opened is an indication that the batteries should be replaced.

Invisible keypad

Only when their hand is in touch with the screen will they be able to see the number on the keypad.

Mechanical key override

It is also possible to unlock it with a mechanical key in the event that this becomes necessary.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Safe

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As our environment changes, society is constantly looking for ways to make daily tasks easier. One example is the locking and unlocking of doors. Physical keys were once used to lock and unlock doors. However, modern technology now allows people to use their fingerprints as keys. A fingerprint door lock is a cutting-edge device.

Fingerprint door locks have several advantages over traditional physical keys. To begin with, they are more difficult to lose. Anyone who finds their actual key can easily gain access to their home or business if they lose it. 

However, if they lose their thumbprint door lock key, only someone with their unique fingerprint can enter. As a result, fingerprint door locks are far more secure than traditional keyed locks.

How Long Can Fingerprint Door Locks Last?

Most fingerprint door locks come with lifetime warranties, so they can be confident that they will last as long as they need them to. It is critical to remember that a variety of factors may shorten the lifespan of their fingerprint door lock.

Using their electronic fingerprint door lock in an extremely hot or cold environment will shorten its lifespan. If they live in an area with extreme temperatures, make sure their lock is rated for the conditions. 

The frequency with which they use their fingerprint smart door lock may also have an impact on its longevity. If they use their lock on a regular basis, it will deteriorate faster than if they use it infrequently. If there is a need of purchasing a digital fingerprint house door Lock, contact smart lock company BE-TECH, the quality and price won’t let you down.

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