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Prominent Fingerprint Door Lock Supplier in China

BE-TECH is a prominent smart lock manufacturer in China that supplies unique fingerprint door lock systems that bring convenience and security right to your fingertips through advanced biometric technology. As a fingerprint door lock supplier, we provide you with a means of unlocking the door and all you need is to place your fingertip on the door to scan.

We also provide you with customization solutions. Your fingerprint reader door locks can be customized to promote your brand by printing your logo on the door lock.

Our capability to meet bulk orders is outstanding compared to other fingerprint door lock manufacturers as we have a 30,000 square meters production base and the largest testing center in China for quality assurance.

At BE-TECH, all our production processes are carried out in-house for strict compliance with customers’ requirements and quality standards like CE, ISO, RoHS, BHMA, and UL.

Features of BE-TECH Biometric Sliding Door Lock

As a leading fingerprint door lock supplier, BE-TECH manufactures several biometric sliding door locks that feature 

amazing properties. Here are some features of Be-Tech fingerprint door locks.

Simple Installation

The installation process of fingerprint door locks is very seamless. BE-TECH, the professional fingerprint door lock supplier provides you with all the technical support you need.

High Quality Aluminum Alloy

All our biometric door locks are made from high-quality, trendy, and strong aluminum alloy that can withstand a lot of physical force, ensuring that no break-ins and theft are allowed.

Integrate Unlock Methods

Other than unlocking the door lock with your fingerprint, there are other unlocking means like PIN code, RFID card, mechanical key, and wifi that can help during system failure or emergencies.

Low Voltage Alarm & Emergency External Power Connector

Features an low voltage alarm indicator. Also, Be-Tech biometric door lock has emergency external power connectors that act as a battery backup.

Imported Chip and Electronic Components

As one reliable biometric door lock manufacturers, the chips and electronic components used are imported from reputable raw material suppliers.

OEM/ODM China Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock in BE-TECH

As one of the best fingerprint reader door lock suppliers, BE-TECH provides OEM and ODM fingerprint keypad door locks that are uniquely designed for the needs of the users.

Fingerprint Door Lock Design

The fingerprint keypad door locks are customized to be unique, classy, and showcase your brand. They can be configured in different shapes and colors, usually champagne gold, champagne silver, or coffee gold.

Fingerprint Door Lock Function

Biometric door locks can be designed and manufactured according to attributable to the function they would serve. A residential biometric door lock is customized differently from a commercial door lock.

Fingerprint Door Lock Logo

Asides fulfilling the function of unlocking door locks, fingerprint door locks are usually customized to promote your business through your logo and the services you offer. Biometric door lock manufacturers could satisfy your need.

Wide Applications of China Fingerprint Reader Door Lock

BE-TECH is one of the highly rated fingerprint door lock suppliers to provide unique fingerprint reader door lock systems for several

institutions and purposes. Here are a few of them.

Residential Solution 1

Residential Solution

Homeowners can easily make an entry into their lovely abode with their fingertips. This provides premium security of lives and properties as only their fingerprints are access code for entrance.

Hospitality Industry 1

Dormitory Industry

BE-TECH’s fingerprint reader door lock systems are used in dormitory to give students and administrators the smarter and more digital living experience, which also provides efficent management and high safety.

Commercial Government Office

Commercial & Government Office

Using advanced biometric technology in commercial and government offices is paramount as it ensures that confidential information is kept secret from outsiders. Privacy in meetings and documents is enjoyed with office smart lock .

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Biometric
Door Knob Business

For over three decades, we’ve been ahead of other smart door lock manufacturers in providing a one-stop solution for all biometric door knob business needs. We have a list of the thorough and productive processes through which we make this possible. Here they are.

OEM/ODM Fingerprint Locks Development

BE-TECH has a professional R&D team with robust product knowledge and experience to handle the innovation and feasibility approval of unique designs that effectively meet our customers’ requirements.

Sampling and Testing

We send samples to you for assessment and corrections. Immediately, after getting your feedback, we implement the corrections, and produce them on a small scale for field testing. During this period, we will provide you with all the technical assistance needed.

Mass Production

BE-TECH has a 30,000 square meters production base, skilled engineers, an integrated production line, and precise manufacturing tools, making us complete large-scale orders for custom fingerprint door locks within the specified lead time.

Quality Management/Testing

The testing contents are comprehensive and the requirements are very high. Our fingerprint locks go through 200,000 life tests, which is more than the international standard and 2 times more than other Chinese standards.

Production Delivery

For fast delivery of our products, we make use of trusted logistics companies in the industry. We are partners with many others and deliver to anywhere in the world regardless if it’s multiple shipping or international shipping.

Why 300+ Partners Choose Us as their Biometric
Door Lock Manufacturer

BE-TECH’s professionalism and experience in the production of biometric door locks is unmatched by other fingerprint door lock manufacturers, which is why more than 300 partners have chosen us as their fingerprint door lock supplier. Here are some reasons why we are chosen over other fingerprint door lock suppliers.

Product QC Pass Rate is Extremely High

Our fingerprint door locks quality rate is usually more than 99.8%. This has caused quality management organizations to issue us certificates like CE 14846, UL Fire rated Protection, EN 1634, AS, BHMA, MS, and KC.

30+ Years Experience

For over 30 years, we learnt and developed all the skills and technical know-how needed to produce flawless biometric door locks. Till now, all that BE-TECH is known for is an answer to door lock problems.

Strict quality Inspection

The BE-TECH testing center is the best large-scale and advanced business-owned smart lock testing center in China. We have over 20 kinds of professional testing equipment and an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Professional R&D Team

We have a professional R&D team that is vast in providing solutions to fingerprint door lock needs. Over the course of our production, we’ve gained many patents and certificates.

High Production Capability

All resources needed to produce on a large scale are available in our factory. We have sufficient & skilled manpower, adequate tools, and a huge production base to accommodate high volume production.

Great Customer Service

BE-TECH offers great customer service to all customers. We are always ready to give replies to your questions and inquiries. Also, we offer pre and post-sale technical support.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Be-Tech

 Be-Tech, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing electronic smart locks and supporting one-stop smart lock solutions for the global market. We will respond to your requirement as soon as possible upon the return.

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