Taiba Front Hotel – Saudi Arabia

Location: Saudi Arabia

Project type: Hotel

Project Background

Overview of Taiba Front Hotel

Taiba Front Hotel, a premier destination in Al Madinah, is renowned for its modern accommodations and proximity to the Prophet Holy Mosque. The hotel boasts a myriad of amenities, including two large restaurants, a commercial mall, and 24-hour room service. With its excellent location score of 9.4 and a high rate of repeat guests, the hotel is a preferred choice for many travelers worldwide.

However, the bustling nature of the hotel and the constant inflow of guests necessitated a more cutting-edge and efficient security solution. This led to the implementation of the Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID G1 Series electronic hotel card lock system.

The Need for Advanced Security

With modern accommodations that feature air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and views over the Holy Mosque, Taiba Front Hotel recognized the need to upgrade their security measures to match their high-quality facilities.

What’s more, given the hotel’s high occupancy rate and diverse clientele, including families, couples, and guests with disabilities, a secure, user-friendly, and efficient access control system was crucial. The hotel required a solution that not only ensured the safety of each room but also catered to the needs of different guests.

The Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID G1 Series is a luxury version of the smart card hotel lock with more aesthetically pleasing outside escutcheons and handles. It emerged as the perfect fit with its state-of-the-art features, robust security measures, and high adaptability.


Electronic Hotel Card Lock at Taiba Front Hotel
Electronic Hotel Card Lock at Taiba Front Hotel


Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock: Features & Benefits

The Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID G1 Series is equipped with 13.56MHz technology and is compatible with ISO 14 443 A (MIFARE) standard. Powered by 4AA batteries, it ensures up to a year of reliable use. This stand-alone electronic lock, featuring RFID technology, incorporates a high-security stainless steel mortise lockcase (available in ANSI, AUS, and EURO versions). Its 3-point stainless steel latch construction, coupled with an anti-friction mechanism, fortifies this keyless hotel lock, offering robust protection against any unauthorized access.

In addition, the RFID card lock system is fire-listed for use on fire doors (EN). A significant feature is the panic release function, facilitating easy egress during emergencies to enhance guest safety. Moreover, this ADA-compliant digital hotel door lock ensures accessibility for guests with physical disabilities, and the re-programmable memory introduces a future-proof element to its functionality.

This hotel electronic card lock utilizes the world-renowned MIFARE contactless technology for all guest and employee cards, making room access easier and increasing guest satisfaction. This smart hotel room system also provides more adaptability with its RFID keycards and carriers that can be used for any style of hotel. And it offers more security with its anti-hacker technology that prevents re-programming of FLASH RAM lock memory from outside the escutcheon.

Guardian RFID 1
Guardian RFID 1

Electronic Hotel Card Lock – Guardian RFID


Integration with Hotel Operations

The Be-Tech electronic hotel card lock, crafted for outdoor use, ensures robust performance and durability. Its seamless integration capability with various hotel applications offers a comprehensive solution for efficient hotel management. This includes interfacing RFID keycards with other hotel applications like access control for parking, facilities for disabled guests, and lift access.

This integration goes beyond operational streamlining. It significantly enhances the guest experience and elevates security measures. The smart card hotel lock not only provides better information control but also features an entry record audit trail and low battery status monitoring. Additionally, the real-time clock adjustment feature ensures accurate timekeeping for access logs, contributing to an overall enhanced image of the hotel and creating a new and improved experience for customers.


The case of Taiba Front Hotel is a shining example of how Be-Tech can transform the security landscape of a hospitality establishment, offering guests a safe, comfortable, and memorable stay. The advanced features, adaptability, and integration capabilities of this hotel card lock system make it an excellent investment for any hotel aiming to enhance its security and offer a seamless experience to its guests.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, so too will the need for innovative, reliable, and user-friendly security solutions. With a commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction, Be-Tech is well-positioned to lead this evolution, helping hotels worldwide enhance their security and improve guest experiences. Elevate your security strategy with Be-Tech – contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a solution for your specific needs and contribute to the success of your hotel project!

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