Deadbolt Vs Knob Lock Vs Handle Lock: What Are The Differences

There are several locks in the market nowadays. While it may be tough to find the perfect one, three basic lock kinds dominate the market. But which is better? Handle, knob and deadbolt locks each have their own favored users and even preferences among users themselves. It is known that the most preferred lock these days is the digital door lock china. 

In addition, each lock category has its own technical standards which will also vary based on what a person’s individual demands are. For people who are just beginning their own business and have trouble understanding different terms such as electric deadbolt lock or RFID security lock, read up on the differences and find out which lock could be better for any given situation.

What is a Deadbolt?

Keyless electronic Deadbolt
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The term “deadbolt lock” refers to a lock that cannot be opened without the use of a key. In the majority of situations, deadbolts are affixed to doors that already have doorknobs. It is not activated by a spring and is frequently constructed of steel or brass, so it cannot be broken easily. Additionally, the absence of a spring boosts its durability.

This lock must first be manually fixed by entering the key before the door may be closed. Unlocking the door requires twisting the bolt with a key from either the interior or exterior of the structure, once the lock has been locked.

This form of lock will be left open when inside the property, as the key and knob set will function as the primary locking mechanism. These extra security features make the deadbolt lock one of the most trustworthy and extensively used locks, the electronic deadbolt lock being the most popular of them.

It is imperative to know the different types of deadbolt locks. A few of them are listed below.

  • Rim Deadbolt: A rim deadbolt lock is commonly an automated lock that is put on the door’s inner and will normally lock itself when the door is closed. Due to the simplicity with which this lock may be opened, it is not considered to be the most trustworthy or lasting solution.
  • Vertical Deadbolt: A vertical deadbolt, which is very similar to the lock stated above, also locks itself upon door closure. Alternatively, because it cannot be opened by brute force, it gives a better level of protection.
  • Keyless Deadbolt: This type of deadbolt lock is defined by its employment of a keypad rather than a traditional keyhole. Because a numerical passcode must be typed using the numeric keypad, this option is easier and more secure. A terrific example of the same would be an electronic keypad deadbolt.
  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt: This lock can be secured and unlocked from the interior with a turning mechanism, and from the exterior with a key mechanism. 
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt: It is a type of deadbolt lock that employs a key mechanism to lock and unlock the door from both the inside and outside in order to give an added degree of security.

What is Door Knob?

A Grey Themed door lock
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Door knobs are generally spherical handles that spin clockwise or anti-clockwise to open a door. These are usually used for inside doors as an alternative to lever handles. 

There are also center door knobs which are employed as ornamental and utilitarian components to draw entry doors closed from the outside. There are several varieties of door knobs, including:

  • Dummy door knobs – This sort of door knob doesn’t require to be twisted to be used; it merely requires to be pulled to open the door. It is usually used on cabinet doors and wardrobe doors.
  • Passage door knobs – These door knobs are typically used in corridors and non-private rooms. They function with a latch and require the handle to be turned in order to open.
  • Privacy door knobs – These door knobs have a twist lock that can only be used from one side, making them suitable for bathroom and bedroom doors. They may also be unlocked from the outside in an emergency.
  • Keyed entrance door knobs – These door knobs have a lock and key mechanism on both sides of the door and may be installed in any safe space.

What Is Door Handle Lock?

Door handle locks consist of a handle on the outside side and either a keyed opening or twist knob on the inside side. For added protection, this style of lock has a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt.

These perform the same purpose as a doorknob lock, but they can improve the aesthetics of the exterior of a property. The following two types of lever handles are distinguishable:

  • Door handles on a backplate: On-backplate door handles are a conventional form of handle that rests on a backplate. There are three distinct mechanical processes described for these:
    • Lever lock: Lever locks, which have a keyhole, provide security in conjunction with mortise locks.
    • Lever bathroom: As the name implies, they are employed in areas where privacy is paramount, such as restrooms. These locks, which have a thumb turn lock, may be controlled from both the inside and the outside.
    • The lever latch, which features a push-down lever for easy operation, is typically used on interior doors.
  • Door handles on rose: Rose-mounted door knobs are a more modern choice. It rests above a round or square rose. Additionally, these are considerably smaller than backplates.

Deadbolt Vs Knob Lock

An Entry Doorknob
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The primary distinction between a deadbolt lock and a doorknob lock is that their latches provide varying levels of security. Doorknob and lever latches are designed to allow the user to quickly open and close the door, but a deadbolt latch is intended to provide additional door security. An electronic deadbolt door lock provides the highest level of security. This is because they are a part of the rifd security lock series that ensures prime safety and security of a property.

The latches of deadbolt locks are roughly square-shaped, whereas those of doorknob and lever locks are angular. The angle and slant of a doorknob or lever lock latch are essential because they enable the door to close correctly and remain shut until reopened.

Pros and Cons Of Deadbolt


  • Provides the highest degree of protection against physical brute-force assaults.
  • Cannot be forced open


  • Can become difficult to utilize if a home settles or changes over time.
  • Double-sided deadbolts provide a potential fire danger.
  • Lock rekeying will require both cylinders of a double-sided deadbolt to be rekeyed in order for them to operate with the same key.

Pros And Cons Of Knob Locks 


  • Typically less expensive than lever locks
  • Childproof more than lever locks
  • Dog-proof unlike lever locks
  • Compared to a lever lock, it’s less painful to become snagged.


  • Can be difficult for youngsters and those with arthritis to hold
  • A person who cannot turn the knob might pose a fire threat.
  • Some variants may be more difficult than lever locks to access the lock cylinder for rekeying.

Door Handle Lock Vs Deadbolt

A door handle set
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The difference between a door lever and a doorknob is that the lever is used to operate the door instead of the knob. This indicates that the horizontal lever may be depressed, as opposed to a doorknob. 

Door levers are frequently favored by homes and companies because of their simplicity of use, particularly with youngsters and the elderly, as well as in professional restroom settings. When it comes to providing the best level of protection against physical attacks such as kick-ins, deadbolt locks are the norm. 

The cylinders of deadbolt locks are often secured in place with stronger screws and are tightened directly from the inside of the residence, making them much more secure. In contrast, door handle locks have the lock cylinder on the exterior of the door, and the cylinder is often not held in place by screws. 

Pros and Cons Of Dead Handle Lock


  • It is more attractive than other doorknob options.
  • Equally as secure as doorknob locks
  • Many handle locks also use electronic keypads such as an rift security lock


  • Can be painful to walk into as the handle is at hip height and pointed.
  • Some animals can control the door-opening lever (big dogs mostly)
  • Costly are electronic door handle locks


Hopefully, it should be now clear why it’s important to select the best lock based on the proper criteria. Deadbolt locks, knob locks, and handle locks are all great in terms of security. All these kinds of locks are popular with businesses because they effectively prevent unauthorized access to any building. Aspects like security, affordability, and aesthetics should be taken into account.

If you’re looking for a supplier to help with your door lock business, such as an electronic deadbolt lock, remember to choose a smart lock factory that specializes in the finest quality products. We recommend reaching out to a digital lock company Be-tech.

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