Double vs Single Cylinder Deadbolt: What Are the Differences

The front entrance of your home conveys a lot of information. With the right combination of color, material, and design, you can create any impression you want. It can make your entire home feel more welcoming, elegant, playful, or serious. However, in your quest for the perfect door, you must never sacrifice safety and security. Finding suitable smart locks for home is very important.

Including a deadbolt in the design of your door is the best way to ensure that potential intruders are prevented from entering your property. Although they have mostly become a standard feature of modern homes, purchasing a deadbolt lock still necessitates some research, you need to buy the best lock for apartment door. This is especially important when deciding between a single-cylinder and a double-cylinder lock for your home. Of course, understanding each alternative and what it has to offer is the first step in making this decision.

What Is a Single Cylinder Deadbolt?

Single cylinder lock
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Single-cylinder deadbolts, entry knobs, and handle sets can be locked or unlocked from the inside of a structure without the use of a key when activated from the exterior. The door is locked and unlocked using a thumb-turn lever.

Locks with a single cylinder are more prevalent than those with two. This is primarily due to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Purchasing and installing double cylinder locks is often more expensive than single cylinder locks. Additionally, they are more convenient because a key is not required to unlock the lock from the inside. The door is lockable and unlockable with a simple thumb turn.

What Is a Double Cylinder Deadbolt?

Double cylinder lock
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A key is required to lock and unlock double-cylinder deadbolts, entry knobs, and handle sets from both the interior and exterior of the structure. There is no thumb-turn mechanism on a twin cylinder lock.

The rationale behind selecting a dual-cylinder lock Enhanced security is a significant motivation for doing so. This is especially true for doors with glass panels or windows that are nearby (within arm’s reach). 

An intruder could shatter the glass and reach inside to unlock the door. This issue is resolved by installing dual cylinder locks on outside doors. Due to the absence of a thumb-turn, intruders cannot physically unlock doors through shattered windows.

The double-cylinder design, however, presents safety concerns. Without the right key, occupants will be unable to escape through double-cylinder locked doors in the case of a fire. This is a common preventable cause of mortality in residential fires. 

By keeping the key close to the keyhole and only locking the deadbolt when no one is inside the building, the risk can be lessened. Because the air is the cleanest at floor level and you may have to crawl to reach the escape, some fire departments advise keeping the key close to the floor-level entry.

On fire escapes, single-cylinder deadlocks with an unlocked twist mechanism on the inside of the door and without this issue are the most prevalent. In some regions, fire safety laws prohibit locking an exit.

Double vs Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Double cylinder deadbolt lock
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Single-cylinder locksets are locked and unlocked from the outside with a key but can be locked and opened from the inside without a key. A device with a single cylinder can be locked and unlocked by rotating or pressing the thumb lock on the internal knob, which engages or disengages the bolt.

Double-cylinder locksets are keyed from both the exterior and interior of the door and can be activated from either position. This indicates that a key is necessary to engage or retract the lock bolt from within a building.

Advantage: Single Cylinder vs Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Single cylinder
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Pros of Single Cylinder Deadbolt

What are the advantages of a single cylinder lock over a double cylinder lock? Let’s examine the merits and potential flaws of each option in light of your needs.

  • Cost-Effective

This lock type is gaining popularity because it is less expensive. Single-cylinder deadbolt locks range in price from $20 to $70. When you need many locks for your home, price becomes a significant factor.

  • Convenient

To lock or unlock your door, you need just to turn the deadbolt. The same holds true if an emergency compels you to leave your home. Unlocking your door makes it simpler and safer to exit for safety immediately.

The modern homeowner has become accustomed to locking and opening the door with a thumbturn from within the residence. This, together with their low price, explains why these deadbolts are more prevalent than their double-cylinder equivalents.

Pros of Double Cylinder Deadbolt

  • Maximum Protection

The primary benefit of deadbolts with two cylinders is that they are designed to provide a high level of security. Therefore, it is more difficult for thieves to pick or unlock these doors. For homeowners, double-cylinder deadbolts are the most secure alternative. Popular among homes, single-sided deadbolt locks do not offer the same amount of security as double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

If one is within arm’s reach of a door, an intruder can smash a window and turn the knob to unlock it. When a door with a single-sided lock is adjacent to a window, intruders can simply enter the home. Keys are required to unlock double cylinder deadbolts from the interior or exterior. Due to the twin cylinder deadbolt, the door cannot be opened even if an adjacent window is broken.

