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Project type: Factory

Founded in 2000, TRUKING is a leading company in China’s medical equipment industry and one of the most well-known companies in the world’s medical equipment industry. The company’s major business is pharmaceutical equipment and technological solutions, and it is a pioneer in fostering research and development of smart pharmaceutical factories.

The Major Need For TRUKING

During the communication process, TRUKING hoped to find a commercial electronic lock suitable for managing employee dormitories, thereby reducing operating costs. Here are some of their needs for an ideal smart lock:

  1. Effectively manage large employee dormitories
  2. It can simplify operating procedures and facilitate operation.
  3. Have a complete door lock system
  4. Can support multiple online keycards

Wireless Keyless Door Locks: A Perfect Solution

Faced with the needs of TRUKING, Be-Tech provides a perfect solution. This wireless online smart lock is an ideal solution for all types of properties, not just commercial but also public and industrial buildings. It not only meets the market needs of access control but also upgrades your property operations, meeting the basic needs of different industries.

High Security Hotel Lock

High Security Hotel Lock

Wireless Remote Control Door Lock System: Advanced Management System

We installed the Be-Tech wireless networked door lock system for TRUKING’s employee dormitories in China, which effectively reduced the administrative cost of operating and maintaining the employee dormitories. Here are some specific methods:

Reduce personnel requirements: The biggest feature of wireless networked door locks is that they can achieve automated management. The function of automatically locking and unlocking the door may be implemented through settings, eliminating the requirement for employees. Compared with traditional door locks, it reduces the workload of managers and door lock maintenance costs.

Support multiple online keys: Traditional keys are easy to steal, copy, or even lose. Compared with traditional keys, smart locks provide multiple access methods and reduce the trouble of key management. Be-Tech wireless online door locks can support up to 80 online key cards, which is very suitable for large dormitory management.

Remote operation management: For employee dormitory management, the most convenient function is to be able to operate the door lock remotely. This door lock system enables administrators to remotely monitor and operate door locks through a mobile app or computer, making it easier to manage several rooms.

Provide backup solutions: Offline card issuance provides backup solutions for property in the event of network failure. There is also an audit trail function that uploads the most recent access events to the system, avoiding the need to do readings one by one.

Wireless Smart Door Lock: An Efficient Choice

If you are looking for wireless entry door locks suitable for large-scale management, Be-Tech’s wireless door lock is your good choice. This door lock provides convenience to the hotel industry and efficiently manages employee dormitories. Therefore, it has become an ideal choice for many companies, such as CORNEX NEW ENERGY Company, Shenzhen Polytechnic, etc. They successfully handle large-scale operations and boost security with the aid of the Be-Tech wireless door lock system.


As a premier smart lock manufacturer in China, Be-Tech is devoted to producing various high-quality smart locks suited for different industries. If you are unsure about which smart lock is best for your project, please contact Be-Tech. We will supply you with appropriate solutions based on your requirements.

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