What Are The Types Of Commercial Door Locks? 

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Commercial door locks provide a lot more security and are more resilient than the typical lock. A lock’s suitability for use on commercial doors is determined by a number of characteristics, including – strength, efficiency, evaluation of the materials and exterior finishes, cycles of operations (number of uses a lock can withstand before replacement), and security.

There are various types of commercial door locks that one can select from as a part of their business. Read on to know more.

What Is A Commercial Door Lock? 

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Any mechanical or electronic lock that is rated for commercial usage and suitable for commercial environments, such as offices, enterprises, industrial facilities, hotel, and other commercial real estate, is referred to as a commercial door lock. 

Industry standards known as commercial grades ensure the calibre and specification of commercial door locks. Lock grades assist architects, builders, locksmiths, owners, and operators in selecting the optimum hardware for their distinctive structures. The Builders Home Manufacturers Association assigns grades (BHMA), The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has granted the BHMA accreditation to police these lock grades.

The 3 grades of commercial locks are as follows:

Grade 1 

The toughest, most resilient, and most secure locks on the market are Grade 1 locks. In comparison to grade 2 or grade 3 locks, these heavy-duty commercial door locks can withstand twice as much use while maximizing security. 

In places with high-security requirements, such as schools, hospitals, and other enterprises, Grade 1 locks like office smart locks are frequently used on both interior and exterior doors.

Grade 2

A step down from grade 1 locks in terms of security and durability is a commercial grade 2 lock. They are frequently employed outside doors with light to moderate traffic. Interior entrances must be highly secure, such as equipment storage rooms. 

Grade 3

Standard locks of Grade 3 are excellent for all other light applications. Grade 3 locks are frequently used on doors in residential buildings, low-security workplaces, and rooms with little usage, such as supply closets or break rooms.

What Are The Types Of Commercial Door Locks?

Cylindrical Lever Lock

Fingerprint Touchpad Digital Door Lock
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Commercial door locks that are cylindrical lever locks are utilized a lot. Although they are not just seen in business structures, residential residences rarely have lever locks installed. However, a property manager may always request that this be done. 

These locks were created to accommodate greater usage. This merely indicates that compared to most residential doors, commercial doors are more vulnerable to high-volume activity.

It’s crucial to distinguish between cylindrical lever locks and some of the other lever locks that are also utilized as commercial door locks in commercial spaces. Cylindrical lever locks can be opened with a key or by using a key and a push button simultaneously. 

The push button for these types of locks is located inside, and the keyed end is utilized to detect who has access from the outside.

Some of the pieces that make up a cylindrical lever lock are shared with other commercial door locks. The inner and outside levers, the inside and outside rose, the latch, the chassis, and the cylinder are the key elements of cylindrical lever locks.

Mortise Lock 

Premium RF Card Digital Door Lock With ANTI Panic
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Because of their durability and dependability, mortise locks are a very common choice for business door locks, much like the cylindrical lever locks that were previously covered.

The fact that mortise locks have been around for so long further increases their appeal. In addition to their overall strength, mortise locks work best in commercial environments because they can withstand heavy, repeated use. 

These locks are best used in areas with heavy foot traffic where the lock will be subject to frequent use.

Mortise locks are among the most remarkable commercial door locks available, and their internal mechanisms are even more impressive and are mostly available from hotel lock suppliers

A mortise lock is made up of a number of essential components that work together to offer users exceptionally secure business door locks. These locks’ lock body, through the spindle, lock cylinder, strike plate, and handle are their primary components. There are various extra features that can be used in a mortise lock in addition to these fundamental and primary functions. These include the day/night switch, hard collars, face plates, and escutcheon plates (also known as rose plates).

Because the mortise lockset is so much more resilient, it is better adapted to withstand the strains of commercial use. The strength of a mortise lock is greatly influenced by the size of the bolts inside. These locks’ deadbolts are contained inside the lock body, making them less accessible and more difficult to pick. 

Furthermore, mortise locks last significantly longer because of their greater cycle counts, which are mostly due to the strength of their internal components.

Electronic Commercial Door Lock

BE TECH Digital Door Lock
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A more sophisticated sort of locking technology, electronic commercial door locks include a variety of functions and capacities to keep workplaces and structures secure. 

Business electromagnetic door locks, hotel card lock system, commercial keyless door locks, and commercial keypad door lock systems are some of the more popular options because of their adaptability and convenience. 

Commercial electronic door locks eliminate the need for issuing keys and instead use a PIN code, swipe card, or mobile credential to unlock the door. This is the main distinction between these systems and more conventional ones. Commercial magnetic door lock systems can be used with a separate proximity card reader, keypad, or commercial RFID card reader, however, installation is best left to a professional.

Commercial Panic Crash Bar

Commercial Panic Crash Bar
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A variety of commercial settings use panic crash bars that are for sale. Comparing panic bars to more conventional commercial door locks, they operate differently. This is due to the fact that these locks are essentially keyless, allowing users to depart without engaging any rotational or cylinder motion, making access to the door considerably simpler. 

There is no need to master any unique skills to use a panic bar or exert any excessive pressure. A handle or bar that is linked to a panic bar is used to operate it. When this bar is depressed, the panic bar’s internal mechanisms assist in retracting the latch that is holding the door closed. On either side of the panic bar, there are two arms supported by base plates. These arms aid in triggering the latch retractor, enabling you to open the door.

Commercial door locks have a variety of uses for panic bars. Their placement inside business structures is typically done to help in an emergency. The purpose of some panic bars, for instance, is to provide assistance when heat, air, or fire control may be thought to be required in areas with special fire standards. Additionally, panic bars can help with evacuation operations by streamlining and simplifying the procedure.

