Key Card Door Locks: Are They Right for Your Building?

Anyone owning or managing a building can understand the significance of physical security. One wants to provide exceptional security while maintaining convenience. Finding the right door locksets for the home will be extremely beneficial in selling these items. A key card door lock system is a popular option that anyone should look into.

This comprehensive guide discusses key card door locks, their components, and how they work. The benefits and drawbacks of commercial key card locks are discussed next. Finally, we provide a more robust access control option.

What Is a Key Card Door Lock?

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Tenants can use their key card identity to open a key card door lock, which is a type of electronic lock. Because of their long history of use, key card locks are a popular keyless entry option for commercial and multifamily buildings.

In fact, everyone has probably already seen them! They are commonly in the form of plastic cards, but with the right technology, even identification badges can function as key cards.

There are few distinctions between key card locks and commercial keypad door locks. Parking garages, office amenity spaces, and rooms with restricted access are nearly identical use cases for both, but the credentials differ.

While keypads may have a single PIN number that is shared by all users, each renter may have their own PIN code. Commercial key card lock manufacturer, on the other hand, requires each individual to have their own keycard.

Furthermore, key card and key fob door lock systems work the same way! The only difference is that tenants use key cards rather than key fobs to identify themselves. This implies that when deciding between these two keyless door lock systems, the utility of the credential is the deciding factor.

Components of Key Card Door Locks

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Fob Reader

A key fob system basically allows a fob (usually a credit card sized transmitter) to communicate with a receiver (in a door or lock) to unlock and allow access to a building and area. They’re basically a short-range electronic key that sends a signal to unlock something nearby.

Access Control Key Fob

A key fob is a small device that may be attached to a keychain and is capable of transmitting an RFID hotel door locks signal to a reader.

Access Control Panel

The control panel is a device that is attached to the reader and used to authenticate the credential and identify which doors and times the owner of the key fob is authorized to enter. It does this by reading the information contained in the credential. 

Fob Door Lock

The key fob door lock is an electrically operated locking mechanism that is inextricably connected to the lock’s own internal power supply. In order to open the door, the control panel will first send signals to the lock power supply, which will then apply voltage to the electrified lock on the door.

Types of Key Card Door Lock

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A variety of key card and fob designs are already available. Despite the fact that they all serve the same purpose, understanding the differences between the most common key card door access options is critical for selecting the best solution for any organization.

The number of doors to secure, the number of people using the key card door access system, and the desired level of security will all influence the best access control system. The three most common key cards and fobs are listed below.

RFID Key Card Door Lock and Fob

This method uses Radio Frequency Identification to transfer card data to a reader and is one of the most popular types of security key card door locks for homes (RFID). RFID-enabled key cards and key fobs can operate on a variety of frequency bands, depending on the user’s needs and preferences for security access. Contact cards and residential RFID door lock key fobs must be held close to the reader in order to transmit data.

Because they can be programmed to limit access to specific components based on time and location, key fobs are an excellent alternative for keyless access systems in large building complexes. As a result, key fob systems for business tenants are becoming more common in office buildings. Several key fob door entry systems include PIN pads for two-factor authentication.

To transmit data, smart cards use Near-Field Communication rather than low-frequency RFID key cards (NFC). These cards, which are commonly used in credit cards and contactless payment systems, have more storage space than traditional RFID cards and include encryption for increased security.

Electromagnetic Key Card

An EM key card, also known as an electromagnetic key card system for offices, is a card that unlocks doors using electromagnetism. EM key cards are commonly used in hotels and commercial buildings.

How do EM key cards function? The magnetically encoded stripe on an EM key card is analyzed when it is inserted into an electronic locks for apartments reader. The reader then instructs the locking mechanism on the door to unlock.

EM key cards are more secure than traditional mechanical keys because they cannot be duplicated. Access to specific locations or times of day can be authorized or denied using EM key cards.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards, also known as proximity tokens, are used in physical access control systems. They are used to gain access to restricted areas. The card contains a magnetic stripe or a radio frequency identification chip.

When a card is scanned, a signal is sent that powers the chip or activates the magnetic stripe. The data is then exchanged between the card reader and the card. This data is used to determine whether or not access is granted. Proximity cards can be used to control access both logically and physically.

Controlling who has physical access to a specific location, such as a building or a room. The process of determining which individuals have access to computer networks and systems is known as logical access control.

Smart Cards

Smart cards will be used in future identity verification technology. These cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including record access, transaction authorization, and identity verification. The cardholder’s personal information is stored on the chip.

Their popularity is growing as an increasing number of businesses and organizations use them for a variety of purposes. They are more secure than traditional methods of identification. BE-Tech predicts that smart locks will eventually replace keys and ID badges as the primary method of identification and access control.

NFC Key Cards and Emulators

Physical NFC key cards can be used to open doors, unlock devices, and access data. NFC key cards are especially convenient because of these features. Emulators are computer programs that simulate the functionality of hardware or software.