  • Safety

Dual-cylinder deadbolts protect building inhabitants. This is equally as crucial as deterring would-be robbers. You desire for your family to feel safe and comfortable in your house. Families with young children and those with family members suffering from diseases such as dementia should pay particular attention to this. 

Keys are required to unlock double-cylinder deadbolts from the inside and outside. This means that if you lock a double-cylinder deadbolt from the inside or outside, your loved ones will be safe. To make this function, you must protect or restrict access to the key.

Double-cylinder deadbolts are ideal for sliding glass doors and windows. This is because their presence at these doors ensures that no one can compromise a home’s security without the owner’s keys. To open the door from the inside, keys are necessary even if the glass has been smashed.

  • Dealing with Naughty Kids is Easy

On the front entrance of a house with unruly youngsters, replacing a simple latch lock with a single cylinder bolt may seem like a decent idea. Nevertheless, some youngsters can be a nuisance. 

They can depart without their parent or guardian’s knowledge by pressing or turning a button to unlock a door. With a double-cylinder lock, however, dealing with such mischievous toddlers is straightforward. Due to the fact that the children will need the key to open the double-cylinder deadbolt. A deadbolt lock with two cylinders is therefore the finest alternative for a family seeking to safeguard the security and safety of mischievous children.

Disadvantage: Single Cylinder vs Double Cylinder Deadbolt

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Cons of Single Cylinder Deadbolt

However, these handy deadbolts have certain disadvantages. Generally speaking, single-cylinder deadbolts are less secure than double-cylinder deadbolts. They can make it simpler for criminals with the appropriate information to break into a home. In addition, they are easy for small children to use, letting them to walk outside without being observed.

Even though the majority of locks will function well, you should always carefully weigh your selections. Single cylinder deadbolts have just one drawback, but it’s undoubtedly a matter of preference.

  • Less Secure Than Double Cylinders

While still offering a reasonable level of security, single cylinder deadbolts are less secure than double cylinders.

  • Lockset Issues

It’s possible that the deadbolt is not aligned perfectly with the lock cylinder, making it harder to open. This usually happens with older models, and needs to be dealt with immediately.

  • Larger Area to Monitor

There are only two points of entry on the door. If something happens, it’s very easy to tell which point of entry was used to get in.

Cons of Double Cylinder Deadbolt

  • Important Requirement

There are advantages and disadvantages to double cylinder deadbolts that can only be unlocked with a key from the inside or the outside. This is due to the fact that the same features that make it difficult for thieves to break into a structure also make it difficult to flee, even in an emergency. For instance, if a fire breaks out in a home with double-cylinder deadbolts, the keys must first be located. This is because to the fact you cannot escape the fire hazard without them.

  • Not Appropriate for All Doorways

It is essential to remember that the emergency escape must be simple to use and unlocked without a key. Therefore, double-cylinder deadbolts are not recommended for use on emergency exits. Emergency-use-only doors should not have double-cylinder deadbolts fitted.

  • Illegal in Some States

Check the local regulations before putting double-cylinder deadbolts in your building. In some localities, dual-cylinder deadbolts are prohibited due to fire code restrictions. In essence, if a person lacks the keys to a digital lock deadbolt, they may get imprisoned within their home during an emergency. It is essential to check your local building codes to see if they can still be installed.

These are the primary advantages and disadvantages of dual cylinder deadbolts that you should evaluate before installing them in your building. If you are still uncertain about whether to put single- or double-cylinder deadbolts on your home, you should visit a professional locksmith. This might help you grasp the differences and make an informed choice from the available solutions.

If you have a plan for an emergency evacuation, you should essentially install digital deadbolts. This is because a person overtaken by smoke or fire may panic and lose the capacity to unlock even a RFID mortise lock with a key. Therefore, you should discuss your choices with a locksmith in Hartford.

A knowledgeable locksmith in Hartford can also recommend the optimal locations for installing double-cylinder deadbolts. If you already own the locks, they can also install them.

Construction Comparison

Constructure comparison
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Even the untrained eye can differentiate between locks with a single and double cylinder. A single-cylinder deadbolt includes a key slot on one side and a knob or turning mechanism on the other, which is commonly a thumb-turn that resembles a basic lever and rotates like a key. This turning mechanism, which is often positioned to face the interior, can be used to lock the door without the use of keys.

The double-cylinder deadbolt’s locking mechanism requires a key on both sides, whereas the single-cylinder deadbolt requires only one. Therefore, both the lock on the exterior and the lock on the interior of the door will require a key to operate. 

