Different Types Of Door Knob Locks And Handles

When purchasing door locks, most are unaware of the variety of locks, where everyone has different quality and is suited for different purposes.

Though you can consult your wholesale smart lock manufacturer on what types of lock suits the purpose you are looking for, it would be the best of you to know some types beforehand. So here we are bringing to your attention the different types of door knob locks and handles which provide the utmost protection and are durable enough to serve for a long time to come. 

What Is A Door Knob Lock?

What Is A Door Knob Lock
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Door knobs, in simple definition, is the locking gadget etched on doors that are turned to open the door. This is common knowledge. However, what most tend to miss is that within these seemingly ordinary knobs is an intrinsic locking mechanism that protects both the door and the room its guarding.

Outside, the door knob is decorated with finesse; inside is the intelligence of a locksmith. The interior of the doorknobs is an intrinsic locking mechanism that cannot be harmed by exterior force and can only be opened with the right key. 

Door knobs are known for their exquisite exterior designs and their exceptional ability to withstand even the harshest physical forces. 

Different Types Of Door Knob Locks And Handles

Different Types Of Door Knob Locks And Handles
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As we mentioned earlier, door knobs are well-known for their exterior finishes. Most door knobs come in vintage, contemporary, classic, and many more. You can select one as per your requirements.

Speaking about different types of door knobs, for each door, there are different varieties of door knobs available for different purposes. For instance, for a hotel room, to ensure security, knobs with keyholes are suitable. And for rooms in the house, door knobs with locks to enhance security are not reasonably necessary.

So here is a list of some of the different types of door knob locks and handles that you can consider for the purpose you are looking for:

Dummy Door Knobs

Dummy Door Knobs
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Dummy door knobs, as the name explicitly implies, are door knobs without any spectacular locking features. These door knobs are used on pantry doors and or on wardrobes for the sake of opening and closing the doors.

Dummy door knobs are mounted on the door’s surface, either on one or both sides. Also, these door knobs do not need to be rotated to open the doors. They only serve as a push and pull option.

Passage Door Knobs

A Privacy Passage Door lock
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Passage door knobs are similar to dummy door knobs in terms of functionality. They bear no unique locking mechanism and are used for room doors within the house or hotel room.

Unlike dummy door knobs, however, passage door knobs come with the rotation feature. So people will need to rotate the knob to open and close the door. However, since the locking feature is not present, the doors cannot be locked. 

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

A Keyed Entry Door Knobs
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Keyed Entry Door Knobs are the typical style of door knobs that are mostly used in hotel doors and houses. The door knobs come with a keyhole which can be locked and unlocked with the appropriate key. One of the significant features of Keyed Entry Door Knobs is that, though the locks are rotatable, they cannot be rotated when the knob is locked. So even if anyone tries to mess with the locks, it would be impossible to unlock the door without the keys. 

Keyed entry door knobs are often positioned on both ends of doors and are used for entrances. Consequently, if one side is locked, the other side is also locked. Strong deadlatch locks are used in keyed entry door knobs. The correct key must be entered in order for the deadlatch to unlock the door. If you want a sturdy door knob, use this one.

Privacy Door Knobs

Privacy Door Knobs
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Privacy Door Knobs come with a locking feature, but the feature is not as solid as keyed entry door knobs. The purpose of privacy door knobs is to prevent entry. These types of door knobs are usually seen on bathroom doors, bedrooms, and offices, where the doors are closed for a while when someone is inside the room wanting privacy.

To close the door, one must turn the handle to one side, and to open the door, one must turn the handle to the opposite side. Privacy door knobs have two knobs on either side of the door. Although privacy doorknobs aren’t always safe, they have a locking mechanism, like needles or another emergency function, that can be used to unlock the door if someone unintentionally locks themselves inside.

Storeroom Door Knobs

A black colored storeroom door knob
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Storeroom Door Knobs only open in one direction. The outside of the door is always locked, yet the interior is always open. In other words, the door knob will be tightly locked when someone tries to open it without a key. Even without the lock, the person inside can easily open the door. The majority of storeroom doors utilize door knobs.

The purpose of storeroom door knobs is to avoid the accidental events of locking one inside. The knob is etched on both sides of the door, where the outer knob comes with a keyhole while the inner knob is plain.

Other Types of Door Knobs

Other Types of Door Knobs
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Aside from door knobs, there are also various other door bolts, which are popular among consumers. They are:

Door Levers: 

Door Levers
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Door Levers are the common types of doorknobs used in salons or cafes, where customers open the door by pressing the levers. Usually, these types of knobs either come with or without keyholes.

They are available in different sizes and are an excellent choice for inside doors, like closets or basement doors. They feature a simple handle lever on one side and a twist knob on the other.

These locks does not offer much security as others, but, they do allow you to open doors quickly with one hand, which is why they are common choices of door knobs for restaurants, cafes, and salons.

Door Handlesets: 

Door Handlesets
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Door handle sets are mounted on the doors without specific or exceptional locking features. They are opened with a pull and are mostly found on wardrobe doors and ancient houses. They do come with a locking part, but separately. If a person mangoes to unlock the door, they can then pull the door open with the help of the handleset.

This type of lock features a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt for extra security. These serve a similar purpose as a doorknob lock but can provide a more appealing look to a home’s exterior.

Chain Lock:

Chain Door Latch
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The hotel doors usually use chain locks. Similar to a barrel bolt, these locks include a catch on the door frame and a primary locking mechanism on the door, but instead of using a cylinder piece to lock the door, they use a chain.

The door can be kept locked while you open it slightly to greet someone, thanks to the chain lock. Until you shut the door and let go of the chain, which enables you to open the door fully, no one will be able to enter.

Special Door Knob Features

Electronic door Lock 3
Source – BE-TECH

Thanks to technology, nowadays, door knobs are exceptionally designed with advanced technology, thus enhancing the security of the locks. Here at digital lock company Be-tech, we develop intelligent locks as well. Smart locks utilize advanced wireless technology to lock doors. The operations can be controlled with your smart device. These types of locks can also be locked and unlocked via a mobile application.

A biometric door handle can be opened with the fingerprints of the owner. All the owner has to place their fingerprints on the handle, and the smart technology will give access. If malicious attempts are tried, the locks will securely lock themselves and send you notifications about the attempted breach. For advanced and secure door locks, it is best to consult a renowned electronic door locks factory.

The Bottom Line

Door knobs are necessary to lock and unlock the door and provide an aesthetic feel to the door to complement the environment.

With the types discussed, we hope you have already chosen the types of door knobs for your door.
Or, if you need help selecting the right type of door knobs for your door, you can contact us at betechiot.com/contact-us/ or dial us at +86-757-28376123.

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