They allow the user to try out new technology and software without having to buy them. An increasing number of people are using NFC key cards and emulators to gain access to data, devices, and buildings. This pattern is expected to continue. They provide a more convenient and secure alternative to traditional procedures such as the use of keys and passwords.

Hybrid Key Cards

A hybrid key card system for office is a type of access control device that uses a transponder chip as well as a magnetic stripe to grant authorized individuals access to a building or secure location. The transponder chip communicates with the reader to unlock an apartment door lock while the cardholder’s information is stored on the magnetic stripe.

Because hybrid key cards provide greater security than standard magnetic stripe cards, their use is increasing. The transponder chip and the ability to encrypt the information stored on the magnetic stripe make counterfeit cards more difficult to produce.

For institutions such as banks and government facilities that must maintain the highest level of security, hybrid key cards are the ideal solution. They are increasingly being incorporated into residential structures to provide an additional level of security.

Wiegand Key Cardsbarcode Cards

Wiegand key cards were among the first electronic key cards developed. John R. Wiegand invented a method for encoding binary data into specific wires using magnetic polarization.

Wiegand readers generated magnetic fields. The magnetic field influences the wires on a Wiegand card when it is swiped through a reader. The reader detects these wire modifications in order to validate the user’s credentials.

Despite Wiegand magnetic cards’ initial popularity in the 1970s, Wiegand technology continues to be the foundation of a significant portion of the current access control ecosystem.

How Do Key Card Door Locks Work?

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A door access card reader system can make users feel safe. Card reader access control systems include door card readers, electronic key card door locks, and door security cards. Electric and magnetic card door locks allow proximity unlocking or card swiping.

When provided to the door card reader, the key card unlocks the magnetic door lock. The user can unlock the door with a push bar, lever, or lockset. Magnetic card door locks instantaneously lock after the user closes the door.

Electronic key card door lock systems can be activated by proximity, tapping the door card reader, or swiping a card through the reader. Some door card readers work with smartphone unlocking apps.

Using a card reader or key card gate access control system helps keep out intruders. Door security cards can be authorized.

BE-TECH and related card reader access control systems can provide users or groups with particular access privileges. A card access door lock system tracks entry incidences, boosting business security.

Key Card Door Locks Pros and Cons

Many commercial property managers and owners are considering key card door locks as an alternative to traditional lock-and-key systems. However, before purchasing a key card door lock system, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.


Easily Installed

Electronic door locks are easy to install because they do not require wiring. In addition, stolen key cards can be disabled immediately.

Friendly to Users

Swiping or tapping a card is significantly more convenient than fiddling with a key. Even the most resistant to technology tenants will embrace the switch from brass keys to key cards.


The card is not required to have a key ring because it fits in most pockets and wallets.


Easily Misplaced or Stolen

Key cards are just as susceptible to lose or theft as traditional keys. However, because they must be programmed using specialized equipment, they are more costly to replace than standard keys. Therefore, replacing a misplaced key card will take a longer time and cost more money.

Possibility of Security Breaches

Unfortunately, key cards can be compromised. Employees at the property can deactivate key cards at any time, but hackers can swiftly clone key cards using devices that cost as little as $10. This greatly increases the danger of security breaches for the owner’s property and tenants.

Easily Damaged

Key cards are particularly susceptible to harm. In addition, the magnetic strip on the tenant’s key card must be replaced if it becomes damaged. Generally speaking, key card door locks are rather more practical than conventional lock and key systems. However, it is possible that the convenience of using a card instead of a key may not warrant replacing the lock entirely.

The Best Key Card Door Locks for Home and Commercial

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A reliable key card door lock is required to keep the home or business secure. Given the numerous options, how can one decide which type of key card door lock is best for them? The best key card door locks for personal and commercial use are listed below.

Electronic Door Lock 1

The BE-TECH fingerprint & RFID card & touchpad digital door lock is an excellent choice for utilizing cutting-edge technology to secure the home or business. To prevent unauthorized entry, this lock employs cutting-edge RFID and fingerprint technologies. 

The touchpad also makes code entry easier by eliminating the need to fumble with keys. One doesn’t have to worry about the lock rusting or being damaged by the elements because it’s waterproof.

BE TECH RF Card Digital Door Lock With ANTI Panic

If looking for a high-quality, reliable digital door lock, the Premium RF Card Digital Door Lock With ANTI-Panic From BE-TECH is a perfect choice. This door lock is made with premium materials and features a built-in anti-panic mechanism, making it ideal for use in any home or office. With its RF card technology, this door lock is extremely easy to use and provides a high level of security.

Contact the Professional Key Card Door Lock Manufacturer – BE-TECH

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BE_TECH  has received ISO 9001:2015 certification. Their experienced inspection team has over thirty years of experience and is proficient in a variety of quality control methods.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the high quality of their products and the strict quality system in place, they have developed their own standards for incoming materials, parts, and whole machine inspections.

They provide comprehensive reports on all aspects of the smart lock company BE-TECH. These reports include the specifications and features of smart locks, as well as how-to manuals, ensuring that they meet their customers’ expectations.

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