This is the most significant difference between these two types of deadbolts. Although it may appear to be a tiny distinction, it has a considerable effect on the functionality of this crucial lock, raising the question of which is preferred for contemporary homes.

Which One Is Better: Single Cylinder vs Double Cylinder Locks

Each lock has the same number of benefits and drawbacks. So, which is superior? Sadly, there is no simple answer. Currently, the decision depends purely on your needs as a homeowner. If you reside in an area where burglaries and thefts are widespread, a double-cylinder lock may be your best option. Nonetheless, if you live in a hot, dry region where house fires are a significant risk, this can be a risky and stupid decision.

If you regularly need to lock and unlock your door, single-cylinder deadbolts are the ideal solution. However, installing this lock creates a different set of issues if you have young children. Ultimately, choosing this decision is comparable to every other decision you will face as a homeowner. To choose the optimal alternative for your home, you must consider not only your preferences but also those of your family and the environment.

Factors Need to Consider When Choose Deadbolt Lock

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The type of electronic door locks china that you want to install is a matter of personal preference. You can choose one that you’re familiar with or one that you’re not. Choose a model that will work for your application and personal preference. Here are some of the factors that you’ll need to consider in choosing a deadlock:

Lock Safety Class

First, you need to consider the lock safety class. The lock safety class refers to the level of protection that the lock offers to its users. Choosing the wrong lock can make your home a target for burglars. There are four levels of lock safety class defined by ASME B1.1. You will have to choose a lock according to this class.

The Length of the Key

Another important factor that you will have to consider is the length of the key used by your lock. You need to consider the number of key cuts and the number of stages that the key needs to pass during its journey to the deadbolt. 

You also need to consider the diameter of each key. You can choose an old-fashioned lock that uses a key or a lock that uses a keypad deadbolt lock. You need to select a smart lock manufacturer that offers enough security in a smaller space.

The Handle of the Lock

The handle of the lock is the portion of the lock that the key needs to turn. The number of turns that the handle needs to complete is another important factor that you will have to consider. The longer the handle of the lock, the more time it will require for the lock to turn one full rotation. The number of turns per minute can play a role in the number of successful and failed attempts by burglars. 

Use Upgraded Electronic Deadbolt for Your Home Security

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The use of advanced lock technologies has improved the security of our homes. The deadbolt locks are now equipped with many features as compared to the older models. The advanced lock is also known as the electronic lock from Be-tech. The electronic lock also provides one with the convenience of having a keyless entry system. The access control system of the electronic lock is highly advanced.

These locks are equipped with a number of features like:

  • Multiple access
  • You have a choice between a smart phone, a PIN code, and a mechanical key.
  • (Adding a WIFI module is the basis for unlocking smartphones)
  • Using Auto Locks
  • Enable the auto-lock feature, and it will by default lock after 30 seconds. If necessary, you can also adjust the auto-lock time between 3 and 30 seconds.
  • Special User Codes
  • You can create up to 49 codes for family and friends, giving each member of your family a unique code that is simple to remember and has four to nine numbers.
  • Jumble the code
  • When you go home with friends or other individuals, scramble code allows you to enter random digits either before or after the right access code.
  • Function of Mute
  • You can choose to enable or disable the beep sound.
  • USB Power Supply
  • In the event that you forget to replace the batteries, the lock can be powered by a backup power source.
  • Button to Lock/Unlock
  • To lock or unlock the lock inside the room, press the Lock/Unlock button on the back of the body.
  • WIFI Module for IoT
  • comes with the Connect Wi-Fi module (TUYA), which eliminates the need for extra hubs and allows for use with your existing home WiFi.
  • Sharing and practical
  • You can give friends and visitors codes that are good for a few days, hours, or minutes, and you can withdraw them whenever you need to. Never again stress over misplaced, stolen, or duplicated keys.
  • Distant Unlocking
  • Never ever keep a visitor waiting outside your house; instead, always lock your door.
  • LOCKS Observing
  • View the history of your locks, a list of users, the codes they were given, and the times of each entrance. Receive instant notifications whenever someone enters your home.

Final Words

If you’re still unsure about which lock will work best for your home, it may be time to learn more about the products you’re considering using. Contact Betechiot for more information about the best smart locks for apartment buildings.

The knowledgeable staff at this cutting-edge, trendy store can answer any questions you have about doors and match you with the best solution to make your home as safe and secure as you need it while preserving lovely, scenic doors suitable for any entranceway.

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