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Security is a constant concern for the vast majority of people. They should defend their home or property to the greatest extent possible as long as they own it.

A wide variety of door locks are now available as a result of technological advancements. Fingerprint door locks are an effective means of home security because they can be programmed to recognize specific fingerprints.

Because each fingerprint is unique, no one can use their fingerprints to gain access to their home unless they have been registered with the system.

What Is a Fingerprint Door Lock?

BE TECH Fingerprint door lock
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A china fingerprint door lock, despite its name, is defined as “a system that identifies the unique fingerprints of authorized individuals to grant access.” They’ve undoubtedly seen the ridges and valleys pattern on their hands several times. Patterns were an important result of human evolution because they improved our understanding of the world. As a result of this evolutionary stage, an amazing identification system emerged.

Fingerprints are nearly completely unique and contain a wealth of information. They are also extremely difficult to create or change and have a lifetime lifespan. As a result, they are excellent candidates for use as individual permanent identifiers. A “Fingerprint Door Lock System” is established when fingerprints that can be recognized and discriminated against are used to secure entryway access.

But the question remains: why not use a standard electric door lock and key? Consider alternatives to the costly smart fingerprint door lock technologies. There is no need to be concerned about leaving one’s fingers at home or at work with thumbprint door lock systems, as they have proven to be reliable and unobtrusive. 

Furthermore, because each thumbprint is nearly universally unique, house lock provided by fingerprint door lock supplier are the most secure. Fingerprints, unlike traditional alphanumeric passwords, are difficult to forget or guess.

Types of Fingerprint Door Lock

There are many types of fingerprint door locks available on the market. Some of the most popular types include:

Key Card Lock
Key Card Lock

If they want a cutting-edge security solution for their home, place of business, or rental property, they must install a fingerprint keypad for apartment door lock. Because this type of fingerprint keypad door lock is far more secure than a traditional lock that requires a key, an increasing number of people are adopting it. A fingerprint keypad door lock’s memory can hold up to ten unique fingerprints. 

This ensures that only those individuals who have been granted permission will be able to enter their property. Furthermore, because the locks are packaged together with detailed instructions, they are simple to install. As a result, installing a fingerprint keypad door lock is the best option if they want to increase their level of security.

Key Features:

Various access

The Be-Tech M1B0FMTL provides the user with four different easy-to-use entry options: a fingerprint scan, a Bluetooth key, an RF Card key, and a PIN code.

Compatible with multiple mechanical mortise

The lock panel can be utilized with any self-locking mechanical mortise or lock case provided that the distance between the center of the cylinder and the center of the handle in the mortise falls within the range of 68 to 93.5 millimeters.

One-touch Fingerprint Verification

One-touch Through the use of fingerprint verification technology, a fingerprint can be read in a short amount of time.

Operation status notification

The LED indicator will let them know when an operation is finished utilizing a range of different colors and signals to let them know that the process is finished.

Residential Electric Deadbolt Lock 1
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A fingerprint deadbolt lock is a high-tech locking mechanism that recognizes and unlocks a person’s fingerprint. It is intended to provide the highest level of safety and protection for their home or place of business. Before purchasing a deadbolt lock, keep the following considerations in mind. If they are looking for a deadbolt lock.

Fingerprint deadbolt locks are becoming more popular as they provide a higher level of security. The vast majority of locks sold in stores nowadays have simple keypads, making it easy for anyone with malicious intent to enter their home or place of business.

A trustworthy smart lock manufacturer, on the other hand, provides a significantly higher level of security than other types of locks because the thumbprint door lock is tested many time是and it is extremely difficult to crack.

Key Features:

Various access

This fingerprint deadbolt lock can use a smartphone, a PIN number, a fingerprint, or a mechanical key to access the facility.

Auto Locking

If the automatic lock option is enabled, the device will lock itself after 4 seconds. If necessary, they can also adjust the auto-lock duration between 3 and 30 seconds.

Scramble code

This fingerprint deadbolt door lock can use scramble code to input random digits before or after the right access code when they go home with friends or other individuals.

WIFI Module for IOT use

Contains the Connect Wi-Fi module (TUYA), which eliminates the need for extra hubs and enables the use of their existing home WiFi.

Sharing and Convenient

Digital fingerprint lock can give friends and guests temporary codes that are active for a few days, hours, or minutes, and they can revoke them at any time. Never again will they have to worry about lost, stolen, or duplicate keys.

Digital Fingerprint Lock

BE TECH Key card door lock
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Digital fingerprints are rapidly becoming one of the most common types of locking systems available today. They offer a high level of security and are versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings, including homes and businesses. 

Installing a digital fingerprint lock is a good way to ensure the dependability and safety of their door locks. Reading the information in the following paragraphs will teach they everything they need to know about this type of lock.