Electric Strikes Locks

Electric Strike Locks
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Commercial electric strike locks combine the panic bar and the keypad door lock, two of the other locks we covered previously. Due to the security they offer, electric strike locks have become a very popular type of business door lock in recent years. 

Keypads and panic bars can both be used in conjunction with the electric strike lock to aid give entry from the inside or the outside (which is why the electric strike can be an amalgamation of those locks). 

Except for the fundamental way they are performed, electric strike locks are somewhat comparable to other commercial door lock kinds. These locks use an electric or energized strike plate in place of the conventional strike plate. Every time there is a break or connection in the circuit, this energized strike plate, which is a part of the circuit, gets activated. For instance, the door will unlock if the correct keycode has been entered.

Fail-safe locks and fail-secure locks are the two primary varieties of electric strike locks. The way their circuitry controls the lock is the primary distinction between these locks. Closing the circuit and running current through the strike in a fail-secure lock will unlock the door. 

The opposite occurs in a fail-safe lock, though. This implies that the circuit will be closed as long as the lock is receiving power and the circuit is closed.

Magnetic door locks

Magnetic door locks
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Magnetic locks (also known as magnetic latching, magnetic prisoners, or anti-theft locks) are locks that are designed to prevent the opening of a car door or trunk unless a magnetic key is used with a special magnetic key holder. They are commonly used on vehicle doors and trunks to prevent auto theft and to protect against vandals and burglars.

Commercial deadbolt locks

Residential Electric Deadbolt Lock 1
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Commercial deadbolt locks are locks that are used in commercial settings, such as office buildings and schools. Commercial deadbolt locks are generally made of thicker metal than residential deadbolt locks. They also have a different style and shape than residential deadbolt locks. Commercial deadbolt locks are designed to keep people and objects out of restricted areas and are often used in high-security environments such as prisons and government buildings.

What Are The Types Of Electronic Commercial Door Locks?

Commercial Keypad Door Lock 

Fingerprint Digital RIM Lock
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Keypad door locks can be used for homes, commercial and apartment complexes, but because they have a special set of functions, the vast majority of these locks are utilized professionally. Due to these characteristics, this lock is a much better choice for commercial structures that must accommodate numerous personnel without compromising any aspect of security. 

The type of door lock that works best will typically depend on a number of factors when talking about business door locks. Typically, the most popular business door lock kinds are the ones that function the best.

Without needing to provide each user a key, keypad door locks enable multiple users to open the lock. This lessens the possibility of someone gaining unauthorized access and increases the key control that any given commercial facility may have. Keypad door locks could, in certain ways, further some of the characteristics that master key systems consider. 

These locks can also be used to create security hierarchies and aid organizations in managing access control. Some keypad door locks are entirely keyless, making it impossible to pick, bump, or bypass the lock using conventional techniques (unless you count kicking the door down). The use of biometric lock characteristics is incorporated into several of these keyless keypad door locks. 

However, the added features of keypad locks that do use key cylinders as a backup option continue to make them popular among businesses.

Commercial electronic deadbolt 

Wifi Smart Lock
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The latest lock technology is the commercial electronic deadbolt lock. Available in both standard and customizable versions, these locks allow you to add additional security to your current lock without having to replace it. They are simple to install and use, making them an ideal addition to any door lock system. These locks are ideal for businesses or homeowners who want to add an extra layer of security to their current lock without having to upgrade to a new lock entirely.

RFID commercial door locks

RFID Card Touchpad Digital Smart Door Lock
RFID Card Touchpad Digital Smart Door Lock

RFID commercial door locks are a great way to increase security around the rental property. These gadgets have a good reputation for keeping everyone secure and deterring intruders. Not all RFID door locks provide enough security. However, distinguishing between high-quality and substandard products can be difficult. 

Commercial Wifi Door Lock

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Commercial WiFi door locks function by connecting to a wireless internet connection accessible across the building. Following that, tenants can open the door by keying in a code or using a smartphone. 

Additionally, tenants can unlock doors for reliable visitors from anywhere in the globe because the lock is constantly connected to the internet.

Commercial Bluetooth Door Lock

Electronic Door Lock 1
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Commercial Bluetooth door locks function similarly by establishing a wireless connection. However, Bluetooth door locks, unlike WiFi-enabled locks, only function when a tenant’s mobile device is close to the lock.

Bluetooth is frequently used in mobile phone headsets to enable hands-free phone use; however, the two devices cannot connect when they are far apart. Therefore, Bluetooth smart locks are only functional while the tenant is holding their smartphone a short distance from the door.

Where To Buy The Best Electronic Commercial Door Locks For Your Business?

There are numerous door lock brands available nowadays. While some are “value engineered” products, others are regarded as “luxury brands.” Locks made by premium brands, which developed the cylindrical lockset nearly a century ago, are far above industry standards. 

The strategy taken by many smart door lock factory manufacturers when creating locks consists merely of adhering to industry norms. Door hardware from premium brands often needs less upkeep and provides better long-term value and quality.


Doors are the primary means of controlling access to buildings and other enclosed spaces. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including providing security, separating rooms or spaces within a building, and adding an aesthetic touch to a building. In the modern world, a wide variety of doors and door-related products are available to help people achieve their goals. 

Commercial doors are used for a wide range of purposes, including providing security, separating rooms or spaces within a building, and adding an aesthetic touch to a building. Every lock performs a distinct purpose so you need to choose the right lock from any premium smart lock company like digital lock company BE-TECH for needs.

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