An electrical sensor within a digital fingerprint scan door lock reads their fingerprint, allowing they to unlock the door. These electric house locks are gaining popularity as a result of the high level of security they provide. It is far more difficult to replicate their fingerprint than it is to pick a standard lock. Furthermore, fingerprint scan door locks are convenient because they eliminate the need for keys and the need to remember a code.

Key features:

Anti-panic exit system

Electronic fingerprint door lock enables they to easily pull the door handle from inside the house to open it, which is convenient both for everyday use and in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Alarm (Incorrect Fingerprint, RF Card or PIN code)

In the event that an individual makes five unsuccessful attempts to access the lock by using an incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code, an alarm will sound for a period of one minute.

Various access

PIN code, RF Card key, APP, and fingerprint access are the four convenient entry methods that are offered by the Be-Tech T1 system.

One-touch fingerprint verification

One-touch One’s fingerprint can be quickly read by using equipment that specializes in fingerprint verification.

Scramble code

They could preface the correct number with a number that is completely at random if they are afraid that the code might be cracked.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology

Biometric Fingerprint door lock inner
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Fingerprint, iris, or facial scanners can be used as keyless door entry systems in places that require a higher level of security, such as data centers, government buildings, or any high security area. Biometrics are commonly used as a secondary access mechanism in 2 factor authentication, alongside a key card or PIN number. As a result, other keyless entry systems have improved in security.

The primary advantage is that higher security standards are provided to organizations. When a user enters a restricted area, biometrics can increase management’s confidence in their decision.

However, biometrics systems are uncommon due to their high cost and the difficulty in administering and configuring them for each individual user. Users must also be physically present in order to gain access, which is frequently desired for biometric access control use cases.

Because biometrics are now available in the majority of smartphones, many mobile access control systems can now benefit from this extra layer of security without having to invest in facial recognition or iris/fingerprint scanners.

Maximum securityThe audit trailAccess requirements for individualsExorbitantly pricedArduous to manage

How to Choose the Right Fingerprint Door Locks for Home

BE TECH Fingerprint house door lock
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As is the case with other digital door lock company BE-Tech, there are a few steps that need to be completed before acquiring this one. They will need a reliable locking mechanism in order to preserve the safety of their possessions.

  • Take into consideration the FRR rate. In an ideal world, the percentage of unjustified denials would be as low as is humanly achievable.
  • Even if they have severe cuts or scrapes on their fingers, they will still be able to use fingerprint entry locks that have these features. This is the best feature of smart fingerprint door locks have these features, and it applies whether the lock has a keypad or a mechanical keyhole.
  • Is it possible to save a predetermined amount of thumbprints? This is another crucial consideration, and the answer to it is directly related to the number of guests they anticipate having at their house.
  • Take into consideration the power supply that is used for the locking mechanism on the door.
  • The component of the door lock that should receive their attention next is its construction substance. Aluminum is a material that comes highly recommended due to the fact that it is both resilient and malleable.

Smart door lock with fingerprint has a wide variety of benefits, some of the most notable of which are their accessibility, affordability, and non-invasive nature. As a consequence of this, they are suitable for use in both homes and offices.

CE Certifcated Fingerprint Door Lock Supplier- Be-Tech

BE TECH Fingerprint house door lock
Source: BE-TECH

There is a choice of manufacturers for the best thumbprint door locks that are CE-certified. They have been inspected by precise machines, and according to the results of those examinations, they are up to all of the relevant safety and quality criteria. 

These fingerprint door lock suppliers will also provide customers a warranty on their smart fingerprint door lock, giving them additional peace of mind that they are investing in a durable and long-lasting product with their purchase.

They can be sure that the product satisfies all of the relevant safety and quality criteria when they choose a CE-certified source like BE-tech as their provider since this gives them peace of mind. 

They can have full faith that the goods provided by these suppliers are of the greatest quality because they have been examined carefully and validated by an independent organization, like CE, UL. In addition, many suppliers back their items with warranties, giving them further peace of mind about the safety of their investment in their offerings.

How to Make China Fingerprint House Door Lock Bulk Order From BE-Tech

BE TECH Fingerprint door lock for home
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BE-TECH is their best bet for locating a fingerprint door lock that satisfies both their requirements for quality and affordability. They are one of the most well-known fingerprint door lock manufacturers in China, and their pricing is among the most affordable in the industry. The procedure for placing a bulk order with BE-TECH is outlined here.

If you want to source thumbprint door lock, the first thing you should do is get in touch with BE-TECH. You are able to do so by either using our website or sending us an email directly. When you send inquiry, be sure to include both the amount that they like to order and the address where you would like it shipped.

BE-TECH will provide a price estimate in response to your question as soon as you have it in your possession. This estimate takes into account both the per-unit cost of the locks and the costs associated with transporting them. If you are pleased with the price that has been quoted to they, you may now place our order.

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